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American Airlines A321neo First Class/Main Cabin Extra PHX-ANC-PHX + Food/Views

American Airlines A321neo First Class/Main Cabin Extra PHX-ANC-PHX + Food/Views

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American Airlines A321neo First Class/Main Cabin Extra PHX-ANC-PHX + Food/Views

Phoenix to Anchorage in First Class:

Full Trip Report with Landing/Takeoff:

I got the opportunity to try out AA's new A321neo in first class from Phoenix to Anchorage. At this moment, it's the longest A321neo route in the network but will be taken over by PHX-Hawaii soon.

[Flight Information]
Aircraft: Airbus A321neo/A321NX
Registration: N401AN
Airline: American Airlines
Date: Late June 2019
Flight Time: 5 hours 27 minutes
From: Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX)
To: Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport (ANC)
Seat: 2A

- We had a small 45 minute delay due to a last minute aircraft swap. Our original neo(N402AN) was supposed to come from DFW but ended up having a 3 hour delay over there, presumably due to mechanical issues(or mechanics lawsuit).

- This led to our flight getting switched to the inbound MCO-PHX neo, which resulted in the small delay.

- The first class seats are arranged in a 2-2 configuration, with about 37 inches of pitch at every seat.

- As many know, AA opted for tablet holders instead of seatback IFE... I didn't really use it on this flight as I fell asleep after meal service.

- We were given a pre-departure beverage of choice.

- REALLY funny thing that kind of surprised me - when starting the safety announcement, one of the FAs announced, "Please direct your attention to the monitors for our safety video". Then a few seconds after realizing, she said to herself, "oops, I forgot we don't have TVs on this plane". Thanks AA.

- The takeoff really surprised me. The new engines are really quiet compared to the older generations. Takeoff's in the video.

- Meal service was served 30 minutes after takeoff. It started with some nuts and a hot towel.

- Meal choice was between a beef short rib or southwest pasta. I chose the rib.

- This came with a salad and some sort of egg salad. The rib was accompanied by some broccolini and mashed potatoes.

- I've had AA's short rib twice before. One on a 777-300 from JFK-LHR in J(you can check it out in the links below) and one time in AA's 787-9 in J from LAX-HND this past month(upcoming trip report for that as well).

- Out of the three, this was by far probably the BEST airplane meal I've had. The rib was outstanding and juicy. Full meal is in the video.

- After that meal was cleared, we were offered ice cream for desert. Tasted great as always.

- I noticed WiFi was free for everyone for some reason. Other passengers were able to connect without paying. This was very likely a mistake on AA's part?..

- Slept for about 3 hours, then woke up over Alaska. Amazing views of the snow-capped mountains.

- Really interesting thing that I never knew - as we went north, it got brighter. When we landed in ANC, it was already brighter than Phoenix. Our landing time was around 12:30 a.m. and it wasn't pitch-black at all.

So overall, this was an outstanding flight, given the free WiFi and amazing meal.
The seat was decently comfortable but still spacious given AA's reduction in legroom.
I personally don't support AA's move in removing IFEs, and tablet holders are only a slight upgrade from having to hold your device.

Anchorage to Phoenix in Main Cabin Extra:

This Trip Report in Main Cabin Extra from Anchorage to Phoenix with takeoff/landing is here:

[Flight Information]
Aircraft: Airbus A321neo/A321NX
Registration: N402AN
Airline: American Airlines
Date: Late June 2019
Flight Time: 5 hours 22 minutes
From: Anchorage Ted Stevens Airport (ANC)
To: Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX)
Seat: 10F

- In order to get home, we flew back to Phoenix on the neo in Main Cabin Extra to see those Oasis-style seats that everyone hates.

- AA's neo features Airbus' new overhead XL bins. You can place your luggage on its side. Amazing.

- American's A321neo has 20 First Class, 47 Main Cabin Extra. and 129 Economy Seats. 196 in total. Very tight.

- My seat, 10F, had 33 inches of pitch for a Main Cabin Extra seat. Despite having an inch less than the LAA seats found on the 737s/A321s, the legroom still felt... spacious. This was very likely due to the slimline design of the seat.

- As many know, American opted for no personal entertainment screens, and chose to install tablet holders. I didn't use them on the flight as I fell asleep after takeoff.

- We taxied quickly to runway 7L. I was seated closer to the engine on this flight than my last, and you can really hear the new engine's "ring" or buzz. Truly quiet engines.

- The seat offers a small amount of recline. The headrest is adjustable. I fell asleep quickly with the flight having a departure time of 1:00 a.m.

- I managed to get about 3 hours of sleep. When I woke up, my back was hurting. The slimline seats offer almost zero padding, and sitting in these seats especially for a long time can be uncomfortable.

- I decided to get up and check out the infamous bathrooms that are installed in American's Oasis planes, the MAX, and the neo.

- The bathroom next to row 26 is absolutely terrible for the passengers seated next to it... especially on a long red-eye flight like this.

- When opening the door, it surprised me greatly. The light was REALLY bright and disruptive.

- The bathroom was very narrow too. The sink didn't splash like the MAX and Oasis 737 though.

- I missed snack/beverage service earlier, but it was just the typical pretzels, Biscoff cookies, and drink.

- The FAs came by about an hour before landing to offer drinks.

- Shortly we began our descent and landed in sunny Phoenix.

- One final notable thing was the free WiFi on this flight... again. Was this an accident? Maybe? Twice in a row? Good luck?

Yeah... the neo is just another victim of AA's Project Oasis. Terribly hard and uncomfortable economy seats. Removal of personal entertainment screens.
I seriously feel bad for the passengers seated near the mid-cabin bathroom.
Free WiFi is an obvious plus, and AA is rumored to be introducing free WiFi...

Have any of you flown the neo and experienced similar things?
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Food/Views of Anchorage:

Ate at the F Street Station - would REALLY recommend for seafood!

Crab sandwich - absolutely delicious

Fried Oysters

Butter Clams


Downtown Anchorage

There's still snow... not sure how ANC is doing with that heat record in the past weeks.

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