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Poor Quality Fingerprints Scan During the GE/TSA PreCheck Interview

Poor Quality Fingerprints Scan During the GE/TSA PreCheck Interview

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Originally Posted by yannix View Post
Same here. At JFK T7 I did get an X once (I don't think I asked the agent why). An officer sent me to one of the counters to get processed the old fashion way.Thankfully there was no "special" room treatment.

Getting an X is definitely better than no GE but it adds some delay and reduces the benefit of having GE.
After getting the "X", I went to the next available agent, but something he saw on the screen, had me being escorted to the "special room", I was only delayed a few minutes there.
I knew something was wrong, when I used the GE terminal, it never got as far as asking me to verify the flight I was on, but spit out an "X" slip early on in the process. I've not had any issues since that incident.
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Old Nov 5, 13, 11:43 am
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Poor Quality Fingerprints Scan During the GE/TSA PreCheck Interview

Wife went for her GE interview @ SFO 5 days ago and still shows as "Interview Scheduled" in GOES. She called today and was told she needed a "fingerprint waiver" and to check back in a week. She said they had problems capturing her fingerprints. Has anyone had this experience? If her prints do not capture reliably, is she likely to fail using the kiosks in real life?

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At my interview they just kept redoing the prints till they got a good set. If you are nearby maybe stop by ?
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Originally Posted by squeakr View Post
At my interview they just kept redoing the prints till they got a good set. If you are nearby maybe stop by ?
Wipe hands on hair/scalp, forehead and/or back of neck should get enough oils to make the fingerprints come out
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I have a friend, after 10 minutes of trying & they could not read her fingerprints, who was given a fingerprint waiver. I thought they entered the waiver when she was there, but I'm not sure. She has used the kiosks with no fingerprints with no problem.
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I had my interview yesterday (PHX) and had issues with the fingerprinting as well. Customs agent tried 3x and we tried a couple different tricks. Agent said he'd put in for a waiver -which apparently worked because I got an email notification last night I was approved.
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Fingerprint Scanner Problems

The technician was not able to scan DW fingerprints during her PreCheck interview almost three weeks ago. The technician said this is somewhat common for some women. On TSA web site there are provisions for this situation. Does anyone know how long it takes to resolve this issue?

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Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Not sure if this is a problem anymore with the newer kind of scanners, but when I did my fingerprint for my initial nexus interview several years ago, one of the old single fingerprint scanners - it had problems reading it potentially due to hands being too dry. Agent knew of the issue and handed me a bottle of Purell to try and bingo, worked. So hand sanitizer could do the trick.
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Global Entry: Cannot Get Full Fingerprints on Right Hand?

Hi all,

I tried looking for similar threads and came up empty, so here goes...

My wife and I have a lot of travel (both domestic and international) coming up in the next 12 months so we are really interested in getting Global Entry/TSA Pre. I am a little worried though, because I am pretty sure I will not be able to get a full set of fingerprints on my right hand. I have recently developed some pretty bad eczema on my right hand and the fingerprint lines on my right pinky and ring finger are clearly going to be unreadable (the fingerprints on those fingers are essentially gone). I have been trying to clear this condition with a dermatologist but nothing has been working so far.

So my question: is this going to affect my ability to enroll in Global Entry? I do not want to apply and then find out I wasted $100 (plus if I am unable to get it, it's sort of pointless for my wife to enroll, so essentially $200 down the drain).

Can I simply use my left hand for the fingerprints, or does it always have to be the right, or maybe both? In my whole life, I can only remember using my right hand for fingerprints (when I was a child, for past international travel scanners, etc.), but can I just use my left? Or is there some other option?
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When you go for the interview, they will scan all of your fingerprints but I do believe (now of course I'm second guessing my past GE Customs experiences) the machine gives you the option of either hand to scan.

I do remember reading on this forum that kid's fingerprints change as they grow and the machine was giving some the "X" as they got older and their fingerprints were not matching. If this happens with you, just go to the nearest agent and you shouldn't have a problem.

I think you will be ok, and even if you do get the "X" each time, it still will be much faster than regular customs plus you get the benefit of PreCheck for flights.
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Global Entry: Cannot Get Full Fingerprints on Right Hand?

They should have captured fingerprints from both hands during enrollment.
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Poor Quality Fingerprint Scan during GE Interview

Just had my GE interview at the new Atlanta International Airport enrollment center. Took 4 days for conditional approval, and I was very lucky to grab one of the earlier interview slots, and received the approval notification email as I was walking out of the airport. Honestly, I was a little disappointed considering I was prepared to tell my whole life story... Anyway..

One question though - when I was doing my 4-fingers scans, I looked at the interview officer's computer, and both hands went through okay indicated by the green lights. After I finished all my scan, in the "summary view" screen where it shows you all 3 scans (2 hands and thumbs), it says Poor Quality under both of my hands' scans, and my thumbs fingerprint did not say anything.

The officer didn't seem to care and proceed to the next screen. I was wondering if this is going to become an issue when I use the Kiosk later on when I'm entering the country. Anyone else had similar issues? Thanks.

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I always have problems with fingerprints, even the old fashion ink based ones. During my interview I was told to figure out which hand scans better and always use that. It also helps to not have dry hands (sounds gross but rub the back of your neck or face before the scan). I have never had a problem with a GE Kiosk since.
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None of my fingerprints could be scanned at my GE interview but I've never had a problem with the kiosks.
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I actually got recalled to LAX (and we live in San Diego) to give fingerprints a second time. I've now renewed Global Entry so am in my second 5 year stretch. I had the same problem. I spend too much time on the computer and think it wears off the ridges. I can still go thru the kiosk line, but get the big X and instruction to see a person now and again which my husband never gets.
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