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The trip of trips!! FRWSTAR2 around the world! 57 days, 34 flights, and a few trains…

The trip of trips!! FRWSTAR2 around the world! 57 days, 34 flights, and a few trains…

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The trip of trips!! FRWSTAR2 around the world! 57 days, 34 flights, and a few trains…

Table of contents

Part 1: ARN-CPH-HAM-FRA with SK/LH in M/C
Part 2: FRA-YYZ with LH in F + LH F-terminal in FRA
Part 3: YYZ-YUL with AC in C
Part 4: Quebec City-Montreal by train in first class
Part 5: YUL-LGA with AC in C
Part 6: JFK-LAX with UA p.s in F
Part 7: LAX-SFO-SEA with UA in E+
Part 8: A visit to the Boeing factory in Everett
Part 9: SEA-DEN-DFW with UA in E+
Part 10: DFW-LAX with UA in E+
Part 11: LAX-NRT with NH in F
Part 12: HND-ITM with NH in F
Part 13: A stay in a traditional Japanese guesthouse, a "ryokan"
Part 14: KIX-AKL with NZ in C (Business Premier)
Part 15: AKL-SYD with NZ in C
Part 16: SYD-WLG with NZ in C
Part 17: WLG-AKL-RAR with NZ in M/C
Part 18: A day in paradise!! Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Part 19: RAR-PPT with NZ in C
Part 20: Tahiti, with a Polynesian dance show and local "le truck" buses!!
Part 21: PPT-AKL-CHC with NZ in C/M
Part 22: CHC-SYD with NZ in C
Part 23: SYD-SIN with SQ in F
Part 24: Regent Hotel Singapore
Part 25: SIN-KUL with SQ in F + SQ F-facilities in SIN
Part 26: Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Part 27: KUL-SIN-BKK with SQ in F
Part 28: BKK-HKG with TG in F + TG F-facilities in BKK (new airport)
Part 29: A visit to Guangzhou, China
Part 30: Three first class lounges in Hong Kong
Part 31: HKG-ZRH with LX in F
Part 32: ZRH-FRA-BRU with LX/LH in C + F-lounges in ZRH and FRA
Part 33: BRU-LHR with BD in C
Part 34: LHR-CPH-ARN with SK in C/M
Comparison of Star Alliance First class/Premium products

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With no holiday at all this summer and a very hectic year spent in France, UK and Sweden with too much work and a good amount of commute between these countries I felt I really needed a proper break.
On top of that I recently became a happy owner of a master’s degree in international business, with pretty good results as well, so I decided to treat myself to a long well needed holiday and do something I had dreamed of for many years, to go around the world!

The planning of the trip started already in February (departure in September).
It started off with an innocent YRWSTAR1, which later became a CRWSTAR2, and then one day I decided to go for the ultimate treat and a FRWSTAR2.
If I am once in my life going to enjoy proper international first class this would be the perfect opportunity. Considering how much international first class tickets usually cost round the world tickets are very very good deals.
However creating a good itinerary turned out to be quite tricky, many airlines do not offer first class anymore and others only offer it on selected routes, so I actually had to work hard before I had a decent itinerary with at least the longhaul flights in F.
My main objective with the ticket was to try as many airlines as possible in F, or at least in premium cabins, and I seriously don’t think the final itinerary could have got much better in regards to air travel experiences.
I was very satisfied when I finally called SAS to make the booking (thanks Bjornstrom for the great booking contact at SAS btw).

I also had a good amount of points in my Eurobonus account that I wanted to spend.
A quick look at the *A awards chart and I found the perfect deal, only 40000 points for a business class award in the Pacific region. Amazing!
After several sleepless nights with the ANA award planner I had the perfect itinerary. The woman at the Eurobonus member service was very sceptical when I called and did not even think my itinerary was possible, but I was persistent and she agreed to check with a supervisor.
15 minutes later she calls me back and tells me “you have really found the loophole in Eurobonus!” Well thank you very much!

As if all these tickets weren’t enough, I also booked a domestic ticket in the US (cheapest possible economy class ticket this time) and also (as the title reveals) a few train tickets to get to all the places I wanted to visit. But more about that later on…
When it comes to accommodation the lodging ranged from hostels/budget hotels at 20 USD per night up to some pretty fantastic five star hotels, a very wise decision as neither option would have been fun for two months, and it certainly also made the trip a lot more colourful.

The focus on the report will be on the air travel experiences and in a few cases train travels and hotel experiences.
Obviously I have enough material to write a whole book after this trip, but in order to keep it at some kind of reasonable length I will limit the amount of writing about the destinations.
If there is anything in particular you want to know, feel free to ask!

I will post this in several instalments as there is simply too much to write and too many pics to upload, but anyone who is good at recognising boarding passes may get some hints from the photo above of what to expect.
As always comments are welcome.

Off we go…

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A crazy start of the trip, check-in at Arlanda airport

I arrived in good time at the airport, around 1h 30min before departure and checked in at the Eurobonus/Star Gold counter.
The check-in woman was absolutely amazed to see my ticket with 22 flight coupons and then another 4 pages with the receipt and the itinerary. It wasn’t a ticket, it was a book!
She was even more surprised to see my itinerary for the day, Stockholm-Frankfurt via Copenhagen and Hamburg. She must have thought I was absolutely out of my mind as there are so many direct flights on this route, but it was all about maximising the points.
As today’s flights were all booked in C, and the two SAS flights also gave me a 25% gold bonus, it meant a total of 4100 points for just three hours in the air, pretty good!
I asked her to check me and my luggage only to Frankfurt, and all seemed fine until I looked at the baggage tag, it was marked YYZ. It turned out she had indeed done her job properly, but the computer just did not let her check me and my luggage only to Frankfurt.
Well as she cancelled the check-in things got even worse, the computer got completely crazy and started spitting out baggage tags, more and more and more tags, when she finally made it stop it had printed a good 25 tags with my name and destination on them, there was a huge pile of baggage tags on the floor.
What a circus! At this point basically half the check-in area was looking at what was going on at my check-in desk, half of them laughing, the second half looking very irritated as I had kept the check-in desk occupied a good 10 minutes by now, and I was still not checked-in.

After a few calls to a check-in supervisor she concluded the only thing she could do was to check me in all the way to YYZ, and then manually tag my bag to FRA, and this actually worked.
What a start of the trip! I left the check-in desk with a long queue behind me, well it wasn’t really my fault, except that I was stupid enough to book a weird routing.
Anyway, the luggage was properly tagged, the rest I could sort out later.

I used the fast track security and went to the SAS lounge. My time in the lounge had been significantly reduced due to the problems at check-in, but I had time for some breakfast (the second breakfast for the day) and to check my e-mails.
The SAS lounge in Stockholm is actually quite nice, comfy sofas and a good amount of food and drinks, it’s definitely among the better *A lounges.
The only drawback is that the lounge staff have now been outsourced and do not have access to the booking system, thus no rebookings, seat changes etc in the lounge.

The entrance to the SAS lounges in Stockholm
Inside the SAS Scandinavian lounge in Stockholm

Stockholm/Arlanda-Copenhagen, flight SK 403 operated by SAS
Departure: 09:25
Arrival: 10:35
Aircraft: MD-81
Class: Economy class (one-class only, however my ticket was booked in C)
Seat: 02F

As usual no priority boarding in Scandinavia, that is really something I miss.
The Stockholm-Copenhagen flight was one class only, however funnily they do sell proper business class tickets on this route which make things confusing.
The business class ticket gives you all the standard benefits on the ground (priority check-in, extra luggage, lounge access) but once onboard you’re in the same cabin as everybody else.
To me being booked in business class made absolutely no difference as I get all these benefits anyway as *G, but it was nice to get double business class miles for the flight.
On all departures before 9.30 am they serve free breakfast on this route, which was also the case on this flight which departed at 9.25 am. A small plastic box was distributed to all passengers with yoghurt, some cold cuts and a small bottle of orange juice. The FAs then passed with warm bread, coffee and tea.
Nothing remarkable but perfectly adequate. My third breakfast that day!
Landing right on time in a sunny Copenhagen.

The breakfast onboard the flight to Copenhagen

SAS Scandinavian lounge, Copenhagen

I had a one-hour transfer in Copenhagen, but as we landed on time and were safely parked within 5 mins I had time for a proper lounge visit.
The SAS lounge was nice as always, the one in Copenhagen is constantly ranked as one of the best *A lounges worldwide, but some parts of it are starting to look a bit worn and the food offerings used to be better.
I like the view from the inner part of the lounge where you have a nice view of the strait of Oresund.
The next flight to Hamburg was operated by a propeller aircraft, propeller planes are always parked at a remote stand in CPH and I knew the bus gates are right outside the lounge, so I left the lounge late and was among the last passengers to board the bus.

Inside the SAS Scandinavian lounge in Copenhagen
A sitting area and the reception desk inside the lounge
Some of the drinks in the self-service area

Copenhagen-Hamburg, flight SK 1647 operated by SAS
Departure: 11:35
Arrival: 12:25
Aircraft: Dash 8-400
Class: Business Class
Seat: 04F

All passengers were onboard the plane in good time for the scheduled departure time, but something got wrong with one of the propellers and for a while nobody knew if the aircraft could take-off.
They called people from the maintenance department who checked the aircraft, but after some tests they concluded everything was in order and we could leave Copenhagen.
We took off 35 mins late but fortunately there were no other aircrafts in line for take-off.
On this short 50 mins flight they served a sandwich in business class and then the usual drink service. I asked if they had champagne onboard (not sure if they had loaded it for such a short flight) but they did have the pretty tasty Nicolas Feuillate in stock and the nice Danish flight attendant actually made an effort to make the bottle look nice with a napkin.
Overall a short but very enjoyable flight and nice views of Denmark and northern Germany during the flight.
Naturally a remote stand again in Hamburg so a bus was waiting to take us to the terminal building.

Copenhagen airport seen from my seat
Light snack between Copenhagen and Hamburg, the champagne is not visible though

In Hamburg I started off by visiting a Lufthansa transfer desk, I did have a boarding pass but the standard SK*G was missing so I suspected the number had not been properly entered.
This was easily sorted out and I was also assured the seat next to mine had been blocked.

Lufthansa Senator lounge, Hamburg

Next I was off to the Lufthansa Senator lounge which was recently refurbished and now looks really nice. For a while non-LH *G were only admitted to the business class side, but this has fortunately changed now.
A very nice feature of the Hamburg Senator lounge is that the lounge has a private outdoor terrace with a few tables and chairs.
On this particular afternoon in September the weather was the best possible, 27 degrees and not a single cloud to be seen. I had some food and wine from the buffet and went outside to enjoy the sunny weather and to see what was going on at the apron.
There were some airlines there I was a little surprised to see at a small airport like Hamburg such as Emirates and Iranair, but otherwise Lufthansa is the dominant carrier.
I could have spent the whole afternoon on that terrace, best possible weather and best possible view and then free drinks on that, how much better can it get?? But I had yet another flight to catch...

The entrance to the Lufthansa lounges in Hamburg
The buffet area in the Lufthansa Senator lounge
The great view from the Senator lounge terrace

Hamburg-Frankfurt, flight LH 019 operated by Lufthansa
Departure: 14:50
Arrival: 15:55
Aircraft: Airbus A300
Class: Business Class
Seat: 06K

Boarding had already started and once onboard I was offered newspapers and magazines. In response to the “seat blocking is a myth”-thread in the Lufthansa forum I can tell seat 06H next to me stayed empty, even though business class was almost full. ^
The flight was uneventful, a sandwich, two chocolates and drinks were served.
I had some red wine but almost regretted it afterwards as I had already had so much to drink that day. At this point I was also starting to feel really tired, I only got 3-4 hours of sleep the night before departure as I was so excited about leaving and also a bit nervous I had missed something or forgot to arrange something for this massive trip.
In Frankfurt my two priority-tagged suitcases were among the first five on the belt, well done!

The business class cabin between Hamburg and Frankfurt
Inflight meal to Frankfurt, a sandwich and drinks

Radisson SAS Hotel Frankfurt

I took the S-Bahn to Frankfurt Hbf and then a taxi to the Radisson SAS hotel where I had a reservation for the night.
The hotel is brand new and really cool, it opened less than a year ago.
I had booked a cheap Internet rate, non-refundable with booking required some time in advance. At check-in I presented my SAS gold card and asked nicely if I could get a better room with my gold card. It’s an official benefit, but different hotels interpret this benefit differently and some hotels don’t even care.
But in Frankfurt the answer was “of course”. I was given a large business class room on the 14th floor with a fantastic view of central Frankfurt. What was even better was that because of my upgrade I was also given free breakfast the next morning (not included in my rate) which usually costs a good 20 euro. For the latter I actually thought the receptionist made a mistake, but the next morning they confirmed I did not have to pay for my breakfast. Awesome!
The hotel also had a very nice fitness centre on the top floor with a gym, swimming pool and two saunas. Both the swimming pool and the saunas had a great view of central Frankfurt. Cool place!
I fell asleep quite early while BBC World showed there had finally been a change of government in Sweden that evening after 12 years.
A great start of the trip in many ways, but I’ll leave politics out of this report…

My business class room in the Radisson SAS hotel in Frankfurt
The nice view from my room, too bad it was foggy
The cool entrance to the breakfast restaurant in the hotel!!!

Next, the Lufthansa First class terminal in Frankfurt…

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jacob_m This looks like the beginning of another great TR on FT.

I am looking forward to reading about your adventure with interest.

After doing a OW RTW in F this year I am seriously considering giving Star a try for later next year.
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Great report, waiting for next installment. Hopefully you will post it tonight, always interested in creative routings, so next part is much anticipated.
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I think I can safely say that you've got me hooked aready!

Excellent start, jacob_m ... keep it coming ^
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Excellent - another jacob_m trip report for me to print out and read on my upcoming long flights. ^

I can see from the pic there are at least some 8 F flights in there (NZ doesn't have F any more). I'll try and resist the temptation to look further until my flight.
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Wonderful trip report. I know that all of us in the FT community appreciate alll of the work that you are doing
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I keep on trying to write trip reports buti don't think i am 10% as good as u.Keep it up
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Great start of the report, can't wait to read the rest. ^
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What an adventure! I can't wait to read the next installment. ^
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Lufthansa First class terminal and Frankfurt-Toronto with LH in F

The next morning I woke up quite early, I was naturally very excited about what was to come during the day.
The breakfast buffet in the hotel was quite cool (and free, as pointed out earlier) and it is the first time in my life I have been given a guided tour of a breakfast buffet, but it was actually needed as the buffet was very large and divided into several rooms (!).
As the hotel is quite new they really seemed to make an effort to build a new and loyal customer base, they were very careful at check-out to make sure I had enjoyed my stay and would consider the hotel in the future, I certainly will!

Lufthansa First class terminal, Frankfurt

The reason why I stayed overnight in Frankfurt was of course to make a proper visit to the Lufthansa first class terminal in Frankfurt, to get the full experience right from start.

I took a cab from the hotel to the airport and asked the driver if we knew about the first class terminal. He told me he knew where it was and promised to drop me off at the entrance.
The first class terminal is a separate building around 200 meters in front of terminal 1, you need to make a right turn or you’ll miss it. The terminal is not very clearly signposted and I’m sure most people who pass it don’t even notice it’s there.

Once at the terminal the driver helped me offload my luggage, a middle-aged woman then came out from the terminal and greeted me, she was going to be my personal assistant during this visit.
She asked for my ticket to make sure I was eligible to use the terminal. Since I already had a boarding pass from the previous day (due to the check-in problems in Stockholm) I gave it to her and briefly explained the problems I had in Stockholm and why I already had a boarding pass but luggage to check.
No problem at all! I was invited to enter the terminal while another agent took care of my luggage, it disappeared somewhere, I have no idea what happened to it. My personal assistant took my ticket, boarding pass and passport and told me she would be back a few minutes later with my baggage receipt and boarding pass.

I entered the terminal and the first thing inside was the security control, of course no line and what mostly impressed me was how extremely polite they were, they addressed me by Sir and thanked me afterwards for my cooperation (or something like it, I don’t really remember).
But it was such a big difference from most airport security controls where you are being treated like cattle.

Immediately to the left after the security check is the duty free shop with the standard selection of perfumes, cosmetics and chocolate and of course some luxury goods as well (not all surprising in a first class terminal).
After the shop you enter the main lounge. I had seen photos of it before, but being there myself was of course a bit different, my first thought was that it looked so clean and modern and I immediately took notice of all the staff in the lounge, there were quite a few of them.
The terminal was very empty this morning when I arrived at 10.30 am. I took a seat and was immediately approached by a waitress who asked me if I wanted anything to drink, as it was still quite early I asked for a glass of orange juice, freshly squeezed of course.

After a little while my personal assistant came with my boarding pass and baggage receipt, I took the opportunity to ask her if they had any internet computers in the lounge since I wanted to check my e-mails.
I was told they had none, BUT they had laptops to borrow and she told me she would get me one.
Great service! The laptop was especially designed for Lufthansa and offered internet (wi-fi), games, music, and they even had movies in the lounge you can borrow and watch on the laptop. Wow! So much better than a standard desktop in a business centre.
The waitress passed several time to ask if I wanted anything else to drink, and on each table they also had cocktail glasses with snacks.

After an hour in the terminal I felt it was time to check out the food offerings, I wasn’t really hungry after the extensive breakfast, but I thought it would be a pity to leave the terminal without having tried at least some of the food.
On the way to the restaurant I passed the departure screen, I had read that the flight will appear there as soon as you have been registered as a departing passenger in the lounge.
My flight was there, and it said I would depart from Exit 1. I later found out that they had three different exits in the basement (to get to the limousine) depending on your destination, probably to comply with security regulations. All US passengers go through Exit 3, all passengers going to Schengen destinations through Exit 2, and (I suppose) all others through Exit 1.

Once inside the restaurant I had a seat at one of the tables, everything looked really fancy with white tablecloths, napkins and mineral water (both sparkling and still) on every table.
There was a menu on the table and while I had a look a waiter came and asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for some red wine and some water, just as I said that I noticed I already had water on my table, but no way he would let me pour that myself.
A minute later he came back with a drink trolley with at least 5-6 bottles of red wine on it, just to choose! I think I went for a Bordeaux wine.
I decided to have a steak to eat from the menu, I asked him how long it would take as I was a bit worried I would not have enough time to eat before it was time to leave (little did I know everything was available at the buffet).
The steak was excellent, as was the wine. While I was eating my personal assistant passed and asked if everything was OK, she told me I had another 15 minutes before it was time to leave. Perfect! Enough time for a cup of coffee! I was starting to feel very excited…

The first class terminal just after I arrived, very empty!
Nice cocktail snacks on the tables
The departure screen in the terminal with the appropriate exits in the basement displayed
The very extensive bar in the first class terminal and the restaurant in the background
Inside the restaurant with the self-service buffet in the background
A steak and a glass of red wine in the restaurant

A cup of coffee later and it was time to leave the terminal, as we were going downstairs I suddenly remembered I did not have my passport, she never gave it back to me!
I immediately reminded her but was told not to worry, the customs officer already had my passport. Wow!
Once in the basement there was kind of a passport control with an officer behind it, I gave him my boarding pass and by checking the name on the boarding pass he found my passport, did the usual check, and gave back everything to me and wished me a nice flight.
Next I went to a desk next to the passport control where they checked my name on a list and also took my boarding pass, I may also have signed something. I guess this is the same thing as being done at the gate before you board the plane.

With all the paperwork completed I said goodbye to my personal assistant and hello to the driver, a friendly guy who spoke good English, although I could have managed in German if needed.
Before leaving the terminal he reminded me of the simple rule, not to open the door or the window during the ride as we were in a restricted area (and I guess they are afraid people could drop things on the apron). I took a seat in the front seat of the Porsche Cayenne and off we went.
It was only a short drive to get to the plane, I think it was gate B20, right in the beginning of the B-pier. We parked the car and went upstairs and entered the gate area right next to where the passenger bridge starts.
They were right in the middle of the boarding process with a long line of passengers waiting to get onboard the Boeing 747.
No need for me to queue though, I was escorted past all other passengers who just kept staring at me probably wondering who the *** I was. The driver also carried my hand luggage which made it look even more suspicious.
At the entrance to the business class cabin he handed me over to the purser, some last paperwork to sign and then the purser took my hand luggage and escorted me through the business class cabin to the upper deck and to my seat.
Everything went so smoothly that I hardly noticed what was going on, I was so overwhelmed and fascinated by the whole experience, they did it just right! Such a great start of the flight!

The crew who worked in the first class cabin were really fantastic, all of them very friendly.
Pre-departure drinks were offered (I went for champagne of course) followed by newspapers, magazines, amenity kits and a blue sweater. Top-ups were offered before it was time to close the doors and push back.
After the fantastic experiences at Frankfurt airport it was nice to settle down with glass of champagne and get in a good mood for my first ever flight in F.

Frankfurt-Toronto, flight LH 470 operated by Lufthansa
Departure: 13:15
Arrival: 15:25
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Class: First Class
Seat: 83A (emergency exit)

Pushback right on time, German punctuality, but once in the air it took a long time before the fasten seat belt sign was switched off, I think they waited until the plane had reached 30,000 feet or so. After all the wine, coffee and champagne before departure I started to feel an immediate need to visit the lavatory, sitting right opposite a steward I asked very nicely if it was OK to go and he said yes, despite the sign still being turned on. What a relief!
That would surely not have happened in economy class!

Before departure: Champagne, newspapers and other amenities
The first class cabin to Toronto
Amenity kit and slippers
Contents of the amenity kit

Soon after the seat belt sign was off the purser came up to the first class cabin and personally handed over the menu to each passenger, he greeted every passenger by name and took the opportunity to welcome us onboard and wish us a pleasant flight with Lufthansa.

As expected, plenty to eat onboard, here is the menu for the flight to Toronto:

The menu and drink list in first class

Originally Posted by Menu Frankfurt-Toronto

Hors d’oeuvre from the appetizer cart
Caviar with the traditional garnishes

Sea trout in yogurt gelée with arugula, tomatoes, and chufa nut oil

Salad of cured brisket of beef, beans, red radishes and aged balsamico

Smoked trout terrine accompanied by cucumber potato salad

Pickled vegetables and cottage cream cheese with fine herbs
Nut oil vinaigrette

Pumpkin cream soup with seeds

Frisée, endive, lotto rosso and lamb’s lettuce with toasted pine nuts
Pumpkin seed oil dressing

Bread, rolls, toast and butter

Loin of suckling pig served with marinated bell pepper, shallots and blood sausage dumplings

Char, braised cucumber and watercress potato puree

Breast of chicken filled with sage, complemented by Austrian-style fruit sauce, blini and parsley root

Potato stew with sour cream and gremolata

Cheese and dessert
International cheese
Coulommiers, Bresse bleu, Paulus, Romadur and Ash got cheese offered with plums, celery and cherry tomatoes

Apple brioche soufflé with raisins enhanced by Austrian-style fruit zabaglione

Poppy seed dumpling with blueberries and apple sorbet

Speciality dessert wine

Before landing: Cold and hot specialities from the service cart
Young leaves of frisée, radicchio, arugula and romaine lettuce

Potato, hazlenut grape dressing or balsamico vinaigrette with olive oil

Cocktail tomatoes, croûtons and marinated antichokes

Air-dried Parma ham and thyme flavored breast of chicken

Shrimp salad à la Nicoise

Marinated beef with horseradish

Grilled swordfish and herbed butter

Before landing: Dessert
Linzer tart

Fresh fruit: Apple, strawberries, grapes and blackberries

1997 Comtes de champagne, Champagne Taittinger
“D” de Devaux Brut, Champagne Veuve Devaux

White wines
2004 Kiedricher Gräfenberg Riesling, Erstes Gewächs, Robert Weil, Germany
2004 Puligny-Montrachet, Maison Pierre André, France
2004 Benefizium Porer, Pinot Grigio, Alois Lageder, Italy

Red wines
2001 Château Marquis de Terme, Cru Classé, Margaux, France
2001 Medalia Real Special Reserve, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Santa Rita, Chile

Dessert wine
2003 Cuvée d’Exception, Sauternes, Dourthe, France

Campari, Sherry, Lufthansa Cocktail

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey No 7, Johnny Walker Blue Label, Glenfiddich Single Malt 12 year, Smirnoff Red vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Cognac Lhéraud Cuvée 30, Calvados, Fernet Branca, Tequila, Etter Zuger Kirsch
The menu speaks for itself. They really feed you well in premium cabins (and in F in particular) something I slowly got used to during this trip, there is just so much food onboard!!
I also learned that the only way to manage is to eat slowly and drink lots of water and not just alcohol.

After departure more drinks were offered and a nice amuse bouche with cheese and ham, I asked for some orange juice this time to have a break in the alcohol intake.
Then the table was prepared with tablecloth and proper china, a red rose was also placed next to each passenger.
Next they passed through the cabin with the hors d’oeuvre, a whole trolley with food. I am not really a fan of caviar so I decided to choose some other things from the trolley and the FA offered to put a little bit of everything on my plate which I gratefully accepted. I also asked for a glass of the French red wine.
So much food! Even though it all tasted very good I decided to not finish all of it to leave some room for the food to come.
Next was a choice between soup or salad, I went for the salad, and after that the main course where I chose the chicken.
At this point I was starting to feel very full and it was only with some struggle that I managed to eat most of the dessert as well, the dumpling with sorbet.
There was no way I could manage the cheese on top of that, even though it looked so good on the trolley!

After departure: Amuse bouche and more drinks
Hors d’oeuvres, a bit of everything from the trolley
Main course
Coffee and chocolate praline

I was quite happy when the meal service was over, the food was great, but it was nice to stretch my legs a bit and leave my stomach in peace for a while.
I started playing with the seat which was very comfortable, although not the best first class seat on this trip. Since it was a daytime flight I did not attempt to get some proper sleep onboard so I can’t comment on how well you sleep in that seat, but it was very comfortable to recline halfway to watch a movie and doze off for an hour or so.
After recommendations on the internet I had booked 83A, an emergency exit window seat so plenty of legroom. The seat next to mine was also empty during the flight so plenty of space to spread out my things.

The only real drawback with the flight was the inflight entertainment system, no AVOD!
For first and business class passengers there were a few movie channels to watch, and in first class each seat also has a video player in the armrest and there are cassettes to borrow, however mine did not work very well, the picture quality was awful!
I watched some of the movies on the main movie channels though and it was fine, they had some cartoons to watch when I was too tired to watch another full movie.
I’m glad Lufthansa is installing AVOD now though in their planes.

About one and a half hour before landing the second meal was served but this time the service was much more rushed.
There was once again a trolley with lots of nice food and each passenger could choose what he/she wanted from a selection of hot and cold dishes (see the menu above).
The FA once again offered to put a bit of everything on my plate, but I declined a few things.
Linzer tart or fresh fruits were offered as dessert, and after that the table was cleared and they started to prepare the cabin for landing.

The Lufthansa first class seat
The personal video player in the armrest, and my red rose
The flight map showing we are flying over Greenland
The second meal before landing

Toronto was grey and rainy so not much to see during the approach.
The plane landed on time but we were told we had to take a bus to the terminal building, I thought that was a bit strange considering we were on a Boeing 747.
It turned out we were to arrive at the Infield terminal at Toronto Pearson airport, it is a proper terminal building with jet bridges and so on, but you need to take a bus to get to the main terminal building where customs and baggage reclaim are located. The Infield terminal was quite a trek from the main terminal so the bus ride took a few minutes.
Priority baggage worked exceptionally well though and both my suitcases tagged with the HON Circle/First class tag were already on the belt, so I was quickly on my way to downtown Toronto.

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Thanks for all the nice comments so far!!
But there is a lot more to go, I hardly haven't even started yet...

As you may already have noticed I also have a good amount of material from the flights; menus and quite a lot of photos as well.
This is something that will continue throughout the trip, so people who like photo reports will definitely not be left disappointed!!

I just need to find enough energy to type everything and upload all the pics, but give me some time and I'm sure it'll be fine,
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Great report jacob_m! Keep the writing and pictures coming. You describe and picture exactly the things that interest me!
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Great report so far! Would it be possible to have a bigger picture of all the BP's?
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This report is fantastic - keep it coming! Your FRA-YYZ report brings back great memories of my LH F trip MUC-ORD - although I didn't get to experience the FRA F terminal, the attentive service in the MUC lounge was spectacular, and of course the food on board was simply an amazing feast.

I won't be doing another F RTW for another 18 months or so - it's reports like yours that help me relive the great memories. ;-)
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