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New Year in Oman - PremiAir, Oman Air F, Al Bustan Palace, W Muscat

New Year in Oman - PremiAir, Oman Air F, Al Bustan Palace, W Muscat

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New Year in Oman - PremiAir, Oman Air F, Al Bustan Palace, W Muscat

Following my Easter trip in Oman Air First (WY F x 4 - a game of two halves), I couldn't help but feel I should give WY First another try. New Year seemed to be the perfect time to escape rainy London and get some winter sun, so I decided to book the following:

- Oman Air J MAN-MCT (including the PremiAir private terminal)
- 2 nights at Al Bustan Palace
- NYE at W Muscat
- Oman Air F MCT-LHR

Given the lack of coverage of Oman Air and the fact that no one seems to have covered PremiAir on FlyerTalk yet either, here's a quick trip report!

Spoiler Alert: EK new F is still my favourite, but Oman Air may have the world's classiest first...

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PremiAir Ground Experience

It would be fair to say anyone who has used Manchester Airport in the last 10 years isn't going to confuse it with SIN. However, the recent opening of PremiAir has completely transformed the MAN premium departure experience, going from one of the worst in the UK to one of the best anywhere. WY departs from Terminal 2 at MAN and uses a rather mediocre third-party lounge (Aspire), so this seemed like the perfect time to revisit PremiAir.

The PremiAir terminal sits on the opposite side of the airfield to the main Terminals down a small country lane, when you see the barrier, you're there.

The PremiAir terminal

Shortly after arriving a friendly member of staff came out to greet me and offered to help with my luggage. PremiAir requires you to download a mobile boarding pass in advance so that you can bypass the main terminals, it was checked along with my passport and I was shown through into the lounge whilst they processed my hold luggage.

PremiAir lounge

Just myself and a couple heading to Barcelona who were taken to their flight not long after I arrived, leaving me the entire lounge. After sitting down I was offered a menu, impressively, the food choices have already changed since my last visit earlier in the month.

PremiAir menu

The food is a little bit higher quality that your typical airport lounge, the service is spectacular and (until everyone else discovers it) it's a wonderfully peaceful experience!

Lamb tagine and Vietnamese noodle salad

As I was finishing eating, a different member of staff returned with a release form for my luggage and I then enjoyed 45 minutes of peace and quiet.

More champagne, snacks and tea

Not long to go now, just time to admire the Christmas tree before we head through the private security screening channel.

PremiAir Christmas decorations

The terminal overlooks the runway and so has great views that get even better once you're outside.

Arriving Oman Air flight from PremiAir terminal (taken on previous visit!)

To get to the flight, you are driven across the airfield in a very comfy BMW 7 Series.

Drive to the flight


Unlike my last experience on BA where we stopped at the centre of the terminal and walked through Duty Free to the gate, we were able to park up right next to WY106 and I was walked up into the terminal to the boarding gate.

WY106 being loaded

Heading to the gate for WY106 (PremiAir car parked below)

Unfortunately the boarding process was running slightly behind so they still hadn't started boarding when I arrived, but that gave me time to make a quick dash to Duty Free. Before long, J class boarding was called and I was heading down the airbridge.
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WY106 (MAN-MCT) Business - 20.05 28th December

Boarding started late and continued until after the scheduled departure time, but I was prepared for this as WY106 seems to typically leave slightly late. Manchester gets Oman Air's latest Dreamliner product and today's flight was operated by WY's 30J 789, which has a main J cabin of 4 rows and then a single row mini-cabin in front of Y. I boarded and settled into 14A at the back of the main J cabin. It's a full flight in J today.

Oman Air Apex Suite

Qsuites is an exceptional business class product, but to my tastes the window seats in 6-across Apex Suites are actually the world's best business class seat. As much privacy as Qsuites after takeoff, but with a larger sleeping area and more space for your feet. The window seats are so long that the 17-inch screen looks tiny as it's further away than it would be in all but the longest first class seats.

Bedding was waiting on the seat. Shortly after I boarded the crew came around with pajamas (unfortunately only large size loaded today so I declined) and the amenity kit.

WY J amenity kit

Pre-departure drinks were peach & apricot smoothie (one of the best things about WY) or orange juice served on a tray, with Laurent Perrier champagne available on request. This was accompanied by a choice of hot or cold towel. Once doors were closed this was followed by the usual service of dates and Omani coffee. We left about 30 minutes late and before long we were in the air. Post-departure drinks were served with the usual tasty WY smoked nuts.

After takeoff drinks

As usual, a lot of effort had gone into designing the Oman Air dinner menu.


Menu (continued)

The service is technically dine on demand but on an overnight flight of this length everyone chose to eat after takeoff anyway, as usual.

Amuse bouche

Arabic mezze

Cream of celeriac soup

Parmesan- and pistachio-crusted salmon

Ice cream and karak tea

I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of catering from what is a relatively minor outstation for WY and the presentation was great as always. The only issue was the speed of service, sitting at the back of the full cabin I had only received my amuse bouche over two hours into the flight and the entire meal service took well over three hours to complete. This meant there were only a couple of hours without clanking of cutlery before it all began again when passengers started eating the 'refreshments' course before landing. My bed was made up and I dozed through almost until landing.

Oman Air bedding

Spacious and private suite

Time to quickly change back out of my (own) PJs before landing, the centre washroom is the most spacious and featured the usual pretty orchid.

Business class washroom

We made a quick loop over the Omani coast before descending over Muscat at sunrise towards the airport.

Sunrise over Muscat

Before long we had landed and a quick taxi towards a contact gate followed. Y was held back whilst J deplaned.

Overall, a very high quality business class experience with friendly service and very good catering, I just wish the meal service on an overnight flight could have been a little quicker!

The majority of passengers on the flight were connecting, so I headed for the immigration area alone where there was a short queue at the Fast Track. Baggage began to be delivered about 5 minutes after I arrived at the belt and my suitcase was one of the first out, so I headed through customs and towards the new Oman Air Arrivals Lounge.

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WY Arrivals Lounge, MCT

Oman Air recently opened an arrivals lounge as part of the new Muscat International Airport, which is a nice touch for an airport and airline of the size of WY and gives an insight into WY's level of attention to detail.

The lounge is hidden away on the upper level of the arrivals hall.

Arrivals Lounge entrance

I handed my boarding pass over to the staff behind the desk, who scanned it and warmly welcomed me into the lounge. I arrived at around 8am which should have been peak time for an arrivals lounge, but there was only one couple in the lounge when I arrived who were finishing up their breakfast. They left shortly afterwards and I then had the lounge to myself until I left.

Oman Air Arrivals Lounge

The lounge itself isn't huge and you can see almost the entire space in the above photo, but it is comfortable and, given how quiet it was, it's more than big enough. The lounge is split up into a main dining area, a smaller seating area and a small business centre with a couple of iMacs.

Time to grab a shower after my overnight flight. Whilst this isn't a lounge with rows and rows of showers, fortunately there was no one using the single gentleman's shower room and I was able to walk straight in. The shower room is a good size, has all the toiletries you'd expect and the water pressure is good. There is no loo / sink in the shower suite, so you have to go back out into the main bathrooms for that. Ventilation was also not spectacular, but I've yet to use a Middle Eastern airport where the shower room doesn't feel like the temperature is set 5-10 degrees too high!

Arrivals lounge shower

Feeling refreshed, I grabbed a quick snack and a cappuccino whilst waiting for the hotel car to arrive. The food quality was decent enough but not a particularly extensive spread. The service was very attentive, as you'd expect in a lounge where you're the only guest!

Arrivals Lounge breakfast buffet

Arrivals Lounge business centre

Overall then, this is a helpful place to shower and possibly chill out with a coffee after a flight, but I wouldn't deliberately skip breakfast on the flight or miss a hotel buffet to eat in the arrivals lounge.

Before long, I said goodbye to the staff and headed downstairs to meet the driver who would take me to Al Bustan Palace.
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Al Bustan Palace, Muscat

Al Bustan Palace offers several different types of hotel car and I had arranged to be picked up in one of the 'luxury' vehicles. The driver was already waiting in the arrivals hall with a board with my name on it. The car was a reasonably recent BMW 7 Series, but if I'm being super picky I would say this was one of the parts of the Al Bustan Palace experience that didn't quite reach the level of high-end luxury hotel. For example, whilst the car had bottled water and a couple of magazines, it was missing a lot of things I've come to expect when you book a luxury hotel car service - no WiFi, no cold towels, no window blinds in the back. This was the peak travel period between Christmas and New Year and, based on the hotel room service menu for the Kempinski in the back, I think the car had actually been borrowed from another hotel so this might have not be representative of the car you'd get at other times of year.

Hotel car service

The hotel is a little over 30 minutes drive from MCT so before long we were passing through the grand entrance gates and pulling into the grounds of Al Bustan Palace. The hotel makes a great first impression given it's location and the wonderful landscaping around it. Things get even more stunning when you enter the hotel and are faced with the beautifully detailed 125 ft high ceiling in the lobby.

Hotel lobby

I had booked the standard Deluxe Mountain View Room and was given a small upgrade at check in to a Deluxe Pool View Room. This seemed reasonable given I was checking in at around 10am and the hotel was almost sold out. I thought I'd politely check anyway if there were any other rooms available the following night and was told I could move the following day to an Executive Sea View Suite if I wanted, which I gladly accepted. I was shown to the room and not long after that my luggage was delivered.

The room I was given was recently refurbished and on the second floor overlooking the gardens, overall it was a very nice room with high quality furnishings and all the luxuries you'd expect. There was a small welcome fruit plate in the room along with a small box of chocolates, but no personal welcome letter.

Deluxe Pool View Room

The room itself wasn't huge, but the bathroom was a very good size (the choice of marble made it fairly dark). The bathroom had a single sink, a walk-in shower and a separate bath. There is also an electronic privacy glass panel separating the bathroom from the bedroom.

Deluxe Pool View Room bathroom

Outside was a small balcony overlooking the gardens and one of the two 'lagoon pools'. The lagoon pools were very quiet and I'm not sure if I saw anyone use them during my stay.

Deluxe Pool View Room balcony

Deluxe Pool View Room view

The main hotel pool is huge and seemed to be the preferred place to hang out.

Main hotel pool

The main pool is directly adjacent to the beach on one end and the hotel restaurant used for breakfast on the other.

View of beach from the main pool

The hotel is set in several acres of spectacular and well kept gardens, as well as being surrounded by hills on all sides, which makes for a dramatic setting.

Hotel grounds

The hotel has a private beach which is very large and secluded, probably the nicest hotel beach (and overall setting) I've seen in the Middle East.

View of beach from Beach Pavilion restaurant

View towards hotel from private beach

The hotel also does a great job of creating a nice atmosphere on an evening, although I was surprised to find that the pool bar closed at 7pm every day.

Main hotel pool at night

The room move on the second day was done mid-afternoon. The suite was located on the 7th floor which seems to be entirely made up of suites and, whilst the suite hadn't been refurbished, the view alone was worth the move.

Entrance to Executive Sea View Suite

View from Executive Sea View Suite

The suite consisted of a sitting room, a bedroom, two separate walk-in wardrobes and a large bathroom suite spread across two separate rooms.

Executive Sea View Suite sitting room

The welcome amenity was a much larger fruit platter and some Marriott Bonvoy-themed coconut chocolates.

Welcome amenity

Executive Sea View Suite walk-in wardrobe

Executive Sea View Suite bathroom

Executive Sea View Suite bedroom

Executive Sea View Suite bathroom

Outside was a large balcony with a great view over the resort and surrounding hills.

View from balcony of Executive Sea View Suite

I made the most of the balcony by opting for some sunset drinks. For a room that was selling for over $2,000 a night during my stay I have to say the minibar selection was a bit limited (no champagne, mid-range spirits and fairly cheap wines) but the view more than made up for it.

Balcony of Executive Sea View Suite

Sunset from balcony

I ate at three of the hotel's five restaurants during my stay, in addition to having breakfast in the main restaurant on one morning. Overall the quality of food was pretty high. The best food I ate was probably at the Beach Pavilion restaurant which does grilled seafood and meats, including some local Omani dishes which was nice to see. Food and drinks prices aren't cheap, but that seems to be the case everywhere in Oman! Wine in particular is almost offensively expensive at the hotel with prices on par with or even above what you'd pay for the same bottle in expensive Central London restaurants. For some reason cocktails and spirits were slightly more reasonable (cocktails are generally around $15) so I was happy to stick to them. The breakfast buffet was high quality and service was very good, but the selection on offer wasn't the kind of huge spread you'd find in an equivalent hotel in Dubai or Bangkok. I also tried room service breakfast on the second day which was delivered quickly and tasted very good.

Room service breakfast

Overall then, I was pretty happy with my stay. It wasn't perfect, but the setting is beautiful and the service was mostly very good. There were a couple of minor slip ups here and there (a couple of messed up drinks orders in restaurants, bit of a fight to get a late check out when 4pm should be guaranteed through Bonvoy status) but overall this is a solid 5 star hotel and I'd go back.

After checking out, I took a taxi across town to the newly opened W Muscat and was keen to see how it compared.
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W Muscat

The new W Muscat opened a few months ago and is located centrally in Muscat, being on the waterfront opposite the very impressive Royal Opera House. The drive took around 20 minutes and the hotel is set in much smaller grounds than Al Bustan Palace but does still have some greenery around it. The lobby here is slightly less grand, but I would say the check in experience was probably more friendly. As I was checking in on New Year's Eve the hotel was almost completely sold out so no upgrade this time.

The hotel building is an L-shape and sits around a very large pool designed for chilling out.

W Muscat exterior

I was allocated what I think was a standard Wonderful Room on the 2nd floor. The decor is probably best described as 'eclectic modern', it all looks a bit chaotic in the photos below but the effect is much more impressive in person and the quality of the finish is very high. Both hotels have standard rooms of almost identical sizes but the room here felt quite a bit more spacious and certainly made better use of space than the standard room at Al Bustan Palace.

Wonderful Room

The bathroom was also a good size, with a deep tub and a very large separate walk-in shower. There is a retractable wooden panel that separates the bathroom from the bedroom or allows it to be one large, open space. The towels and linens were the standard high quality W linens and the hotel is still currently using Bliss toiletries which I understand are now gradually being phased out at Ws.

Wonderful Room bathroom

Wonderful Room walk-in shower

Outside was a fairly sizable balcony with a partial sea view. Given the way the hotel is oriented, I think almost all (possibly all) of the guest rooms will have a view of the sea.

Wonderful Room balcony

Service at the W was extremely good, on average possibly better than Al Bustan Palace. For example, both Al Bustan Palace and the W had reached out ahead of my stay with the standard email to ask if I had any special requests or there was anything they could arrange to make the stay more comfortable. I responded to both hotels to stay I had no special requests other than making sure sparkling water was provided in my room - despite acknowledging this, Al Bustan Palace completely ignored this request (with no sparkling water in the minibar either) whereas the W provided me with two large complementary glass bottles of Badoit even though this was already provided in the minibar.

The W doesn't have Al Bustan Palace's setting but is in a much more convenient location and clearly is considered more of a hang out place by Muscat locals. The pool is the centerpiece of the W grounds, with lots of day beds and chill out areas around it. With the hotel at full capacity it was fairly busy all day but never felt really crowded.

W pool

W pool at sunset

W pool at sunset

Breakfast was pretty good here, but similar to Al Bustan Palace the spread is a lot smaller than you'd find at other W hotels in Asia and the Middle East. Before I knew it, it was time to check out the following day (helped by a lot of New Year's Eve alcohol consumption...)

Whilst this was a different kind of hotel to Al Bustan Palace, they are both very strong hotels offering a very different proposition. I am generally a big fan of the newer, more luxurious W hotels that are springing up across Asia and the Middle East and this hotel did little to change my mind!

I had booked the hotel car service back to the airport, which was a BMW 5 Series this time. This time it did have WiFi but no water, you can't have it all I guess! The pricing of this felt very high (at the same price Al Bustan Palace charges for a drive of twice the distance), so my recommendation would probably be to just take a taxi instead if you can.
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MCT ground experience

One of the parts of this trip I was most looking forward to was the Oman Air First lounge, having been extremely impressed with it earlier in the year. Unfortunately, I woke up to a surprise I didn't really want on New Year's Day morning when I checked my emails to find that I'd been issued a new ticket for my return flight that afternoon in J instead of F. I logged on to ExpertFlyer to check what was going on and it confirmed exactly what I feared - the flight was now scheduled to be operated by a 789 without F. Oman Air is a relatively small airline and they only have 2 789s equipped with First which are used for the two daily flights to LHR. There is therefore clearly a risk that if you are in F to LHR and your scheduled plane goes tech there will not be a replacement frame available.

I took the hotel car from the W and arrived at MCT about 2 hours 45 minutes before my scheduled departure time. Oman Air have done a very good job of setting up the premium departure experience at MCT - the best way I can describe it is like DOH, but in miniature. On pulling up outside, a porter immediately approached the car to ask if I was flying in J and then put all my luggage on a trolley before walking me to the check-in area. WY have a nice, segregated premium check-in area for F and J (as well as an adjacent generic 'premium' check in area for all other airlines).

Oman Air Muscat Premium Check-In

I approached the single First Class desk and explained what had happened. After some typing, the agent helping me made a phone call before confirming to me that yes, unfortunately there was a technical issue with the plane and they were substituting in a 789 without First. My bags were tagged and I was told to take a seat whilst the agent went off to the nearby service desk to ask them to calculate the refund I was due for the downgrade. Unfortunately, this wasn't a short process and after 30 minutes I was still sat waiting for the letter. In the meantime, I managed a small victory by getting Oman Air to agree that I could use the First lounge anyway.

My suitcase waiting to be sent through

After almost 40 minutes I was finally presented with some documentation to read and sign. Literally just as I was given a pen, the check-in agent received a phone call - they had fixed the plane and they would be able to reinstate First. Hurray! After several further phone calls it became apparent that doing this was going to take some time, so I was give a J class boarding pass and told to go through to the lounge where someone would bring me a new boarding pass when available. The premium check in area feeds directly into a separate premium security channel and as there was no queue I was standing outside the lounge within 5 minutes.

Oman Air Muscat lounge entrance

I was greeted by the staff on the reception desk and, as the check-in had called ahead, was allowed in to the First class lounge despite my J boarding pass (Oman Air's First lounge is normally strictly for departing First Class passengers only). The lounge was empty when I entered and I was again the only passenger.

Oman Air's First Lounge doesn't have the grandeur of EK/QR's equivalent lounges and some of the design choices are a bit 'bling', but I think I prefer it to both. To me it's up their with the likes of CX's The Pier as one of the nicest lounges to spend time in - lots of thought has clearly gone into the layout, all of the seating is extremely comfortable, the staff are extremely attentive and it feels cozy and very private. Before long, a barman, a lounge attendant and the chef turned up to look after me.

WY First Class Lounge Muscat

WY First Class Lounge Muscat

Time for a drink - the selection is still pretty much the same as last time which means somewhat mediocre wines but a spectacular selection of spirits, so I went straight for the whiskies again. This was served with dates and smoked / non-smoked nuts. When I indicated I'd like a couple of ice cubes in it I was instead brought an ice bucket so that I could decide how much myself - just great service.

Below is part of the drinks selection, which has both fairly standard issue mid-range drinks and some incredible super premium choices too.

WY First Class Lounge drinks selection

Before long it was time for a top-up.

Drinks top up

With about an hour to go until my flight I decided to eat and also moved on to the Hibiki 17 (very, very good, but the Balvenie is more to my taste). The food is high quality, as you'd expect.

Arabic mezze

Lamb with honey and mint sauce

Marble cheesecake and ice cream

The bathrooms are possibly the most 'bling' part of the lounge, someone really likes gold here!

Oman Air First Class Lounge bathroom

Time went by far too quickly and before long another member of staff came in to advise me that they were ready to board First Class (Oman Air boards First Class last). I could see other seats were occupied in First on the flight so as I was escorted to the nearby gate I asked if anyone else was joining me. Turns out the reason I had the lounge to myself was because the other passengers were in the VIP lounge as they were members of the Jordanian Royal Family. Another great ground experience, I'll probably be looking to transit Muscat again in the future.

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WY101 (MCT-LHR) First - 14.10 1st January

My previous MCT-LHR flight in F last year wasn't spectacular in terms of either service or catering, so I boarded this flight with fairly tempered expectations. Fortunately, I needn't have worried, as this would turn out to be an exceptional flight. Boarding was on final call when I arrived at the gate and I was handed over to the gate staff, who scanned my boarding pass before an additional at gate security check (WY do this for all MCT-LHR flights - I'm not sure about flights to elsewhere in Europe). F and J both boarded through 1L. I was warmly welcomed at the aircraft door and made my way to the cabin to find the other 3 First passengers were all already on board.

The beauty of the finishes in WY's F cabin on the 789 still hits me every time. About 30 seconds after settling in I was approached by the very friendly Filipino crew member who would be taking care of me today and offered a pre-departure drink. I chose a champagne and a sparkling water, which were served promptly with the usual bowl of smoked nuts.

Pre-departure drinks

On my previous WY F flight the champagne choice was Laurent-PerrierGrand Siècle (a nice but somewhat safe choice) or the standard Laurent-Perrier Brut from J, with no rosé on offer. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the LPGS had been rotated out for a much more interesting Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires 2004. This was not something I'd tried before, a citrussy and complex prestige cuvée. In addition, WY were also offering Billecart-Salmon Rosé in F. First big tick for soft product improvement.

Whilst the seat itself isn't the biggest, privacy is still pretty good when seated, even with the suite doors open.

View from 2A

I was handed an amenity kit and a WiFi voucher on the ground and then the service of Arabic coffee and dates followed. Before long glasses were being cleared and it was time for take off. Once in the air the seat belt signs were turned off and menus were handed out by the crew, which I much preferred to the approach I previously encountered of leaving them in the seat pocket. Tick number two for soft product improvement. A post-take off drinks order was taken at the same time and I was told to tell the crew whenever I was ready to order food. The menu comes in a very attractive leather binder.

WY F menu binder

WY101 gets lunch and then 'refreshments' service before landing, which I much prefer to the 'refreshments' then breakfast service offered on the later WY103 flight.

Oman Air F menu (page 1)

Oman Air F menu (page 2)

Oman Air F menu (page 3)

Oman Air F menu (page 4)

Having just eaten in the lounge, I chose to enjoy some drinks after takeoff and eat a few hours into the flight. They were served with some more warm nuts. I also requested some pajamas, which seem to be loaded on all WY F flights but seemingly only proactively offered on the night flights (Take note of this approach, QR!). I'm a big fan of the WY F pajamas, they are a nice colour, slim fitting, 100% cotton and very comfortable.

Oman Air F pajama set

Time for a drinks top up!

Oman Air F champagne

The seat itself is very comfortable and the privacy level once you close the doors is excellent.

Oman Air First suite

A couple of hours into the flight, I ordered my meal. I'm yet to find a more beautiful table setting in F than Oman Air's. First up, the caviar service.

Oman Air caviar service

Oman Air caviar service

As previously, it tasted great and I love the fact that WY offer beluga caviar. Even better, the metal teaspoon in my last review has been replaced by a beautiful mother of pearl spoon. Tick number three for soft product improvement.

I followed this with the soup, which had an impressive amount of flavour for something served at 38,000 feet.

Pimiento and roasted artichoke cream soup

For the main, I went for the chicken breast with saffron sauce. Again, very, very good.

Chicken breast stuffed with pimiento and dates

I was pretty full by this point but find it difficult to resist ice cream on a flight, so ordered that plus a mint tea to round the meal off. I also got to enjoy a very nice sunset somewhere over Turkey at the same time.

Sunset over Turkey

Vanilla and mango ice cream

Especially at night, Oman Air's cabin feels extremely classy, there's no in-your-face Emirates bling here. Below are some pictures of the cabin which hopefully give a feel for it and show some of the finishes.

Oman Air F cabin

Oman Air F cabin

Oman Air F cabin

I watched a film for the next few hours and wasn't really hungry as we approached LHR, so just ordered a fruit plate.

Fruit plate

There are two bathrooms for WY F at the front of the cabin, the below photo shows the large centre bathroom which is best for changing as it's about twice the size of a typical airplane bathroom.

Oman Air F bathroom

Before I knew it, we were about 40 minutes out of LHR and starting the descent. We landed pretty much bang on time and had a short taxi to a gate at Terminal 4. As previously, the airbridge was attached to 2L and J disembarked at the same time as F. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a wait for my suitcase as Oman Air seem to struggle with delivering priority luggage first at LHR - no F bags were in the first four or so crates (several of which were non-priority luggage) and it all just seems to come out in a random order.

So, what did I think? You can probably tell my overall impressions of this flight were excellent. Great service, great food, beautiful cabin. I assume not, but it almost feels a bit like someone at Oman Air read my previous review as a lot of small improvements in areas I previously highlighted as issues have already been made. This is getting closer to being my favourite F product - keep it up Oman Air!

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Wow, what a start to a flight. How private of a lounge experience, and as you said, might be one of the best out there!
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Originally Posted by lost_in_translation View Post
PremiAir Ground Experience
What is the cost of this?

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Originally Posted by wtcmor View Post
What is the cost of this?

For departure 50 GBP p.p. hand Luggage only, 100 GBP p.p. with luggage
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Nice socks!
Looking fwd to the other sections of your TR
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Originally Posted by zip10001 View Post
Nice socks!
Looking fwd to the other sections of your TR
I am glad I am not the only on who liked the socks

Can't wait for the rest, thanks for sharing ^
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Never flew WY, nor have I been to Muscat.

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Originally Posted by zip10001 View Post
Nice socks!
Rest assured, they will not be the last brightly coloured socks in the trip report
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