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aSiAnRiCk Apr 30, 07 5:20 pm

Freddie Awards 2007 pictures
I don't know where I should post these four pics I took. Mods feel free to move this if you like.

lucky9876coins Apr 30, 07 9:02 pm

Nice pics. Might want to post them here.:)

kevinsac May 1, 07 6:39 pm

Nice pics, but several I do not recognize. Can you post their FT log-ins?

SchmutzigMSP May 1, 07 7:32 pm

Originally Posted by kevinsac (Post 7671778)
Can you post their FT log-ins?

Maybe they'd prefer if he didn't. :eek: :D

FourWheels May 2, 07 3:35 am

I recognize some of those mugs. Only four photos?! The other ones must be un-postable, violations of TOS. :D

Lookin' spiffy, Rick.

aSiAnRiCk May 2, 07 6:33 pm

Honestly, I forgot most of their handles. I guess I'm getting old and it shows! lol

I'm going to try as best as I can .. and perhaps some of you can help :)

First pic: DL-FLL, me and civicmon
Second pic: dunno
Group pic (left to right): Robert (yeah he's very creative), KLC, dunno (but I want to guess chtiet), dunno, MrAOK, KathyWdrf, DCBob, me, Violist, xyzzy, dunno (but now I think about it .. this might actually be DCBob), dunno, FlyinHawaiian.

How'd I do? :D

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