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Global Entry Enrollment Centers Locations/Information

Old Apr 10, 17, 8:38 am
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Global Entry enrollment centers locations from the Official website of the Department of Homeland Security:
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Global Entry Enrollment Centers Locations/Information

Old Mar 29, 15, 6:12 pm
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Great, thank you @scottpenderson.
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No problem. Here is a more detailed map of the arrivals level with the office indicated by the red arrow:

Full ORD Terminal 5 Map [PDF]
International Parking - Lot D
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That's spot on. Just park International Short Term, and walk right in. Just make sure you have an appointment. It gets booked pretty far out.

My wife went there to register her new passport (name change, no appt needed), and just doing that took about 30 minutes.
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Thanks again. I have an appointment this Saturday (it seemed really pretty wide open this week) and plan to do exactly that.
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Global Entry Enrollment Centers Locations

I live in a city (OMA) where the TSA does not offer interviews for the Global Entry program, so I'm going to have to do my interview somewhere else. I find myself looking at two very different options, and would appreciate help in choosing between them.

Here they are:

I have a four-hour layover in MIA on April 16. I could try to do the interview there. My flight to MIA from DFW is scheduled to arrive at 2:33 PM, and my outbound flight leaves at 6;20 PM. The catch is that my outbound flight is an international departure to GYE, and since it's with American it probably won't be departing from the international terminal. So I'll have to walk to the J concourse, do the interview, then go back through security again and head back to the domestic terminal to catch my international flight. I've tentatively scheduled an interview at 3:15 PM. To those of you who know MIA well, does this seem feasible?

Alternatively, I could schedule an interview at ORD for the morning of June 6, fly up from OMA on the 6 AM flight specifically for the interview, then spend the rest of the weekend with my parents and return on Sunday evening. No worries about rushing to catch a flight after the interview in that scenario, but of course it costs me more money this way.

Which would you choose, and why?

(The option I really wanted, to do an early AM interview at DFW on the morning of my departure for MIA, is out, as every interview slot at DFW that day is booked. Damn!)
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Originally Posted by artemis View Post
To those of you who know MIA well, does this seem feasible?
It's doable. GE interviews tend to be short. It's definitely the more time-constrained/stressful choice. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably consider the ORD/visit family option purely because it's less stressful.
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Thanks That's the direction I'm leaning. Less stress if I go with the ORD option, which means my Galapagos vacation gets off to a better start, plus extra time with aging parents (always a good thing).
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Old Apr 10, 15, 9:12 am
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agree- if you are totally straight, the interview is very simple and takes 5 minutes.

It is amazing what TSA agent knew about me and my life- Where is Snowden when you need him?
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Scheduling a Global Entry interview - help!

note that global entry is a customs and borders program, not tsa
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You can occasionally do a walk-in appt so maybe you could try the morning at DFW. Just get there early as they make walk-ins wait a bit if they see you at all. Also keep checking the appts online as things sometimes open up with last minute cancellations. I got my interview at LAX a day after I was approved that way.
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As this focuses on a trusted traveler interview program, please follow the thread as it moves to the dedicated forum for this topic. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator, TravelBuzz.
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Our interview was probably longer than most at 15-20 minutes. I think this is because we had recent travel to Iran, Somaliland and Sudan. I think the agent called these COIs (Countries of Interest) or something like that. It was not really a big deal and we chatted about how it was being an American tourist in Iran.
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TSA has nothing to do with GE. It's CBP.

Keep checking for DTW appointments before your 4/16 departure. Openings occur as people cancel/change. If no appointments, you can try a walk-in. CBP tends to acommodate these.

As others note, so long as you are absolutely 100% honest, the interview should take 5-10 mins. max.
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Thanks. I've moved my appointment to 9 AM at ORD on June 6, but I'll keep checking to see if anything opens up at DFW for the morning of April 16 - and if nothing does, I'll try for a walk-in interview that morning as well. (I didn't know that a walk-in interview was even an option. Thanks!) I can book the ORD tickets in May after I get back from my upcoming trip easily enough. And either option seems less stressful than my original MIA interview, so it's a no-lose deal.
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I say do it at MIA. You have enough time. If you choose to not have enough time then oh well you m,is it and reschedule for another place/time.
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