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ORDnHKG Feb 16, 09 3:48 pm

Asiana (OZ) F ORD-HKG with a twist on intra asia UA F and NH C (lots of pics)(Part 3)
ANA Crowne Plaza NRT
Rm 1427

Last time when I was at NRT overnighting, I stayed at the Hilton NRT, which was horrible, looks like a 2 star hotel, as a gold I only get breakfest coupon. So I decided to try out ANA Crowne Plaza, it is a little more expensive than Hilton, but they are running a promotion about if you checkin before 1/31/09, you will get a 1000yen dining coupon at checkin, so I decided to do that and priorityclub is also running a bonus point promotion at the same time.

Little to I know the shuttle from NRT to the Crowne Plaza actually runs every 30 min, if I was an hour earlier, it only runs every hour ! I have never heard of an airport hotel runs the shuttle so less frequent. With still some 20 min for the next shuttle, I have nothing to do other than some people watching.

Some guy and lady insist to help me with my luggage, (I have two luggages plus two carryons) I try to stop them from helping me as I have no Japanese yen with me, all I have are US dollar and HK dollar. They actually help me with my luggage all the way to my room, I was so embrassed actually gave them a $5 tip, but who knows it looks like they don't want or they can't take any money from me :confused:

Rooms are much smaller than Hilton, but as least get a lot more pillows, I remembered in hilton, all I got are 2 really soft pillows. In this Crowne Plaza, it actually has 4 pillows quite firm.

Bathroom and amenities

In the beginning, I thought about going to the Aviation Museum near NRT, but I know they close at 5pm, and after I got to the hotel it is already almost 4pm, so I dropped that idea and decided to go to the NRT observation deck for some plane spotting at Terminal 1.

Soon to be gone NW 747-400 N671US and A330-200 N855NW

KE 777-200ER HL7598

One of the 3 JL 747-300 left in the fleet, ex-JAA JA8185

I had checked the price for dinner at NRT is not that cheap, even subway cost more than 600 yen, so I decided to head back to the hotel restaurant. I had the seafood pasta in creamy sauce for 1500 yen, after the 1000 yen coupon, it is down to 500 yen, not bad at all.

ORDnHKG Feb 16, 09 5:06 pm

Meeting with flyertalk kkjay77

Originally this flight is scheduled to be 77W, but at the end of December when I was checking ANA tool, it suddenly change to a 744, even my UA PNR had changed to a 744. I called NH to change my seat assignment, they didn't have the update seat map til the middle of January, I was assigned 19K, the last row of C in the first section in the lower deck, right before door 2R.

I was totally shocked that someone sent a message to me from flyertalk that he mentioned he will be in NRT in the morning of 1/24/09. I did post my dates at the RCC calendar in the UA board, but who knows someone actually pay attention and be at the same airport in the same time. Therefore I am going to meet him in the NH lounge. I was really excited about it.

NRT Terminal 1

Area A for *G, area B for F class, area C for C class

I then proceed to C class checkin. I asked if anyway I can sit at row 1, 2, or 3 base on I am *G, replied no as those seats are for paying customers. I know NH always sell this 3 class plane as 2 class, they are probably reserve F with NH elites. Not too much a big deal as NH C is nice. Immigration has long lines once again this morning, they open one more line when I am half way through the line, which speed up quite a bit. After that, I totally forget about in the email to ask kkjay77 about which NH lounge he will be at. I then go to the one near gate 50s first, looked around, also inside the smoking corner, I had mentioned to him I may hand around the smoking area, and he told me he would do the same as well. However, no one recognized my yellow flyertalk tag, get out, lounge lady was curious why I was leaving so soon, I was there no even for 10 min. Go to the NH lounge in gate 40s, on the way there saw the SQ 380.

It was 9V-SKB, I know it comes to NRT in the morning and leaves before noon.

Finally, met up with kkjay77 when he saw my flyertalk tag, and I remembered he told me before he is Korean about my age, he was coming from BKK and waiting for the boarding pass for NRT-JFK in C on NH. We went to the smoking corner and chatted for about an hour, wish I had more time, but my flight to HKG board about 9:20am, so I say goodbye to him and get back to my gate.

Thanks to the NH agent to take a photo in front of the NH 787 model.

And thanks once again for the nice meeting with kkjay77

ORDnHKG Feb 16, 09 5:07 pm

JA8096 (096) 747-400 (287 seats)
Seat 19K C class
9:50am departure 1/24/09

This is probably my last ride in this NH 744, as you see, on the side, it still have the old NH markings. Instead of ANA, it is written in Japanese/Chinese characters and All Nippon Airways. NH is going to retired at least one 744 this year, maybe even more, given the sister ship JA8094 and JA8095 had gone, with NRT-FRA and NRT-CDG switching from 744 to 77W soon, this may probably be the next one. NH for some reason like to use the 744 for the last run on NRT-HKG-NRT, just like the previous 744, JA403A, JA404A, and JA405A. Therefore I took my photos just on this plane.

By the time I finish all my photos taken, it had already started boarding for Y.

Here is my seat 19K, for the whole time boarding, I did not hear the signature NH boarding music, usually I like to sing along with that, in fact, no music was playing at all the whole time like in the past NH flights. And as usual, no pre flight beverage.

Seat control, as I was taking this photo while on the ground, FA came by and remind me I can't take any photo until the seat belt sign turn off ! :confused: This is my first time ever heard about that on NH and any airline. I guess my camera consider electronic items like cell phone ? She did however comment she would give me some NH memorbilla later on, guessing I am in love of NH or planes. ^

Seat in front and the PTV from my seat, it is slightly larger than the old UA C seat PTV screen. Flight level today is 40,000ft from the beginning til almost at HKG, which is quite rare for a 744, usually it only go as high as FL380 or FL390.

Seat belt sign turn off shortly and purser came by show me the menus and also taking meal order.

Wine menus

Also putting a blue nylon paper on the table, no table cloth, then a small packet, which looks like a small face cloth.

I opened up that packet, in the back, it was written "souvenior for you", there was a packet of nuts wraping in that face cloth.

I did know in advance NH had made a change for the meals in intra-asia flight. They called that as "the pleasant taste of home-style cooking", which in terms the C meal look really alike of a Y meal. It is a one tray service. However, I didnot expect that I actually has to open the plastic tray like when the Y meal comes.

This is like a combination of Japanese and Western. Both choices serve with the Japanese appetizers in the black box on the right, also the salad and miso soup, and the tiny red bean bun as desert. I do suggest NH should really make it a straight western and a straight Japanese meal. No salad in the Japanese meal, should replace by cold noodles. Western meal should not have the sushi in the black box.

After the meal, the FA became unseen, a Japanese lady in 18K had finished her meal long time ago, but no one walk by to pick it up, she decided just go to the galley to drop it off, not a good sign. :td: I decided to watch the Japanese movie just came out "Happy Flight", it is a comedy about FA and pilots who worked for ANA, and it also filmed mostly on the plane I was on JA8096, nice movie, not as good as the previous ANA drama "Good Luck" though. The purser did came in a little bit passing glasses of apple juice, orange juice and water.

With still time to spare, I took some time to stroll around the cabin, there were a total of 14 pax between row 16 - 19, with 3 pax upper deck, and none in rows 24-27.

I took this photo airbourne, not on the ground, as you see the curtains to Y are closed.

The clock on the wall separating C from Y.

Here are more photos of the plane.

View from my seat 19K

I also take some photos in the bathroom, it was stocked with face and body sheets, mouthwash packets, and toothbrush/paste sets.

An empty bar corner, this place will be stocked when flying NRT-FRA/CDG.

Me and C purser Ms.Ozawa, she spoke very good English surprisingly, we chit chat for quite a bit. I asked her if this is normal for such an empty flight, she said going into HKG usually less than half full, but the return NH 910 always 100% filles. She was very friendly and kind, would honor any request as much as possible. She also took a photo of me in the C seat.

Somehow when I came back from the washroom break, I saw this amenity basket on the long haul C flights, FA never walk with the basket between the aisle pre-flight, but now suddenly appear in the bar counter. It is the usual hand creme, comb, shoe polish, toothbrush/paste set, earplugs, eyemask, and face mask (it only cover your mouth and nose) I saw most people get the hand creme, indeed it was good, it was non scented made by Shiseido, I took several for myself too.

An hour and a half before landing, FA came by and gave everyone in C little cup of Haagen-Dazs vanila ice-cream, also walk by with a tray of candies, then another round of apple juice and green tea. I was wondering why they wouldn't serve ice-cream along the meal ?

My flight came to an end after the record breaking 5 hours trip between NRT-HKG. It is never heard of requiring 5 hours, later it explain due to strong head wind.

During taxi to the gate, saw various planes include a SA 340-300 ZS-SXF await to JNB in the evening, SA used to use 340-600 to HKG, I guess the loads are not that good

A VS 340-600 G-VWIN

What is this Air Macau 321 doing in HKG ? I guess maybe lease out for a charter ?

NH 175 767-300ER JA8358 from KIX arrived right after out plane landed. However, their luggages was loaded onto the belt before ours did.

End of of outbound trip, will post Conrad HK shortly.

ORDnHKG Feb 17, 09 2:31 am

Feel free to make any positive or negative comments, questions, or suggestions.

ORDnHKG Feb 17, 09 4:21 am

I will take sometime off to write to last past of my trip: return to the US

ORDnHKG Feb 17, 09 12:38 pm

My last flight report will be out shortly

cockpitvisit Feb 17, 09 2:57 pm

Great trip report, thanks!

The load in C seems very light from your pics. Was at least the upper deck full?

ORDnHKG Feb 17, 09 3:46 pm

Originally Posted by cockpitvisit (Post 11274176)
Great trip report, thanks!

The load in C seems very light from your pics. Was at least the upper deck full?

No, I was told there were only 3 pax upper deck.

ORDnHKG Feb 18, 09 1:31 am

Final Part Completed !

vecta May 31, 09 8:18 am

Originally Posted by ORDnHKG (Post 11277269)
Final Part Completed !

The detail you put into these reports is fascinating, such an interesting read. Onto the next...

JumboJetLA May 31, 09 7:16 pm

ORD .. thanks for such a wonderful trip report! I love all the pictures!


adampenrith May 31, 09 10:06 pm

Excellent reading. the Pics are great.

Thank you for the pleasure


SFflyer123 Jun 1, 09 9:56 pm

Fantastic! Really enjoying it!

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