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A Year-End Family Trip to Krabi with Air Asia

A Year-End Family Trip to Krabi with Air Asia

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A Year-End Family Trip to Krabi with Air Asia

On November 2018, my family (there were 10 of us including me) made a year-end family trip to Krabi, the Thai resort island which increasingly popular among Malaysian and travelers from other countries as a holiday destination. We went there for 4 days & 3 nights. Currently, the only carrier that flies between KL and Krabi is the Malaysian Air Asia (AK).


On the day of departure, the 4 of us (myself, my parents and 1 nephew) left our home at 10am to get to KLIA2 with Grab. The fare was RM100 per way (we live near the Batu Caves). We would meet later with my elder sister, her husband and their 4 kids.

Arrived in KLIA2 terminal about 1 hour later.

We met with my elder sister and her family who already arrived earlier and we proceeded to print out the boarding passes from the kiosk machine and dropped our luggage at the self drop-in counter.

Then, we passed the immigration and entered the airside. Our flight would be departing from gate P5 which requires a long walk to get there.

Managed to do a quick spotting while walking to our gate. But spotting in KLIA2 could be extremely boring as most of the planes that we could see are belongs to Air Asia.

Luckily there are so many travelators like these installed in the airside of KLIA2 terminal.

While on our to the gate, we stopped at McDonald's for a quick lunch.

Ater lunch, we continued our walk and finally we reached the Gate P5.

Waiting for aircraft to arrive and to be called for boarding.

Airline: Air Asia
Flight: AK 868
Aircraft: A320-200
Origin: Kuala Lumpur
Destination: Krabi
ETD: 1:30 PM
ETA: 1:55 PM
Seat: 21F

Finally, it was time to board the aircraft and passengers were called based on their respective zone.

The 4 of us were sitting from 21C-F while my sister and her family were sitting few rows behind our seats.

A tight leg room.

The views from window. At this time, the crew were busying counting the total passengers onboard.

Our aircraft started to pushback and the crew demonstrated the safety procedure.

Another fellow Air Asia plane.

The usual suspects in every seat pocket.

We taxied behind an Air Asia plane.

And followed by another Air Asia plane behind us.

We had to wait for quite sometime before we were cleared for takeoff. The KLIA2 terminal was clearly visible as soon as were airborne.

Ascending into higher altitude.

The seatbelt sign was turned off and 10 minutes later the 4 cabin crew pushed 2 trolley carts through the cabin. The 1st cart was filled with pre-booked meals while the 2nd cart was the usual buy-on-board meals.

We had booked the Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak which is 1 of the Air Asia's signature inflight meals.

It was my first time eating the Pak Nasser Nasi Lemak after 8 years and the taste was still tasty just like the 1st time I had it back in year 2010.

After serving the pre-booked and BYOB meals, 2 cabin crew pushed another cart through the cabin, This time, it was for the inflight sales and merchandises. Not long after, the cockpit crew announced that our aircraft started to make its descent and we will land in Krabi shortly. Cabin crew collected any remaining trash and prepared the cabin for landing.

We can clearly see the land at this level.


And touched down!

Taxied to the terminal.

Parked next to Chinese low-cost carrier, Spring Airlines.

Disembarking process was done via stairs and we took the transfer bus to the terminal.

It was a really long queue at the immigration check as this area was quite smalls and there were a lot of passengers from different airlines who arriving at the same time. To make the situation worse, only a small number of immigration counters were opened at that time. Krabi Airport seriously needs to expand this area and improve its services.

After we cleared with the immigration and collected our luggage, we went out to the arrival area where a driver from Krabi Shuttle company was waiting for us while holding my name (as I did the booking).

The exterior of Krabi International Airport terminal.

Krabi Shuttle Van which can perfectly accommodate the 10 of us.

The Krabi Shuttle took us to our accommodation, Sunda Resort which located around 30 minutes from the airport.

Welcome drink. Done be fooled by its Purple color. It was a Lime Juice actually.

The resort features a jungle-like experience.

Walking towards our rooms.

We booked 3 separate rooms which located next to each other for our family. Each room features a balcony either at the front or at the back.

Interior of the room. It comes with air-cond, satellite TV, Coffee maker, fridge and water heater in bathroom.


We didnt do many activity on the first day besides went out to Aonang Town for dinner. We went there by taking the resort's free shuttle which runs between the resort and Aonang Town multiple times daily.

Evening in Aonang Town.

We had our dinner in 1 of the many restaurants located along the shopping street there.

Tom Yum Soup.

Oyster Omelette and Stir-Fried Morning Glory.

Sea Bass.

After we got full of heavy Thai foods, we went hunting for some light Thai snacks.

Thai Pancake with no 1 flavor, Banana Nutella. A must have when you are in Thailand!

Another unique Thai dessert, the Rolled Ice-Cream.

The famous Sword Fish Statue located opposite across the street from the stall.

We continued our stroll along the street to survey some interesting tours available in the island. We dropped by in 1 stall which offered the best price where we booked an island-hopping and Elephant trekking tours that we would do on our 2nd and 3rd day respectively. After we booked the tours, we took the same free shuttle to return back to our resort.

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On the 2nd day, we did the island hopping where we booked the 4 Island Tour package. First, we had ourselves the complimentary breakfast in the resort's cafe. All the foods served here were so tasty and flavorful. Hats off to their chefs!

The breakfast buffet spread.

Around 8:30am, the transportation provided by the agency where we booked the tour arrived to pick us up to the pier. From the pier, we took this speed boat to visit all of the 4 islands.

Views along the way.

The 4 islands that we visited in this tour were Phra Nang Cave, Tup, Chicken & Poda.

Railay and Phra Nang Beaches.

The Princess Cave on Phra Nang Beach.

The cave is dedicated to an ancient fertility Goddess.

And it fulls of colorful large Phallic Lingams.

The 4th and last island that we visited in this tour was the beautiful Poda Island where we had our lunch.

Traditional wooden boats.

Toilet facility.

Our tour guide preparing the lunch for us.

The meals for our lunch were pretty simple yet still very delicious!

From Poda Island, we were sent back to the pier and concluded our island hopping tour at 3pm. We returned back to our resort to get some rest.

In the evening, we booked a van with driver to bring us to Krabi Town. We had dinner in this restaurant known as "Paknam Krabi Seafood".

This restaurant is located next to a river.

And more delicious Thai foods for us on the table.

After dinner we went to explore the Krabi Night Market to do some shopping and more food hunting.

We really cannot get tired of Thai Pancake.

My number 1 favorite flavor, the Banana Nutella.

After finished exploring the night market, we returned back to our resort and called it a day!

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Thanks for the report. Brings back good memories of KBV. Those food photos are making me hungry!
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Originally Posted by pogonation View Post
Thanks for the report. Brings back good memories of KBV. Those food photos are making me hungry!
Your welcome. The foods in Thailand (in most parts of the country) are really good!
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Looks like a great family getaway. I remember being impressed with the Air Asia meals, especially the Nasi Lemak:

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The 3rd day was the day where we did the Elephant Trekking. Before we left for the tour, we had our breakfast at the resort's cafe.

1 of the menu served in the buffet breakfast on that day was Tom Yum Soup.

The transportation from the tour company came to pick us up at 9am.

Arrived at the Elephant Trekking Center. Only 6 of our family members would be riding the Elephants while the rest decided to wait for us at a dedicated area.

We had to go up to the high platform to ride on the Elephants.

Each Elephant can only carry up to 3 persons (depending on the person's size) at 1 time.

We had to remove our shoes before riding the Elephant.

It was quite scary and unstable to be honest.

Went through the jungle.

The Elephant Trekking was lasted lasted for about 45 minutes before we were brought back to our starting point which was the high platform. We met with our 4 other family members at the waiting area and we went to 1 secluded area to watch the Baby Elephant Show. .

The Baby Elephant show was so fun and entertaining!

Cute Baby Elephant.

After the show ended, we left the Elephant Trekking Center and we asked the driver of our transport to drop us in Ao Nang Town instead of in our resort (the tour agency provided a return transfer between our resort and the Elephant Trekking Center).

In Ao Nang Town, we took a Tuk-Tuk to get us to Krabi Town and we stopped at this iconic huge Crab sculpture. We met with a local guy who offered a river cruise tour near the Crab sculpture and we decided to join it. The Tuk-Tuk driver also agreed to wait for us until we finished our tour for the return ride.

We would ride this traditional wooden boat for the river cruise.

The first place that we visited in this tour was a floating restaurant to have our lunch.

The floating restaurant.

The fish and other seafood that will be cooked for our lunch came from these cages. We were also given the opportunity to feed some of the fishes.

The view of the floating restaurant as seen from the backside.

This would be our main course later. The foods served in this floating restaurant were so good and I think they were the best out of many foods in different restaurants that we had in Krabi. Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos of the cooked meals as I was too preoccupied with eating.

After lunch, we got into the wooden boat again and continued our journey.

Our next stop was a historical cave known as " Khao Khanab Nam".

This cave is located inside 2 majestic limestone mountains of the same name.

It required some physical efforts to get into the cave. Only 5 of our family members were keen to explore this cave while the rest were waiting inside the boat.

The stunning-looking stalactites and stalagmites.

This cave became famous with the founding of many human skeletons that scattered in its floor.

A diorama of the lifestyle of the ancient people who once inhabited the cave.

A giant human skeleton. This one should be a replica.

In the past, the cave also were made as a protection base and camp by Japanese soldiers.

We exited the cave and got back into our boat. We returned back to the pier near the huge Crab sculpture where we met with our Tuk-Tuk driver who then drove us to our resort. We were pretty tired and decided to get some rest in our room until evening.

In the evening, we took the resort's free shuttle to Ao Nang Town and we asked the driver to drop us infront of the restaurant where we would have our dinner, "Bangboo Halal Seafood Restaurant".

Interior of the restaurant.

You can choose the fresh seafood to be cooked according to your preferred style of cooking.

Tom Yum Soup again! It was a must have dish on our dining table.



The Tom Yum Soup was fully loaded with seafood such as this huge Prawn.

After we finished our dinner, we walked across the street to check out the night street market which located near the colorful Ao Nang Mosque.

We bought some gifts and souvenirs from the street market and of course, some Thai snacks including the Pancake. After that,we returned back to our resort with 1 Tuk-Tuk that we found on the street.

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Originally Posted by DanielW View Post
Looks like a great family getaway. I remember being impressed with the Air Asia meals, especially the Nasi Lemak:

Thanks! The Nasi Lemak is definitely 1 of the best meals onboard Air Asia.

I really impressed with Air Asia's inflight meals which have been pretty consistent in terms of the taste and presentation since their inception.
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It was our last day in Krabi and we decided to not do anything until our departure time to the airport. Hence, after our breakfast in the resort's cafe, we returned back to our room for resting and packing our stuffs. We checked-out and left the resort for Krabi International Airport (KBV) at 11am with the Krabi Shuttle.

Arrived in the airport at 11:30am. It was a little bit confusing as the Krabi Shuttle driver dropped us at the international terminal, but then we had to walk to the domestic terminal to drop our luggage and collect the boarding pass as all Air Asia's counters located there. After we done with all the process, we had to walk back to the international terminal for departure.

KBV's domestic terminal.

We didnt waste a lot of time waiting in the landside as not so many things that can be done there. We immediately went through the safety and immigration check and reached the airside 10 minutes later.

The airside area was small and crowded.

The ETA for our flight was at 14:25PM, but our aircraft still did not arrive at the gate when it was 14:00PM already. Then, the gate agent announced that our flight back to KL would be delayed for another 2 hours. Great!

Fast forward to 2 hours later, our aircraft finally made its appearance and we were ready for boarding. I did not take so many photos in this return flight as I was pretty exhausted.

Airline: Air Asia
Flight: AK 869
Aircraft: A320-200
Origin: Krabi
Destination: Kuala Lumpur
Seat: 15E

Our plane finally here.

Managed to snap this shot while boarding. Bangkok Airways and Thai Air Asia planes at the gates.

Wing view.

Reaching towards the end of the runway and making a U-turn for takeoff.


We booked the same Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak for the return flight.

And I purchased a Vietnamese Ice-Coffee from the BOB service.

We safely landed in KL in the late evening. We had dinner in 1 Kopitiam of KLIA2 terminal and went back to our home with Grab car.


Kuala Lumpur

The next day, I had the chance to stay in Concorde Hotel KL courtesy of the company that I working with as I had to attend 1 conference held in Shangri-La Hotel located opposite across the street of the Concorde Hotel.

Concorde Hotel KL.

The hotel's lobby.

My room.

Huge and cozy.

The bed.

Fridge and Coffee maker.

Living room.


To the bathroom.

Shower, bathtub, toilet and bidet.

This room had a wonderful view of KL Tower (Menara KL).

At the foothill of KL Tower lies the KL Forest Eco-Park (formerly known as "Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve"), 1 of the last few forest reserves that still survive in KL city. The building at the bottom left is the Hard Rock Cafe which is owned and managed by the same management of Concorde Hotel in Malaysia.

Once I checked-in to my room, I went out again and paid a visit to the Malaysia Tourism Centre which just few walks away from Concorde Hotel.It is located in Jalan Ampang.

Jalan Ampang.

Here we are.

Housed in a beautiful colonial mansion, the Malaysia Tourism Centre also known as "Matic" serves as the main tourist information center for anything that related to Malaysia's tourism products.

In the tourism center's main lobby, visitors and tourists can get many valuable information regarding the attractions and interesting things to do in KL and other Malaysian states through available pamphlets and brochures. There are also several friendly staffs on duty that willing to assist anyone who needs further help.

A huge motorbike painted in Malaysian flag colors was on display in the lobby during my visit.

A traditional musical instrument, Gamelan was also on display.

Located within Matic is this small art gallery known as "Matic Art Gallery".

Despite of its small size, this gallery still offers quite impressive artworks and photos in its exhibition.

I found this small cafe called "Warong Cafe" and decided to have my lunch here.

I had Nasi Lemak with Fried Cicken and Ice Milk Tea. The Nasi Lemak tasted so good and definitely 1 of the best Nasi Nasi Lemak that I have tasted in any restaurants or cafes. As a local Malaysian, I approved this Nasi Lemak!

After lunch, I headed to Matic's mini auditorium where a live cultural performance will be performed. The cultural performance is held from Monday-Saturday at 3pm and it will be on stage for an hour. The great thing about this show is that it is completely free to watch!

It is advisable for visitors to be in the auditorium at least 10 minutes early. In this cultural performance, audiences will be entertained by different types of traditional dances originate from almost every state of Malaysia. When I watched it, the show was presented in a form of storytelling to make it easier for tourists to understand especially those foreigners who have little knowledge about Malaysian authentic traditional culture. However, please take note that the narrative of the performance and even types of dances performed are changing from time to time.

In the ancient days, there was 1 prince who embarked into an expedition from his kingdom to a faraway place. In the middle of his journey, he stopped by in several different states and the dancers will perform a traditional dance that represented each state visited by the prince.

The male dancers who acted as the prince's guards appeared from behind.

The first state that the prince visited was the state of Terengganu which located on the Malaysian East-Coast. The background screen provides a brief information and background for each dance being performed.

Not only stopping-by, but the prince was also dancing together with the dancers that he met in each state.

Finally, the prince arrived in the Malaysian Borneo where audiences were entertained by enchanting traditional dances of Sabah & Sarawak.

At the end of the show, audiences were invited to get on stage to dance together with the colorful dancers.

The performance was really fun and entertaining.

After the show ended, I left Matic and headed back towards Concorde Hotel and went to Shangri-la Hotel to attend the conference which lasted until night.

* Next Day*

I woke up the next morning and was welcomed with a beautiful view of KL city during the sunrise.

The view facing the KL Forest Eco-Park.

I went downstairs to have a complimentary breakfast at the hotel's cafe.

The buffet spread for breakfast was pretty impressive.

After breakfast, I went to the hotel's outdoor pool which located in 1st floor for a morning swim. Finished with swimming, I returned back to my room, packed my stuffs and checked out from the hotel. Overall, it was a very nice and comfortable 1-night stay in Concorde Hotel KL.

That concludes my 4-day family trip to Krabi with a bonus trip report of my 1-night stay in Concorde Hotel KL. Thank you for taking your time reading my latest report.

Feel free to read my previous Trip Reports as well:
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I read there were a lot of mosquitos in Krabi. Is it true?
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Originally Posted by Bretteee View Post
I read there were a lot of mosquitos in Krabi. Is it true?
There were quite a lot of Mosquitoes in the resort that we stayed, but thats because the resort is kind of located in a jungle.

We didnt see many Mosquitoes in other parts of Krabi though....
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