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New Swiss First on the ZRH-DXB route: a pic TR

New Swiss First on the ZRH-DXB route: a pic TR

Old Jun 28, 09, 3:23 am
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New Swiss First on the ZRH-DXB route: a pic TR

I flew outbound on the A340 which featured the now ‘old’ style lounger seat in First, and flew back on the new A330-300 which featured the latest ‘suite’-style seat. The latter is now available on the ZRH-JFK and ZRH-DXB routes.
I have previously reported on the ZRH-DXB sector in F on LX so will mainly post pictures on this occasion. A few comments:
1) As usual the dedicated transfer from the FCL to E-Gates was organized way too early. I was asked to be at the reception at 1200 for a 1245 departure: I arrived at the gate at 1215 and boarding had not even started yet.
2) Load was 3/8 so service was attentive during the meal. However after it there was a 1-hour gap during which the cabin was completely unchecked, which was rather surprising.
3) With the shades up you cannot virtually see anything on the PTVs (not even the safety video) because of the bright glare. The maitre de cabine explained that they are aware of the problem and will address it, however didn’t they test it out before installing?
4) I feel more effort could have been put in the design of the single lavatory, which is cramped and not very comfortable
5) Salmon Balik has been replaced by Loch Fyne which was not served from the oval marble platter. It was OK but I hope LX will re-introduce Balik in the future.

Here are the pictures:

FCL in Zurich (buffet area)

View from FCL

FCL room at the far end – much quieter but with fewer drinks and no food

Curtained off views

Some lounge bites (bresaola and melon, sliced asparagus and salmon crepe) with rosé Champagne

Minivan transfer to E-Gates (was the only passenger but was not offered a limo, not sure why)

Pulling up at the E-Terminal from the runway underpass

Driving past SQ 77W about to push back

Boarding had not yet started

The latest addition to the LX fleet: A330-300 HB-JHB ‘Sion’

Only door 2L used

Its elder sibling: A330-200

Cabin view from seat 2K

Compare it with the cabin view from seat 2K on the A340

Gone is the alcove with the bar area, and so is the passage across in front of it. Passengers on the right hand side of the cabin now must walk through the galley to reach the restroom which is annoying

Seat console which is extracted from the armrest. 4 pre-set position buttons are located on the armrest

Seat console is touch-screen. You can select the area of the seat you wish to adjust including the ottoman. The armrest can be lowered fully even with the seatback upright to increase seat width. There is a massage function too.

The privacy screen controls.

The ottoman with built-in seatbelt.

The guest can adjust the ottoman using control bottons on the armest.

(to be continued on the next post)
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Old Jun 28, 09, 3:26 am
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PTV screen. You can see there is some room on the side of the armest however I believe there is a metal grid for ventilation so storing items there may not be a good idea.

New graphics for the airshow map.

Our route today (we ended up avoiding Iraq and overflying Iran)

The seat in the fully flat position. Even though it is slightly tilted, it is very comfortable.

Seat 2K.

The armest houses the remote for the PTV and also some lit storage space for personal items.

Pre-take off champagne.


Table setting.

Bread basket.

Hors d’oeuvre (salmon, scallop, pike perch, beef and cream cheese crepe)


Tomato consommé with basil ice cream and cheese breadstick.

Beef main.

Beef main (I had asked the crew to have my beef medium-rare and this is what I got… I wish it had been taken out of the over 2 minutes earlier…) with the addition of fennel out of a choice of veggies

Cheese with pear bread and fruit


Nespresso and Sprungli pralines

Prior to arrival I was handed out a questionnaire (I gave good marks!). You can see the table is made of real wood, while the armest panel is wood-like plastic.

Hope you enjoyed this TR.
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Old Jun 28, 09, 4:18 am
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Great picture report, thanks! Looks like Swiss sets the bar very high for first class. The food looks excellent. The seat looks like it might make you feel very enclosed though, was this the case?
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Old Jun 28, 09, 4:38 am
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Wirelessly posted (Palm TX: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; PalmSource/Palm-D050; Blazer/4.3) 16;320x448)

Excellent Report !!!
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Old Jun 28, 09, 6:03 am
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Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Nice picturs. It must have been a very enjoyable ride.

Unfortunately I'll still geht the old seats on my next trip to NRT in 2 weeks. But even the "old" F is an excellent product .
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Old Jun 28, 09, 6:18 am
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Thanks for sharing. The first class of Swiss looks really nice :-)
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Old Jun 28, 09, 8:08 am
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the new LX F seat looks really nice. Good TR ^
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Old Jun 28, 09, 3:14 pm
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Wow, that looks fantastic! Is the service/food only like this in the new F or is the old F also this good?
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Old Jun 28, 09, 10:09 pm
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Great report, thanks!^

Can't wait to try LX new F on ORD-ZRH and ZRH-JFK in August.
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Old Jun 28, 09, 11:10 pm
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Many thanks for the great report! The new F really looks elegant.
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Old Jun 29, 09, 3:13 am
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Great report and nice pictures.

The new F looks really great.
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Old Jun 29, 09, 2:16 pm
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Thanks for sharing! Longing to try the new LX F.
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Old Jun 30, 09, 1:16 am
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Originally Posted by Gaucho100K View Post
Wirelessly posted (Palm TX: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; PalmSource/Palm-D050; Blazer/4.3) 16;320x448)

Excellent Report !!!
I agree. I think he is doing great job for writing the trip reports. I'm glad that he is enjoyable the trip out of ZRH-DXB.
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Old Jul 1, 09, 10:17 am
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Very nice. Y is another story.
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Thanks for this !

Something to look forward to once it is implemented on my routes

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