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Update January 2017: Recent reports indicate the unofficial status match programme is running reasonably smoothly.

TK will only match Star Alliance Gold (they are clamping down on matching other *G), Skyteam Elite Plus, Oneworld Emerald members, Emirates and Etihad Gold/Platinum and El Al Platinum/Top Platinum. Other, more exotic, gold card holders are out of luck. Please report your experience in this thread.

It appears that status matches are only granted once per lifetime, so think carefully before requesting if you might not re-qualify.

Please note that the only way to contact TK is now via the website

2/6/2015 new info from TK
We have received your message that you sent to our unit on 20 January 2015. Please be informed that when you claim your first flight with Turkish Airlines or other Star Alliance members to your Miles&Smiles account, your card will be sent to your address automatically.

On the otherhand, we would like to remind you that you can also get your original Miles&Smiles Card from Card Press Desk at Ataturk Airport International Terminal between 07.30 A.M and 09.45 PM. The location of Card Press desk is between A and B Check-in counters.

Adding this Step-by-Step guide with screenshots to TK Status Match

26/7/2015 - Jerry
TK asks for Elite card scan AND Account activity within last 2 months, so it's best if you have some activities!!
Timeline can range from few hours to few days, be patient!

21/9/2015 - Neil791
For those reporting successful matches, can you please post your results as follows so others can estimate their wait times, success rates

02/11/2015 - flolee
It looks like TK might also ask you for a scan of your Passport now. So if you are in a hurry better submit it right away in the first place with all the other documents.

Date Requested
Current Airline and Status (i.e. AB TopBonus, AA Plat, etc)
Information submitted (i.e. physical card scan, activity statement, etc)
Any replies received other than confirmation
Date Confirmation Received

03/01/2016 - zap7
Multiple reports from December 16th 2015 onwards state that TK now only grants a match to 4 months "elite trial", requiring 1 international TK flight during the 4 months following the match to extend it to one year and 15000 k TK status miles during that year to extend elite status to 2 years:
Welcome Miles&Smiles Turkish Airlines' advantageous Frequent Flyer Programme. Elite card trial period will be valid for 4 months. As of start date of elite membership within 4 months trial period one international Turkish Airlines flight should be realised for extending your card validity date to 1 year, if 15.000 status miles accumulate at the end of the first year elite membership will extend 1 year more and the total validity date will be 2 years.
04/11/2017 - CoweyB. TK has clarified that once a status match is given any miles collected during the first year of the match do not count for renewal - despite the email suggesting that 25,000 miles collected in the first year will secure renewal. TK has said that it is necessary to collect 37,500 in the second year to maintain Elite status for a further two years once the period of the status match ends.
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Originally Posted by Dselvan View Post
Not sure if it is any help but got my status match to BA gold 10 days ago. Took over 3 weeks after sending my details twice and numerous Facebook messages ( don't have a Twitter account). Lots of hassle but hopefully worth it since have a few star alliance including Turkush airlines flights coming up.
Which TK Facebook page did you contact them? Is it

I requested for status match almost a month ago and followed up with them via Twitter twice. Still nothing so far.
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Originally Posted by krakalao View Post
Congratulations on this - couple of quick questions though:

1) You say you wrote to them and asked things multiple times - was this via Twitter or a specific e-mail address? I've found e-mails to be ineffective.

2) Just to be clear - in your first year of trial you achieved 19k Status Miles on *A, and they extended you until Jan 2019? Surely this is a typo? I thought they extended for one year only and not two...if so it truly sounds like you lucked out (and we can only hope there's some of that for the rest of us!)

1) I wrote via email initially, and then via Twitter. The Twitter team replied right away saying that they had passed it to something they referred to as "our unit" and that this group would get back to me soon - and they did.

2) I am editing my earlier post because I wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote the first edition!
Yes. The initial trial is for four months. The requirements stipulate that you must make an international flight on TK metal; that extends you to 12 months. Then, if you accumulate 15k status miles during that 12 months (whether on TK metal or not has been the question), they extend the status to 2 years. As the last part of the email I received notes, accumulating the balance of the 37500 during those 2 years will result in another extension (assuming another 2 years, though I won't know that for some time!)

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Asked for status match 3 weeks ago with the form with AY Plat. Heard nothing since then. This week travelling around Europe with TK (because IST is one stop). Last time took TK 5 years ago and they managed to lose my luggage 4 times in a row. This time only hand carry.
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So I made the within the first year of the status match (starting may 2016)
1. One flight on TK -> got extend to 12.05.2017
2. collected 15k -> send feedback got confirmation of 15k assesssment (mostly on TK but not all) with reply that it will be extended 1 year after end of period
3. I have reached 37,5k on 11.05.2017, which should be enough to renew gold regularly for 2 years.
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Originally Posted by freetgy View Post
So I made the within the first year of the status match which expires
- 15k -> asked for extension, with reply that it will be extended 1 year after end of period
now i have reached actually 37,5k 1 day before expiry date, which should be enough to renew gold regularly lets see what happends.
Let us know please. Thanks
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Does somebody got his status miles collected in 1st year back? I'm constantly creating tickets to their customer service, but they are not answering my question (what happend to my status miles and how to get them back), but sending me rules for extending my card instead...
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Originally Posted by Donegal View Post
Let us know please. Thanks
I have been set as an Classic Plus until 31/05/2019.

I'll wait for the Miles&Smiles Statement, which should come in then next couple of days and then create an feedback.
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Finally got a match from Latam Black (OWE). Took more than 6 weeks with multiple messages on Twitter/Facebook.
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Originally Posted by freetgy View Post
I have been set as an Classic Plus until 31/05/2019.

I'll wait for the Miles&Smiles Statement, which should come in then next couple of days and then create an feedback.
No Statement yet, I have send a Feedback to CS.

Doesn't really matter, since I am close to regulare requalification anyway. But let's see how it pans out first.
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Sent a request in for the father, received an email 6 hours later confirming status upgrade. Wow!!
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Hi there,
Not sure if this would be the right thread to ask this.
I have a question regarding the purchase of status miles for status renewal.
I have recently bought 3,000 status miles through my TK Elite account, after the second membership year, but I'm not so confident with my status renewal because of so many online bugs they have..
The transaction went through normally, having received an email from TK confirming the purchase, and the transaction showing up on my online statement as well..
Any successful status renewal after purchasing status miles??
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Does the 2x status miles promo count as flying 15K with TK for the status match ?
Anybody knows ?
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Originally Posted by freetgy View Post
No Statement yet, I have send a Feedback to CS.

Doesn't really matter, since I am close to regulare requalification anyway. But let's see how it pans out first.
I got denied the requalification (2nd 1 year extension) with the statement that i didn't collect 15k on TK flights. Nice joke, since i got a confirmation in an earlier feedback that i completed the 15k by reaching (by flights with TK & LH).

im 1,6k to 40k so it doesn't really effect me.

So guys make sure you fly 15k on TK.

Now that i remember on the card renewal page it never switched to the status that i managed to complete the 15k challange, while i have seen that do for others in this thread.

Mesajınızda bildirmiş olduğunuz talebinize istinaden gerekli incelemeler sağlandığında Miles&Smiles program kuralları gereği Elite kart seviyenizinde devam edebilmeniz için gerekli olan 15.000 statü milin karşılanmış olduğu tespit edilmiştir.
--> determined you collected 15k

Bu doğrultuda üyeliğiniz 12 mayıs 2017 tarihi itibariyle sistem tarafından üyeliğiniz 1 yıl daha otomatik olarak uzatılacaktır.
--> will be automatically extended 1 year after 12 may

Türk Hava Yollarının avantajlarla dolu Özel Yolcu Programı Miles&Smiles'a Hoşgeldiniz! Elite kart deneme süresi 4 ay geçerlidir. Elite üyelik başlangıç tarihinden itibaren ilk 4 aylık deneme süresi içerisinde Türk Hava Yolları ile gerçekleştirilmiş olan bir yurtdışı uçuşunuz hesabınıza dahil edildikten sonra deneme süreniz 8 ay daha uzatılarak toplamda bir yıl geçerli sayılacaktır. Elit üyeliğinizin ilk yılında Türk Hava Yolları uçuşlarından 15,000 statü miline ulaşılması halinde ise üyeliğiniz bir yıl daha uzatılıp, toplamda iki yıl geçerli olacaktır.
--> stating the rule 15k on TK flights...

Bu bilgiler doğrultusunda, program kuralları gereği Türk Hava Yolları uçuşlarınızdan 15,000 statü miline erişim sağlanamadığı için talebinize olumlu yanıt verememekte olduğumuzu bilgilerinize sunarız.
--> conclusion did not complete the 15k challange

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I have done around 12K miles and with 2x status promo i have around 24K miles on TK . They still mention that i need to fly on TK for another 3K miles to make it 15K to requalify for 2nd year Elite.
Anybody have the same situation here
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I did a status match from Aegean gold card in April 2016. After a year I had roughly 18k in status miles but only 10k of those were on TK flights. So they dropped me to Classic Plus in April 2017.

I appealed three times, each time it took them between two to three weeks to respond and deny my appeal.

I give up. I think it's deceptive of them to change their language during the process and not honor that language.

Given the poor customer service and lack of clarity I strongly recommend not relying on their program. I live in Istanbul and like flying on Turkish Airlines flights, but the loyalty program is horribly managed. Better off using another *A loyalty program.

Hope that helps others who might run into the same issue.
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