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Big DO DOs - or A Kiwi Flyer's Month of Madness

Big DO DOs - or A Kiwi Flyer's Month of Madness

Old Nov 1, 05, 7:28 am
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Caviar with the traditional garnishes (ed note - serving 1 teaspoon if that)

Herbed grouper with pesto

Loin of venison with apple and red cabbage compote

Green tea noodles served with mushroom tempura

Spicy fruit and vegetable salad

Chestnut-crusted tenderloin of beef offered with German-style gnocchi

Bread rolls, toast and butter


Pan-fried guinea fowl with port wine reduction accompanied by shiitake mushrooms, kale and mashed potatoes

Sauteed flathead lobster served with bean sauce, snow peas, tofu and rice croquettes with saffron

Papperdelle pasta in chive butter with porcini mushrooms and asparagus


International cheese - brie, reblochon, gruyere, port-salut and gorgonzola cheese

Cheese strudel with passion fruit coulis

Chocolate brownie

Coffee, cappuccino, espresso and tea

Specialty dessert wines


Jacobs coffee



Latte macchiato

Tea specialties of tea gschendner

Darjeeling tea

Ceylon tea

Gunpowder (no not the stuff that will get you into trouble with the TSA, but rather a chinese green tea)

Rooibusch vanille

Ayurveda tea "kraft"



"D" de Devaux Brut, Champagne Veuve Devaux, France

1996 Cuvee Grand Siecle, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, France


2004 Westhofener Bergkloster Siegerrebe Beerenauslese, Weingut Neef-Emmich, Germany


2004 Keltic Terre, Pinot Blanc Spatlese trocken, Krug'scher Hot, Germany

2002 California Chardonnay, De Loach, USA

2004 Aphrodine Petite Arvine, AOC Valais, Albert Mathier et Fils, Switzerland


2000 Il Langobardo Rosso, Provincia di Pavia IGT, Cantine di Casteggio, Italy

1999 Chateau Bouscaut, Cru Classe, Pessac-Leognan, France

2001 Cochagua Valley Carmenere Reserva, Casa Silva, Chile


1994 Alter Yuger Etter Kirsch


La Ina Sherry

Lufthansa Cocktail

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Old No 7

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Glenfiddich Single Malt, Special Reserve 12 Years Old

Smirnoff Red Vodka

Bombaz Sapphire Distilled London Dry Gin

Cognac Lheraud Cuvee 30

Calvados Coeur de Lion VSOP

Fernet Branca


Schladerer Williams Birne

Etter Quitte, 41% Vol


Baileys Irish Cram

Niepoort Portwein LBV 2000



Apple juice

Tomato juice

Orange juice


Coca-cola, coca-cola light, sprite

Kinley tonic water, Kinley bitter lemon, Kinley ginger ale


Warsteiner Pils

Clausthaler, non-alcoholic


No breakfast menu. From my unreliable memory - muesli and cereal options, toast, criossant, muffin, fruit, tea, coffee, juice, eggs.

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Old Nov 1, 05, 8:05 am
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On arrival at Frankfurt I walked from the end of pier B to end of C, to meet GoingAway off her United flight which arrived minutes after mine. Then we headed through immigration to the first lounge near our departure gate in A. Just had enough time for a shower and a juice before flight shows as boarding. Shame didnt have longer in this new lounge, which is very nice despite lacking computer terminals (has wireless).

As it turns out we ended up waiting at the gate for a while as they're in no hurry to board with air traffic delays and also waiting for 20 more connecting passengers. We take off a little late. For this leg we are flying in business class on a (fairly full) Lufthansa A320.

Since we'd arrived in Frankfurt a fog has settled in, but it is only a shallow layer and soon we're through it and the dawn sun is reflected on the fog top. The flight path takes us just west of the Alps. Breakfast is quite nice.

Several Boo Doo Two'ers were due to arrive at around the same time so we'd arrange to share cabs. Flight delays and some misunderstandings of where we were to meet caused chaos but eventually we met up (well most of us) and shared 2 cabs to our hotel.

Once I'd checked in I set off for a long walk, figuring to collect a ticket for a couple days' time and also to tire myself out so I can siesta before revelries tonight. Being in Spain, and also an infamous Barcelona do, I didnt expect much sleep while here.

I wont go into too much details (to protect the guilty), but the 2 days and nights at Barcelona were a blast - great food, fantastic company, lots of drinking and no sleep. Days were warm and filled with walks. Nights, well lets just say you can see some of the evidence in the Boo Doo thread.

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Old Nov 1, 05, 8:44 am
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For those keeping track, here is a map of my itinerary so far. 33129 flown miles, 19 flights, 6 airlines, 5 countries and 1 dependency, 120 miles by bus & unknown amount by taxi, and 1 satay

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Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer
..., and 1 satay
Are you sure you did not nibble more satay in SKL? Or you are too occupied with the Dom?
Your observation about LH F seat, when seat mate move you feel the whole seat move, is precisely on the dot. Fortunately enough for me this year, all my LH F without seat mate... I share your pain for the slow service before the main course. The funny thing is that according the FA I talked to for that SIN-FRA segment, she said many Germans prefer to have a very long appetizer service before the main course. And that's why the portion of the main course is a bit smaller than years before.
I am glad you like the new F Lounge at Terminal A - Schengen section. Rubber duckies waiting for you there?
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Old Nov 3, 05, 2:32 am
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Arriving back at the hotel just a few hours before I needed to head out, and worried about oversleeping even a wake up call (yes its happened before) I decided to stay up.

So it was a woozy Kiwi Flyer who met up with myefre at the bus station for the ride to Andorra, a tiny country nestled in the middle of the Pyrennes between France and Spain. The ride was comfortable with nice mountain scenery all the way (incl Montserrat). Several tolls and fairly heavy traffic - slow moving in places where major road works taking place. Took over 3 hours to Andorra La Vella, the main town.

Andorra La Vella is spread out over several miles along a narrow steep-sided valley. Space is at a premium and so in places the road is above the river. There's a lot of construction building new houses and hotels ever further up the mountains. The main part of town consists of a few windy roads lined with duty free shops and hotels and little else.

Its a short 10 minute walk from the bus station to the hotel. Once checked in, and after a few goes manage to get a key card that works, we spend a few hours exploring pretty much every street in the central part of town.

I was surprised at how many cars were cruising the streets (given both the small distances to get anywhere and also the complete lack of on-street parking).

That night the severe lack of sleep the past couple of weeks finally caught up and I crashed. Woke up refreshed and to a cooler morning that was trying to drizzle. Have a leisurely start to the day and then catch the bus back to Barcelona. Traffic was very heavy and we took more than an hour to travel less than 10 miles to Spain. However, once in the lower part of the valley (several miles past the border) the traffic is again freely moving. Indeed heavy traffic is factored into the schedule and we make it back to Barcelona slightly early.
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Since I arrived at the airport early and had allowed for lengthy traffic delays, I found myself with several hours to spare until my flight. Decided to queue for check-in anyway (not much to do landside) and noticed an earlier flight. Woohoo I'm in luck changed to the earlier flight which leaves in 20 minutes. Straight from security and to the gate - no time for a lounge visit (but I'd read and heard it is not too good so not missing much). The priority boarding is being universally ignored by passengers and gate staff alike. This A329 flight is less than half full so really no need to priority boarding.

Offered a newspaper but no pre-departure drink. Once in the air there's a nice light meal (chicken and salad, plus dessert sweet). A couple of tv shows play on the screen but as there's no headsets cannot listen. The flight is about 1 1/2 hours long.

At Rome we have a long walk to luggage claim, and then a further 10 minute walk past all the carpark garages to the airport Hilton. Check in is very slow due to not enough staff on the desks at a busy time of day. Get a nice upgrade plus complimentary water, bottle of bubbly and large plate of strawberries. I checked out the lounge. Very nice spread of food and drink. Internet is an eye-watering 5.25 euros for 15 minutes.

The current schedule of the hotel shuttle into Rome (Via Del Teatro Marcello) is every 2 hours between 8am and 10pm with the return every 2 hours between 9am and 11pm.
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Another day, another early start. Nope its not groundhog day but sometimes I do wonder. Anyway check out early and walk across to the airport to check in for one of the first flights of the day. Get all my boarding passes, saving hassle later in the day.

At security there is a very attractive woman manning my line. I notice a lot of passengers, both men and women, do not take off the jackets - thus ensuring a pat down. Funny how the other lines manned by men nearly everyone takes off their jacket

There's no lounge access as the contract lounge doesnt open early enough. The shops are also all shut at this hour. Never mind I only want a coffee and we board soon anyway.

The Swiss flight has a (watered down) priority boarding - business class and elite pax can board at any time rather than waiting for their row to be called. However, as with Iberia this is ignored and not enforced.

The flight is on a A319 and is 3/4 full. A pre-departure juice or water is offered, but the newspapers on offer are all yesterday's. The November 2005 Swiss magazine has a front cover image familiar to Boo Doo Two'ers - the phallic La Torre Agbar.

Along the route there is cloud the whole way so no view of the alps. When we reach Zurich we fly back and forth 4 times landing on the 5th pass. No reason is given for this odd (to me at least) flightpath.

Swiss served the breakfast in several goes rather than all at once on a tray. Ie FA passes out moist towelette, drinks, then passes out pastry, then yoghurt, then pastry again, then drink again. Chocoholics would enjoy the heavenly piece of chocolate more than the fairly ordinary mini bar of chocolate.

We arrive at Zurich at the end gate of pier A. Walk down the pier to the main part of the terminal where the Swiss lounge is at. Lounge is very nice. Have just enough time to check email before heading back to the end of the pier to the gate next door to our arrival one. Each section of 10 "A" gates has its own security check but it is all connected airside - ie once clear security in one section you can walk to any of the other sections without needing to reclear security. This means can choose to clear security where queues fairly small (hopefully).

At the gate am made to check on of my bags due to "lack of overhead bin space on the small aircraft". Once onboard the A322 I see the aircraft is less than 3/4 full and there was plenty of room for both of my carry-ons.

The service is the same as the previous flight, although there is now today's newspapers on board and the food offering is a mid-morning one (I presume) despite the early time. Choice of roll - beef, cheese, vegetable. Fruit selection. No individual chocolate but again mini bar.

The flight path takes us back in the direction of Rome, before turning over the northern Italy plain to cross the maritime alps near Monaco. The weather has improved since the previous flight - can see the alps sticking up above the cload cover and the maritime alps are almost cloud free. We approach Nice airport from the south which means a sharp right hand turn at about 200m altitude to line up the runway to land. Both sides of the aircraft had great views of the coast and mountains. We have a bus gate.
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Clear immigration fairly quickly despite having to fill in a form for the first time in a couple of weeks. The bag arrives on baggage claim after a few minutes and I walk out in the nice warm day in the neighbouring part of Nice. There's just a hint of a breeze wafting the fragrance of the last of the autumn flowers. As the day heats up some clouds build up, but, as I find out on the next flight, this is mainly along the coastline.

Since I have the onward boarding passes I can linger outside until the last minute. Its the same aircraft (different crew which surprised me) for the return so bus gate again. This flight is very empty with only 20 passengers. Service is the same as inbound flight.

Immediately after take off we turn right over the sea and do a big loop before crossing the airport and flying along the western arm of the alps. Great views of the peaks and valleys, glaciers and lakes of central alps. We fly straight in to Zurich so flight time is short (just under an hour).

Enough time for another lounge visit then head out to end gate for the flight back to Rome. This time there's a big queue at security and so nearly everyone is onboard already and walk straight onto aircraft. This flight on the A320 is almost full. Apparently one of the passengers is a celebrity or vip as she is met at the arrival gate by half a dozen officials and a very large bouquet of flowers. We arrive at terminal C so have a short ride on the sky train to immigration, where the officer seems surprised to have a non-EU passenger whose passport he needs to stamp. Very quickly through though.
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For those keeping track, here is a flight map of my itinerary so far. 35060 flown miles, 24 flights, 8 airlines, 9 countries and 1 dependency, 350 miles by bus & unknown amount by taxi, and 1 satay

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The ride into the city was fairly quick, as was check in at the Hilton Rome Cavalieri - a great use of a couple of free night vouchers earned during a promo earlier this year.

Get a Rome view exec suite - wow. There´s a welcome bottle of bubbly and daily fruit platter. Along with the lounge access is included 15 minutes free internet (thats for the whole stay, not per night or per time logged on). Again the charged rate for internet is rather steep.

Before coming here I'd read some of the many threads on this hotel and was worried it had been overhyped, but have to agree it is pretty good.

The city shuttle timetable has changed since the most recent one I saw posted. Now goes hourly from 8:30am to 12:30pm then a 3 hour break before hourly again from 3:30pm to 7:30pm. The return from Piazza Barberini is half an hour later.

I feel like I need to walk to burn off some calories - and so walk everywhere in Rome. The main sights are easily walkable with shuttle drop off point roughly in the middle of them. From the hotel to Vatican is about 30 minutes - slightly more return with the hotel being at the top of the hill. From the hotel to say parliament on the east side of Tiber River is about an hour.

The early morning walk is pleasantly cool with a light mist, but this soon burns off to another warm day. Traffic fumes are bad on the busier roads.

Spend all day walking the sights as far as Palatine and Circus Massimo. Manage to time it just right to be at St Peter´s when Pope Benedict does a tour of the huge crowd on a popemobile before giving service commemorating All Saints Day. The huge piazza is about 3/4 full of people - quite a crowd. Despite being only a metre from barrier to the path where his holiness drove around, I was glad to be tall. Anyone not tall or standing on shoulders had to rely on the many large tv screens to see.

Afterwards join a very long queue for Sistine Chapel and Vatican museums. Takes about 2 hours to enter - but definitely worth it.
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer
Afterwards join a very long queue for Sistine Chapel and Vatican museums. Takes about 2 hours to enter - but definitely worth it.
No preferred *Gold Checkin there?
too bad...

Thanks for your reports... Enjoy your travels! Rome is great!
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I really enjoyed Rome and would like to return with a bit more time. What an information overload though. Literally hundreds of interesting buildings, sculptures, streets and piazzas; all in a small area.

I found the main sights to be well signposted from several blocks away with a sign on every second corner or so. Less well known sights are not so well signposted, but it is fun turning a corner to find something historical or beautiful off the main path.

So back to Barcelona for an overnight stop. At Rome airport, Iberia uses a contract lounge iMosaici. Not great but much better than Lufthansa which just gives a 10 euro credit to use at the cafe opposite the lounges. iMosaici has a modest sized selection of drinks served at a bar (ie not self serve) but limited snacks. 2 computers, but need to hand over passport to use them. The lounge has a nice view over the tarmac.

The flight to Barcelona was uneventful, same aircraft, service, etc as the Iberia flight to Rome. On arrival we have a very long taxi to a bus gate, which means a late arrival. No bags to pick up so straight to train where I just miss one. So by the time get into Sants Estacion the remaining time for free transfer to metro is running out.

This time I stay at the new Hilton Diagonal Del Mar. It is beside the fairly new Forum. Get upgraded to a corner executive room ^ with great views over the forum and out to sea as well as up the Avenida Diagonal to Torre Agbar and Sagrada Familia with the mountains as backdrop. Stunning. Even the bath has a window at just the right height to look over the city.

In the lounge grab a snack and several Belgian beers before heading out. Several hours later its groundhog day. Any night in Barcelona with no sleep and an early journey out. So no sleep but just enough time to freshen up and repack before out to catch one of the first flights of the day.

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I TO I - ITALY TO ISRAEL continued

Unlike the Sliken Diagonal the cab arrives very quickly - it should as there is a rank right outside the hotel. I forgot to mention the complimentary cava, chocolate and fruit ^ from the Hilton Diagonal Del Mar.

At this early hour the drive to the airport is quick. Manage to get boarding passes for both of today's flights, then through security. Airside, nothing is open yet but within a few minutes a few shops open as does the Spanair lounge.

The lounge is okay but not great. Has a computer so I check emails while having an espresso. Soon its time to board. Despite again flying past the alps there are no views due to heavy cloud the whole way. A nice breakfast is served.

At Frankfurt we get a bus gate. Being a full A321 it takes a long time to deplane and I start getting nervous. I have a tight connection of an hour and there is a long walk to the far end of the terminal ahead of me, plus the extra security checks that are a fact of life for Israel flights. Already it is later than the boarding time and I havent even entered the terminal yet.

As the bus pulls up to the doors I bolt and run up the stairs and along some passages to the security check point between A & C parts of the terminal. There I am further held up as the 2 passengers in front of me both have something suspicious showing in the xray and made to open bags. My pleas of a tight connection are ignored. One security person makes me test if carry-ons are small enough by putting through the metal carry-on template. Phew dont need to check them.

Eventually through security and then passport control, and by now it is about 20 minutes to scheduled departure, so again run through the corridors to the second security check for flights to Israel. Once through I enter the crowded departure lounge - boarding has not started yet. Meet up with ozstamps, punki and hunki[/b].

Shortly afterwards we board. Departure is late but the flight time is short, so we arrive only a few minutes late. After running so far the pre-departure drinks go down well! Lunch was nice enough but again a very slow service taking 2 1/2 hours from start to finish - or most of the flight.
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How did you convince them to let you out of the asylum for a month, Kiwi Flyer? Cause you'd have to be certifiable to attempt an itinerary like yours. Glad to see you managed to snatch a few minutes here and there that weren't onboard aircraft!
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See the TLV Do thread for some of the activities.

Stayed at Hilton Tel Aviv. Security check-point before entering hotel. The key card wallet, stationary, etc all promoting 40th anniversary of the hotel, and sadly it looks real tired and showing its age. No room upgrade this time, but did get complimentary half bottle of cab sav, chocolates and large fruit platter.

After I was out the first night I noticed they had completely cleaned and tidied the room at the same time as turning down the bed.

There are 2 lounges - one for exec floors and one for HHonors Gold & Diamond. I only saw the latter and fairly small and basic. 3 small rooms (open "doors" between them), 1 of which is smoking. Some nibbles and drinks in the evening. Local newspaper only. A tv. I decided to have breakfast in the main restaurant which has a much bigger selection, more space and is not as smoky.

Opposite the hotel an apartment building has an exoskeleton reminiscent of some of Gaudi's works in Barcelona.

There's a nice constant sea breeze, so even though temperature is low to mid 20s C it is comfortable.

Do lots of walking, both organised as part of the Do and in free time.

Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum, was a bit overwhelming. The Garden of Gethasemane was nice and peaceful (amazing how thick the trunks of the ancient olive trees). The bazaar reminded me of the grand bazaar in Istanbul, only on a slope and less claustrophobic. Walked lots (some of it unintentionally - see the do thread) around the jewish and christian quarters of the old city. We visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the early evening darkness (and its very dark inside) - lots of very significant artifacts and thus very crowded. By contrast the Western Wall was floodlight and kind of eerie with all the fences around the plaza and the 2 mosques looking down on the plaza behind the walls.

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