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kcmh Mar 26, 09 11:41 am

CMH to SEA and back through via JFK on NW/DL (with a couple photos)
Its been a few years since I made a trek up to the NW USA and well since the airfares have been soooo low recently from Columbus, Ohio to Seattle, Wa I had to take advantage of it and since I got an extra 1000 miles flight offer via NWA/DL I fiqured why not. And it was made even easier since it would take me on my FF account over 40,000 miles (yeah I know not a ton of miles but I just have found I have ever decreasing amounts of time to fly and play.)

I booked the trip a couple weeks ago via and found a $155 fare A/I with a DTW change of planes and a return trip via JFK! Whoopeeee JFK another airport I've somehow avioded going through. The only issue was I would fly up Monday afternoon and return on the red-eye Tuesday night, so I kinda thought well its a miles run but yeah I know I'm staying there and renting a car and seeing a couple things I've missed the other times I've been there, oh well it was a cheap fare.

So I departed Port Columbus on time via NWA on the dreaded CRJ-100 45 minute flight it was on time so I can't complain to loudly

I had a three hour layover in DTW I used the time wisely, i.e walked my legs off and rode the tram and snapped some more quick photos with my POS camera. I saved my 30D for Seattle


Anyway the DTW to SEA was ontime and full 99% full I'd say, sorry no pics it was pretty dark. It was also a very rough flight passing through the jetstream and over and around storms in the upper midwest and plains. Here is a shot of the flight path.

I had roughly a full day in Seattle so I rented a car from Dollar (Subaru Outback Station Wagon $38 bucks + tax. I also stayed closeby at the Red Roof Inns (48 bucks+ tax) the hotel was clean and the car was new cant ask for much more than those items.

Here are some snaps of Seattle:
Chambers Bay Golf Course down in Tacoma!

Before I knew it, it was time to get back. I dropped the car off at Dollar and went up and checked in, I knew the flight was full and inquried about a bump, the agent advised they were taking offers of $400 travel coupons and hotel with a depature on Wends Morning flights to ATL, Bingo!!!!!!!! But I have to check in with the gate.

TSA was no issue and I ran down to the gate I was quickly added to the bump list #1! But sadly enough people did not show and others were upgraded and I was on the flight!

I took seat 31-A in the Delta 73W (737-800 w/winglets and AVOD) the AVOD was nice but Live TV sucked! As others have posted before it froze a lot. No pics either from that flight so here is the route:

We arrived on runway 22-R and taxied to the gate on time I departed the plane and high-tailed it to the crown room where I bought a day pass and said this 4 hour lay-over was going to be nice.

My return to CMH was on a ERJ-145 nice plane more room than the CRJ and it was on time, can't beat that! I slept most of the way so here is another flightaware shot of the route.

Thanks everyone

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