Poor check-in experience at LaGuardia

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Poor check-in experience at LaGuardia

I had an unsavory experience this morning checking in for my LGA-STL flight. I walked up to the terminal check-in counter for TWA at LaGuardia and because the first-class agent was occupied got in the empty economy class line. I was promptly called over by an agent. She took my driver's license and started tapping away. I asked her if seat 1F was available to which she responded; "No, and that will be $50 for the upgrade"

I responded; "Upgrades for Elite 1 are free."

She replied; "Based on your fare class, Z, you need to pay $50 for the upgrade to first class."

"I'm quite sure it's free" I said.

"I'm quite sure you need to pay" she said.

Now getting bothered, "Look, I fly nearly 100,000 miles a year on TWA. I've been Elite 1 for 3 years, I guarantee that I don't need to pay for upgrades. I flew up in first class and didn't pay for that!"

"I'm sorry, but I'm sure you need to pay $50."

I couldn't believe this. How could an agent be so uninformed on such a basic issue?? Seeing that we were at impasse, I bent down to reach into my bag to get my cell phone so I could call the Elite 1 service line. When I stood up she was gone, along with my license!!

The Elite 1 agent , Connie, came on the line and I asked her to check my reservation. She said all was fine and I was upgraded. I explained the situation and she said the counter agent was misinformed and she would wait on the line till she came back.

Meanwhile, the agent on the next counter moseyed over and looked at my record on the screen, then without saying anything turned back to her counter. I asked her where my agent went and she said, "back to talk to the agent supervisor. But I think you're probably right." !!!

About then my agent returns, hands me my license and says; "everything is alright." I was a bit bummed by that response. I worry that this agent may have pulled this before on others not so well informed. It's not very encouraging running into an agent like this. Totally uninformed and making forceful statements that are totally wrong. Then no apology for shoddy behavior. I didn't get a name because based on her behavior to that point I imagine I would have met with resistance. In the end I had a great flight that made up for this not so great experience.
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Sorry! Maybe they were still "bummed" over the sale to AA! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/wink.gif

At least it worked out in the end for you, but it wasted time and I agree that it is very aggravating! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif
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