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Back in the New York Groove! A weekend on Long Island/NYC November 2018

Back in the New York Groove! A weekend on Long Island/NYC November 2018

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Back in the New York Groove! A weekend on Long Island/NYC November 2018

Hello everyone! And welcome to my TR! As you can see, I titled my TR based on the song “New York Groove” by Ace Frehley of KISS. In case you have not met me, I am a 26-year old man living in beautiful Delray Beach, FL for a little over two years now. I am still studying to go into healthcare (albeit still taking non-matriculated courses at a nearby university to make up for courses I did not take undergrad due to majoring in Sociology) and also, I recently started my own side business doing online work for people who do not have the time or want to do the work to find the best product/deals and I also sell promotional products. Back in November 2018, I made a trip to New York as my Mother wanted me to see her friend, who is an excellent cosmetic dentist as she was wondering if my permanent wires behind my teeth were beginning to not work, as they were put in a while ago and my very good orthodontist in Florida, who I found from my former orthodontist in New York, said an Invisalign may be needed as the wires are obsolete technology. My Mom consulted her friend, who works in New York and Los Angeles and if that were the case, he offered to take a look as if I needed an Invisalign, he would only charge me the lab fee. Originally, I was planning to go to New York in July of 2018 and coincide the trip with my Great Uncle’s birthday, which falls in July just like my birthday. I would travel a week apart from my Mom, as we could not leave the dogs alone. However, my Great Uncle, who was turning 90, insisted we come together for the day of his birthday, so we flew from Florida and back on the same day and thankfully, one of my Mom’s good friends down here was able to look in and feed our dogs. With that in mind, I knew that I would go to New York and coinciding my schedule with my Mother’s friend, as he works in both New York and Los Angeles, we decided that November 2018 would be the best time for me to go to New York.

*Before Trip:

In October 2018, my Mother and myself began talking with our friend about coming up to New York. Since my Fall 2018 semester had me doing two long days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I told my Mother’s friend that a weekend from Saturday to Monday would be best, as I am free those days and just wanted to go up for the weekend. On Sunday, October 14th, 2018, my Mother, our friend, and me agreed that Monday, November 5th, 2018 at 9:00AM would be the best day for us, so I decided to book a weekend trip to New York, flying from Florida to New York the morning of Saturday, November 3rd and returning home the late-afternoon or evening of Monday, November 5th, 2018. I then looked for flights from West Palm Beach (PBI) or Fort Lauderdale (FLL), as both airports are convenient to our home, being a 25-30 minute drive north or a 30-40 minute drive south respectively. In addition, since our flight home on jetBlue from LGA-FLL in June 2018, after going up to NYC for one day for my Uncle’s birthday was lousy due to a very beat up Airbus A320 and a flight attendant who was very nasty and not up to jetBlue’s normally high standards, I had a $50 credit in my Travel Bank, so I checked jetBlue, as I could put the credit to good use. In addition, their fares were slightly lower than Delta, so jetBlue was my only stop. In addition, I decided to fly to JFK, as it is my preferred airport in the New York area as it is more efficient than LaGuardia based on my experiences and also has good mass-transit connectivity, as leaving Manhattan, I would take the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) or subway to Jamaica Station and get the Airtrain JFK, which is cheaper and more efficient than a car service/taxi/Uber between those points a good amount of the time. Checking flights between PBI/FLL and JFK, the fares were equal, so I booked flights between PBI and JFK, as PBI is my preferred airport when I can use it as it is a very nice environment and thanks to its smaller size, very efficient! Since the schedules worked to my advantage, I booked jetBlue Flight 154 from PBI-JFK, which would leave PBI at 11:01AM and arrive at JFK at 1:39PM, giving me Saturday afternoon and evening to relax! Due to the fact that I did not know how long my appointment at my Mother’s friend would be, I could not book a morning or early-afternoon flight, so the only flight that worked would be jetBlue Flight 553 from JFK-PBI, which would leave JFK at 7:30PM and arrive at PBI at 10:30PM. jetBlue Flight 553 would be operated by an Airbus A321, which was awesome as I had previously flown on that type of aircraft back in May 2018 from JFK-FLL, after I flew home from visiting my Uncle. Thanks to SeatGuru, I opted for Seat 14F on jetBlue 154 and 19F on jetBlue 553. In addition, I selected a Blue Fare, as I was not taking a checked bag due to the short length of my trip. The price of the flight was about $225 roundtrip, but thanks to my credit, I only paid $175! Not bad at all!

[insert picture of book]

After booking my flight, my next step was to book a hotel. Originally, I had planned to stay at either the Hilton Times Square based on my excellent past experience back in June 2017 before I went to Israel or the Marriott Marquis, which my Mother also liked. Unfortunately, the rates were $400/night, which made me balk! Talking with my Mom, I asked her about staying on Long Island at the hotel where she stays when she has to go to New York, which is the Homewood Suites by Hilton Carle Place/Garden City in Carle Place, NY. She has stayed there quite a few times and said it is one of her favorite hotels, so agreeing that it would be a good choice, as it is in a nice area not far from the city. I booked a Studio Room, which was priced at $175/night, which was far more budget friendly than staying in the city. In addition, staying on Long Island would give me the chance to possibly see my close friend, who I have known since we were children! Also, I could go out to the cemetery in Pinelawn, NY, where I could visit my Grandparents and all of my ancestors and my good friend, Ian. Plus, I would have more time to revisit Long Island, as the last time I was there, I was there for less than a day as I only stopped in New York for a little less than 48-hours as I would be leaving from there for my Birthright trip to Israel from June 2017-July 2017. I then slept on how I would get around, as I was unsure if I would rent a car for part of my trip, so I slept on it for one day. One day later, my Mom said that having a car would not be a bad idea for getting around Long Island. However, I would only need it for Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 and Sunday, November 4th, 2018, as I planned to leave from New York City on Monday, November 5th, 2018 by using the subway and Airtrain to JFK. After checking the rental car prices, Budget won on their price for an Intermediate Car, which is a Hyundai Elantra or similar which came out to about $100 after taxes and fees. I would pick up the car at JFK at 2:00PM and return it on Long Island at the Holiday Inn in Carle Place at 4:00PM the next day. Less than three weeks later, my trip was nearing!

West Palm Beach-New York-John F. Kennedy International (11/3/2018):

a) Before Airport:

Less than three weeks later, Friday, November 2nd, 2018 had arrived, exactly one day before my trip. Since I was off from school on Fridays during the Fall 2018 semester, I woke up a little later that day at 9:00AM. There would not be too much to do that day, except that I had to do a few errands and I also wanted to get us lunch from Masamune in Deerfield Beach, our favorite Japanese restaurant! A couple of days earlier, I also went to my excellent dentist in Boca Raton, as I wanted to have my teeth cleaned before seeing my Mother’s friend. In addition, I also spoke to my close friend the day before, and we agreed to go out for dinner on Saturday night, which would make for a fantastic first evening of my trip. Anyway, I digress. After eating breakfast and getting ready, I then prepared to head to Deerfield Beach to get lunch at Masamune, but not without making a stop at the nearby Whole Foods in Pompano Beach, as my Mom needed me to pick up a couple of items that we could not get in Publix. Before I left, I received a notification from the jetBlue app on my iPhone 7 Plus that I could check in for my flight. Since I had a minute, I went ahead and checked in.

Since I did not mention it earlier, I also have a Known Traveler Number (KTN), as over the Summer, I decided to purchase Global Entry at $100 for five years, as I knew I would use the TSA PreCheck portion of it and hopefully travel internationally, like to Israel again. All in all, it was a smart move and I am glad I purchased it. While I had wanted Mom to purchase Global Entry, she just purchased regular PreCheck for $85 for five years. She did this as she does not have a Passport at this time and she travels from time. For these reasons, she felt, it was worth it. I then reviewed the list of hazardous materials and checked off that I reviewed the list.

I then reviewed the seat map but since I was satisfied with my selection, I kept my seat.

Based on the seat map, with 122 out of 150 seats occupied, the plane was a little over ¾ full. I then was taken to the page to review the baggage chart, not adding a checked bag as I was taking my Delsey carry-on bag, which would hold plenty of stuff for my weekend trip.

Finally, I was checked in for my flight and I was able to get my mobile boarding pass.

Right after I checked in for my flight, I saw a notification that I could check in at the Homewood Suites via the Hilton app, so I did that next.

After I was directed to the page to select my floor, I first checked the fourth floor, as I like staying higher up, but the sole two rooms available were in less desirable locations. However, I went down one level to the third floor and I ended up selecting Room 317, one room away from the corner. Despite that I paid for a Studio Room, somehow, I got a One Bedroom Suite for the same price, which was sweet!

I then selected the option to use a digital key, as I wanted to try and had heard good things about it.

Finally, I was checked in! With check in for my flight and hotel now complete, I then left my home, but Mom stayed behind, as she had to take care of some tasks. With that in mind, I got into my 2018 Toyota Corolla XLE and left our development, turning right onto Hagen Ranch Road and then turning left onto Atlantic Avenue (FL-806). I headed eastbound on Atlantic Avenue, then reaching Interstate 95 southbound toward Miami about ten minutes later. Once I got on I-95, I headed south, passing through Delray Beach and Boca Raton in Palm Beach County and then Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach in Broward County until I reached Exit 38A: Copans Road east. After exiting I-95, I drove eastbound on Copans Road until I reached Federal Highway (US-1), where I turned left and about a ¼ mile, reached the shopping center where the Whole Foods was located, which also has an Ulta and HomeGoods. Once I was finished shopping at Whole Foods, the time was now about 11:45AM, which worked well since Masamune opens at 12:00PM for lunch Tuesday-Friday. I then called Masamune and ordered a Sashimi Lunch with all Salmon for my Mom, a regular Sashimi lunch for myself, and an extra Spicy Tuna Roll with no mayo. With lunch ordered, I drove northbound on Federal Highway and arrived there ten minutes later. Once I arrived, I was assisted by Julie and Adam, a couple of the fantastic employees who always take good care of us whether we dine there or take out. After picking up the sushi, I drove home via Hillsboro Boulevard (FL-810) west, I-95 northbound through Boca Raton and Delray Beach to Exit 51: FL-806 (Atlantic Avenue), Atlantic Avenue (FL-806) westbound, and then Hagen Ranch Road northbound followed by turning left into our development. At home, we enjoyed

our superb lunch thanks to the salmon having a buttery and satiny sheen, the tuna being clean tasting, moist, and meaty, and the wahoo being mild and meaty. I also had a Spicy Tuna Roll, which balanced moist and meaty tuna along with hot siracha sauce and kimchee sauce to temper the heat. Mom loved her Sashimi Lunch of all Salmon as she scarfed it down! In addition, since they came with our meal, I also enjoyed the soothing Miso Soup and crisp salad. After lunch, we then did more errands, including picking up groceries at Publix and picking up kosher meat as well as Pastrami Lox and Vegetable Cream Cheese at Glick’s Kosher Market for my lunch to eat on the plane. Then, after leaving the Villages of Oriole Plaza, where these shops are located, we headed east on Atlantic Avenue (FL-806), southbound on Jog Road, and eastbound on Glades Road (FL-808) to the Town Center Mall, where we went to Macy’s and a couple of other stores, enjoying some retail therapy. After the mall, we headed north to beautiful Downtown Delray via I-95 north and Atlantic Avenue (FL-806), stopping at Kilwin’s, my favorite ice cream and sweet shop thanks to its fantastic ice cream and sweets as well as delightful employees, where I picked up some fudge to take for my Mother’s friend, as he loves it! We then went home, had dinner, walked the dogs, and I finished packing. In addition, I also plugged in my iPhone 7 Plus to charge before I went to sleep at 12:30AM. I slept until 6:30AM. After waking up and getting ready, I took my phone out of its charger and packed the charger into my backpack. I also packed my electric toothbrush and its components after I brushed my teeth. I then had a couple of pieces of bread with melted cheese, coffee with milk and two Splendas, a glass of orange juice, and a banana for breakfast, prepared my lunch of Pastrami Lox and Vegetable Cream Cheese on gluten-free bread to take on the plane, and then took a shower. Once I got dressed, I spent time with my Mother and dogs, until we left the house at 8:30AM. However, will a problem delay my trip? Find out soon.
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11/3/2018: B6154-pbi-jfk

**Flight Information**

Origin Airport: Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), West Palm Beach, FL

Destination Airport: New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), New York, NY

Airline and Flight Number: Jetblue Airways (B6) 154

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200

Registration: N523JB aka “Born to be Blue”

Cabin, Seat: Economy, 14F

Scheduled Departure/Actual Departure: 11:01AM/11:01AM

Scheduled Arrival/Actual Arrival: 1:39PM/1:04PM

Origin Airport Terminal, Gate: Concourse C, Gate C16

Destination Airport Terminal, Gate: Terminal 5, Gate 1

a) Getting to Airport:

I had planned to drive with my Mother to the airport in my 2018 Toyota Corolla XLE, so we pulled out of our driveway at about 8:35AM. Unfortunately, as I was driving out of our development, my low tire pressure indicator went on. Not wanting to take a chance of missing my flight or having a blowout, we went right back to our home, where I unloaded my Delsey carryon bag and transferred to the trunk of my Mother’s car, a 2018 Dodge Charger R/T. Now safely buckled in the car, we began the drive from our home a couple of minutes later, exiting to Atlantic Avenue (FL-806) and turning right, driving half a mile west to the Florida’s Turnpike (FL-91) northbound towards Orlando. Before I continue, I have to add that when I got back, the only problem with my Corolla’s tires was that they were low on nitrogen (which they use) and not punctured, so I was very thankful nothing worse happened. Grateful to be in my Mother’s Charger, which is a fantastic car (don’t worry I love my Corolla too ) thanks to its superb seats, great handling, fantastic UConnect infotainment system, and powerful 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine, we entered the Turnpike and began the drive northbound. We passed through Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach, leaving the Turnpike at Exit 97: US-98/FL-80 (Southern Boulevard)-Fairgrounds, Palm Beach International Airport. We then turned left onto Southern Boulevard (US-98/FL-80) and headed east. Passing through much of West Palm Beach, we were soon passing the southern perimeter of Palm Beach International Airport just east of Military Trail (Palm Beach County Road 809). We then exited Southern Boulevard (US-98/FL-80) at FL-807 (Congress Avenue) south/Australian Avenue north-Palm Beach International Airport. We exited to the left, heading northbound on Australian Avenue, passing the eastern perimeter of PBI as well as the Hilton on other side of the street. After that, we turned left onto James L. Turnage Boulevard, following the signs for Short Term Parking. When we entered the Short Term Parking garage, we found an end spot right by the entrance/exit of the garage. Once we parked, we unloaded my suitcase from the trunk and headed to the terminal.

b) At airport:

After our drive to Palm Beach International Airport, we then left my Mom’s Charger, heading to the terminal. Aside from the fact that PBI is just a pleasure to be in thanks to its aesthetically pleasing and clean surroundings and ease of getting in and out, a nice perk of the Short Term Parking garage here is that when you take the elevator from the garage, the terminal is below, so you end up right in the terminal. We took the elevator from the fourth floor where we were parked to the second floor, where the Main Terminal is located. The Check-In desks are on the third floor but since I was not checking a bag, we got off on the second floor. Once inside, the time was 9:15AM, so I had about thirty minutes until I needed to clear security, and because the security lines at PBI are usually never long compared to other airports like Fort Lauderdale and Miami, I did not have to rush. We first went to the nearby Starbucks, where I purchased a Tall Pike Coffee with Whole Milk and two sugars and Mom purchased a Venti Pike Coffee black. We sat at one of the nearby tables and enjoyed our coffees. Mom wanted to take a couple of pictures, so we took a selfie.

We then both needed to use the restroom, so Mom went first and I watched her purse. Once she returned, I then went to the restroom, but not without passing Oceanfront News and Sam Snead’s Tavern, which has pretty good food based on the previous times I ate there when dropping Mom off for flights.

I also passed by the miniature putting green adjacent to Sam Snead’s Tavern, where there is a huge window looking onto the tarmac and Concourses C and B.

From what I could see, PBI was not overly busy this morning. However, I saw N359DN, a Delta Airbus A321 parked at Gate C3 that would be departing for Atlanta as Delta 890.

We chatted a little bit longer until about 10:00AM, parting ways at that time, as I had to clear security. Before Mom left, we gave each other a huge hug, said that we loved each other, and she wished me a great trip! I then lined up for security, where the line was not long at all. When it was my turn, Officer Duwell, who was very friendly and thorough, assisted me. Once my belongings were checked, I was good to go and began to make my way to the gate. All in all, security took less than five minutes, which was amazing! I then made my way down Concourse C.

Further down the concourse, I passed PBI MKT, a new eatery that replaced the Miami Subs that occupied that space if I am not mistaken.

Before I went to the gate, I bought a bottle of water from Chili’s Too, where a very sweet lady assisted me and I paid $2.75, not terrible for an airport. I then arrived near Gate C16 at the end of Concourse C.

At Gate C16, I saw N523JB aka “Born to be Blue,” the Airbus A320 that would operating my flight to New York-JFK. It arrived from JFK earlier that morning as jetBlue 53.

I then spotted N564JB aka “Absolute Blue,” a jetBlue Airbus A320 taxiing for its departure to New York-LaGuardia as jetBlue 62.

I was excited to be visiting New York.

I then saw another aircraft to the left of N523JB, which was N834JB aka “Keep Blue and Carry On,” a jetBlue Airbus A320 at Gate C14 that had arrived from Boston.

While I was waiting, I conversed with a nice middle-age man from Floral Park, a town located in Western Nassau County and Eastern Queens. I told him that I used to be from Westbury and knew Floral Park well, as it was only 20-minutes west of where I used to live. He said that he was down here visiting his mother, who lived on Hutchinson Island. I told him that while I had never been, it is absolutely gorgeous based on what I had seen and hoped to visit there sometime. I told him I am from Delray Beach and he said that it was a gorgeous area too! We then talked about Long Island, namely the high taxes and he said that it was amazing that even on the same street in Floral Park, the Nassau County taxes for Floral Park are much higher than the portion of Floral Park on the Queens side. We chatted a little longer and at 10:29AM, the gate agents announced that boarding for jetBlue 154 to New York-JFK would begin. Before that, I also took my drawstring bag out of my carryon, so I could have access to my headphones while using the IFE. Since I was in Group C, I had to wait a few minutes, but it was not long and Susan and Ray, the polite and professional gate agents, scanned my boarding pass and wished me a good flight! I then made my way to the jetway, ready to head to New York.
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11/3/2018: B6154-PBI-JFK (Cont'd)

d) B6154: PBI-JFK:
​​​​​​I made my way down the jetway, entering the aircraft via Doorway 1L. As I entered, Simone, a very perky and professional lead Flight Attendant, greeted me. My first impressions of this aircraft were while that it was flight worthy and mostly, it looked like it was showing its age. I then made my way down the aisle, placing my carryon into the overhead bin and settling in Seat 14F, which had ample legroom and plenty of width!

Looking out of the window, I could see N834JB aka “Keep Blue and Carry On,” a jetBlue Airbus A320 at Gate C14 that had arrived from Boston parked next to us.

A few minutes later, a middle-age lady, who was my seatmate, joined me. She was friendly, but we did not talk that much. She was heading to JFK and then connecting there for a flight to Syracuse, NY. Since she boarded a little later and we were nearing our departure time, we were kind of hoping that the middle seat, which separated us, would remain unoccupied. For some reason, my jetBlue app said that we would be delayed by about forty minutes. At that time, Diana, another Flight Attendant walked through the cabin and said hello with a cheerful demeanor.

Diana, another flight attendant walked through the cabin and said hello with a cheerful demeanor. At 10:54AM, Captain Dan came on the intercom, welcoming us aboard jetBlue Flight 154 to New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport. He announced that since the plane was loaded, the doors would be closed at that time and we would begin pushing back in preparation for takeoff for an on time departure. In addition, he added that due to heavy tailwinds and storms en route, our flight time would be a quick 1:59, which is quicker than average as based on my experience, my flights between West Palm Beach and New York take about 2.5 hours most of the time. As we pushed back, Diana and Tamika, another Flight Attendant, did the safety demonstration. By 10:58AM, we were already taxiing to the runway.

On the tarmac, I saw some general aviation aircraft.

As we approached Runway 28R, I could see an American Airlines aircraft landing.

With no planes in front of us, we were first in line to take off!

I could feel the thrust of the Airbus A320’s jets, which meant we would be taking off shortly. As we rolled down the runway, I saw a UPS jet as well as the Main Terminal.

At 11:01AM, which was exactly on time, we finally took off to the west!

After taking off, I could see the western and northern perimeters of PBI, bordered by Military Trail (Palm Beach County Road 809) and Belvedere Road respectively in West Palm Beach.

We continued flying west over Central Palm Beach County and its many suburbs, now flying over Royal Palm Estates, west of West of West Palm Beach and east of Royal Palm Beach. I knew this information thanks to jetBlue’s Flyfi service, so my phone was able to geotag locations.

A minute later, we were flying over Royal Palm Beach, not far from the junction of Southern Boulevard (US-98/FL-80), US-441 northbound, FL-7 northbound, and US-441/FL-7 southbound.

We flew a little further west into Central Palm Beach County and then turned to fly northeast. Two minutes later, we were flying over Palm Beach Gardens.

Two minutes later, we flew past the Floridian coastline and were now flying over the Atlantic Ocean, beginning our flight path along the East Coast.

I then flipped through the channels and watched Neil Cavuto on Fox News for a while.

While I was watching Cavuto, I then took out my lunch, which consisted of Pastrami Lox and Vegetable Cream Cheese on gluten-free bread. I loved my lunch, as the Pastrami Lox was silky in texture as well as peppery and slightly spicy thanks to the pastrami spices and I also loved the vegetable cream cheese, which was creamy and had the added crunch of various chopped vegetables, like peppers. Due to the turbulence, snack service did not start until 11:45AM. A few minutes later, Tamika and Diana reached my seat with snacks and beverages. They were very generous with snacks and beverages, so I opted for an Orange Juice with no ice, Dasani water, Popcorners, and Terra Blue Chips.

At the same time, we were flying at 32,512 feet at a speed of 633 mph, parallel to the Georgia and South Carolina coastlines in between Savannah, GA to the south and Hilton Head Island, SC to the north.

Thanks to Sirius-XM radio being available on jetBlue, I ended up listening to 70s on 70s, which had music from The Who, ABBA, Cheap Trick, Paul McCartney & Wings, David Bowie, and Elton John playing so I was very happy to listen to that station. After that, I watched “Buying and Selling” with Drew and Jonathan Scott on HGTV.

As I was watching “Buying and Selling,” we were making excellent time flying and by 12:06PM, we were near the Outer Banks of North Carolina and were flying over Hubert, NC.

Since the fasten seatbelt sign was turned off a few minutes later, I took advantage and used the lavatory at the rear of the aircraft, which was clean and well stocked. When I returned to my seat, I continued to relax and by about 12:20PM, I could feel the plane begin to descend.

We continued to fly north along the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland and by 12:36PM, we were already flying over Delaware over Reheboth Bay near Delaware Seashore State Park.

Five minutes later at 12:41PM, Captain Dan announced that we would be making our final descent to New York-JFK. He also announced that the weather in New York was 55 degrees with gusty winds. After he made the announcements, I prepared for takeoff as we were flying over Southern New Jersey.

A minute later, we were over Marmora, NJ, a community located north of Cape May, NJ and south of Atlantic City, NJ.

We continued to fly parallel to the Jersey Shore and then turned southeast, flying further away from New Jersey in order to turn to the northwest, for our approach to JFK.

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11/3/2018: B6154-PBI-JFK (Cont'd)

d) B6154: PBI-JFK (Continued):
​​​​​​After nearly two hours of flying, we were on our approach to New York-JFK, flying southeast over the Atlantic Ocean away from the Jersey Shore. A few minutes later, the plane turned to the northwest and at 12:57PM, I could see the coastline of Long Island.

A minute later, I could see that we were flying parallel to Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh, NY.

At 12:59PM, we were flying northwest over Jones Beach State Park and to the north; I could see the South Shore towns (from right/east to left/west) of Freeport, Baldwin, and Oceanside.

We continued flying over northwest, now parallel to Lido Beach on Long Beach Barrier Island and to the north I could see Baldwin and Oceanside.

We were now further west, flying over the city of Long Beach and to the north of us, I could now see all of Oceanside.

Now closer to JFK, we flew over I could see Hewlett and Cedarhurst, located in The Five Towns area of Southwest Nassau County.

Our plane was now far lower, meaning we were even closer to JFK and I could see that we were now flying over the center of The Five Towns.

At 1:03PM, we had already flown over the Nassau County/Queens border and we were about to land.

Finally, at 1:04PM, we made a smooth landing onto Runway 31R.

We taxied to the terminal and as we turned to pass the northern portion of the airport, I could see the New York City skyline in the distance.

As we turned, I could see the jetBlue hangar in the distance.

We then passed Terminal 8, where I saw some American Airlines action followed by Terminal 7, where I spotted LV-GKP, an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A330-200 at Terminal 7, Gate 10 that arrived early that morning from Buenos Aires as Aerolineas Argentinas 1301 and would also be heading back there that evening as Aerolineas Argentinas 1301.

As we continued taxiing to our gate, we were now passing Terminal 5, where I first saw N236JB aka “Blue by Design,” a jetBlue Embraer E-190 at Gate 25 that arrived from Charlotte as jetBlue 218 and would be departing for Boston as jetBlue 118 as well as N958JB aka “Azulito,” a jetBlue Airbus A321 at Gate 24 that had arrived from Fort Lauderdale as jetBlue 502 and would be departing for Orlando as jetBlue 1183.

We then passed Gate 16, where I spotted N355JB aka “Rendezblue,” a jetBlue Embraer E-190 that arrived from Raleigh/Durham as jetBlue 886 and would be departing for Buffalo, NY as jetBlue 2402.

Next, we passed Gate 14, where I spotted N659JB aka “Beta Blue,” a jetBlue Airbus A320 that arrived from Savannah, GA as 842 and would be departing for New Orleans as jetBlue 575

At Gate 9, I saw N948JB aka “Mi Casa Es Blue Casa,” a jetBlue Airbus A321 that arrived from Orlando as jetBlue 490 and would be departing for San Juan as jetBlue 803.

Next, I spotted N374JB aka “I’m a Blue Believer,” a jetBlue Embraer E-190 at Gate 3 that arrived from Portland, ME as jetBlue 107 as well as the tail of another jetBlue Embraer E-190.

As we turned to approach our gate, I spotted 9V-SKM, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 at Terminal 4, Gate A7 that arrived from Singapore-Changi via Frankfurt as Singapore Airlines 26 and would be heading back to Singapore-Changi via Frankfurt that night as Singapore Airlines 25 with a TAME Airbus A330-200 to the right of it.

On our approach to Gate 1, I then spotted N318JB aka “Blue Jean Baby,” jetBlue Embraer E-190 at Gate 2 that arrived from Burlington, VT as jetBlue 1633 and would be departing for Houston-Hobby as jetBlue 581.

As we turned to approach our Gate, I saw N318JB to my left and and N374JB to my right.

We were now approaching the jetway and I could see N318JB in the foreground with N374JB in the background.

As we were parking, I then called my Mother to let her know that I had arrived and she was very glad! While on the phone, the doors were open and we were given the clearance to get up and prepare to leave the plane, before it would be prepared for its departure to Atlanta as jetBlue 719. When I was able to get up, I told my Mother I would call her in a little bit so I could focus on getting my rental car and she understood. I then grabbed my carryon from the overhead and left the aircraft, with a warm farewell from lead Flight Attendant Simone and Tamika, who were stationed by Doorway 1L. I exited the aircraft via Doorway 1L, happy to be in New York! Overall, I enjoyed my flight with jetBlue once again thanks to the very comfortable seat, excellent service, and IFE, making an excellent start to my trip!
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Great to see another TR from you!!
That sure is a huge number of JetBlue jets - loved the photos.
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Great to see someone else who enjoys looking out the window and trying to keep up with what is below! Looks like you had good weather for flying and taking pictures.
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Originally Posted by WolfieG View Post
Seems to be cold in the aircraft

Btw I´m fascinated you remember flight attendents names
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Originally Posted by offerendum View Post
Seems to be cold in the aircraft

Btw I´m fascinated you remember flight attendents names
Offerendum! Nice to hear from you again! It wasn't too bad, but I had to be prepared for the cooler weather up in New York somehow. Thank you I kind of cheat though, as I take notes on all of my trips and when I can, I note all the people I interact with!
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Originally Posted by roadwarrier View Post
Great to see another TR from you!!
That sure is a huge number of JetBlue jets - loved the photos.
Thank you roadwarrier glad to be writing another TR and more importantly, I am glad to see you back! Tell me about it there were so many jetBlue jets it wasn't even funny. Don't worry, other airlines make appearances though . I would say I saw a good amount of Delta jets also since JFK is also one of their hubs.

Originally Posted by xooz View Post
Great to see someone else who enjoys looking out the window and trying to keep up with what is below! Looks like you had good weather for flying and taking pictures.
Thank you xooz I love watching the world go by and seeing what is below . I was blessed we had terrific weather flying up, which lead to some excellent pictures and it doesn't hurt that my phone has an awesome camera!
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11/3/2018: B6154-PBI-JFK (Cont'd)

​​​​​​After arriving at New York-JFK, I disembarked N523JB aka “Born to be Blue” via Doorway 1L. Once I walked through the jetway to the exit of Gate 1, I could see that Terminal 5 was busy as usual, with many departing and arriving passengers.

Since I did not need to go to the baggage claim, all I had to do was take the Airtrain JFK to Federal Circle, where rental car companies are located. However, before doing that, I stopped to use the restroom, which was clean. After that, I continued walking through Terminal 5, which happens to be my favorite terminal at JFK thanks to its modern-looking surroundings, its many shops and restaurants, and its history, especially the fact that it was once the TWA terminal at JFK. As I walked to the center of the terminal, I spotted N198JB aka “Big Apple Blue,” a jetBlue Embraer E-190 at Gate 6 that arrived from Washington, D.C.-Dulles as jetBlue 1308 and would be heading back there as jetBlue 1307.

Finally, I reached the center of Terminal 5, where I followed the signs for Ground Transportation.

I then made my way to the elevators, taking them up to the Skywalk, which connects Terminal 5 with the AirTrain and the parking garage. Once I made it to the Skywalk, I spotted 9V-SKM again, a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800 at Terminal 4, Gate A7 that arrived from Singapore-Changi via Frankfurt as Singapore Airlines 26 and would be heading back to Singapore-Changi via Frankfurt that night as Singapore Airlines 25 towards the foreground as well as an El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 747-400 in the background.

Further down the Skywalk, I spotted (from left to right): N981JT aka The Royal TreatMint,” a jetBlue Airbus A321 that arrived the following night from San Francisco as jetBlue 416, N964JT aka “Make a StateMint,” a jetBlue Airbus A321 that would be departing for San Francisco on this night as jetBlue 1415 from Terminal 5, Gate 15, and N949AT, a Delta Boeing 717-200 that arrived from Jacksonville, FL as Delta 431 and was taxiing to Terminal 2, Gate C63.

Here’s another shot of N949AT:

I then spotted the two aforementioned jetBlue Airbus A321s, plus one other jetBlue Airbus A321 to the left of them, which was N988JT aka “Menta-licious,” which arrived from New Orleans two days ago as jetBlue 576.

As I got closer to the end of the Skywalk nearest the Airtrain station and parking garage, I spotted LV-GKP again, an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A330-200 at Terminal 7, Gate 10 that arrived early that morning from Buenos Aires as Aerolineas Argentinas 1301 and would also be heading back there that evening as Aerolineas Argentinas 1301.

I then took the escalator down to the Airtrain platform and my timing was perfect, as a Jamaica Station-bound Airtrain just arrived and I boarded right away. After boarding, I sat down for a little bit and continued to plane spot.

As we approached the Terminal 8 Station, I spotted N718AN, an American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER at Terminal 8, Gate 16 that arrived from São Paulo as American 950 that morning and would be departing for London-Heathrow as American 100 that evening.

About ten minutes after I boarded the Airtrain, I disembarked at Federal Circle Station, which not only serves as the stop for rental cars but hotel shuttles as well.

After taking the escalator from the platform level to the ground level, I then followed the signs to Budget, Dollar, and National.

I then arrived at the location for Budget, which was not busy at all as there was only one person ahead of me in line.

Merely a minute later, Harneet, a gentleman who was very kind, polite, and efficient, assisted me. Since I reserved an Intermediate Car, which is a Hyundai Elantra or similar, I was originally assigned a Kia Forte, comparable to my Corolla. However, due to the fact that they just gave it away and had no other Intermediate Cars available, I got upgraded one class to a Toyota Prius, which excited me as while I like Toyota products and had been a passenger in a few Priuses due to a couple of friends driving them as well as Ubers/Lyfts, I had never driven a Prius or another hybrid before, so I was looking forward to it! Less than five minutes later after completing a couple of pieces of paperwork, Harneet handed me a couple of necessary papers and had me on my way! I then exited to the Budget lot where I first saw various SUVs, vans, a Mazda, and a 2015-present Mercedes-Benz C3004MATIC.

As I walked further to where my Prius was parked, which was space B11, I saw more interesting cars, including this gorgeous red Dodge Charger R/T with Massachusetts plates at space B8, which would have been an even sweeter upgrade as I love my Mom's Charger R/T!
by https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/, on Flickr
I then arrived at space B11, where I found my car, which was a dark blue Prius with Pennsylvania plates.

The car was very clean, had about 14,000 miles on the odometer, and was in very good shape inside and out, save for a few minor exterior scratches. I had a little trouble finding the trunk release, but luckily, a very sweet African American lady working in the lot helped me find the trunk release and adjust my driver’s seat. In addition, since I was a bit confused, as when I tried to start the engine, it did not rev like a gas-powered car, she explained that because it was a hybrid, it does not make a noise. Thankful for her help, I then synced my iPhone to the Bluetooth, which was easy and painless, especially since this Prius had a similar if not the same infotainment system as my Corolla. Before I pulled out of my space to begin my drive to Long Island, I then tuned to Q104.3, New York’s Classic Rock station which was and still is my favorite rock station. Since the rock station in South Florida pales in comparison, I sometimes even stream it in my car via the iHeart Radio app over Bluetooth. Anyway, at 2:00PM, I then pulled out of my spot and proceeded to the exit gate, where Syed, the attendant, who was very polite and professional, looked over my car and checked my paperwork. With all being well, he sent me on my way, so I headed to the traffic light, which had clear signage leading to the Belt Parkway eastbound. Shortly after leaving Budget, I then got on the Belt Parkway east towards Eastern Long Island. My first impressions of the Prius were excellent, as it had nimble handling (even a little more than my Corolla) and it had a quick and quiet powertrain, with which I had no trouble merging and then accelerating to 60 mph on the Belt Parkway eastbound. Shortly after I got on the parkway, my Mother called and I picked up her call, so we spoke for a little bit as I was driving. As we spoke about topics like my smooth arrival, excellent experience and car rental upgrade at Budget, and now my drive, I continued on the Belt Parkway, which did not have too much traffic at this hour and enabled me to pass quickly through the Queens neighborhoods of Springfield Gardens, Laurelton, and Cambria Heights until I reached Exit 25A: Southern State Parkway east towards Eastern Long Island. I then followed Exit 25A to the Southern State Parkway east, then crossing the Queens County/Nassau County border and continued to have a smooth sailing down the parkway through the towns of North Valley Stream, Franklin Square, and Malverne until I reached Exit 18: Eagle Avenue to Hempstead Lake State Park. Unfortunately, after this exit, traffic began to slow. Since Mom needed to go somewhere, we ended the call and I continued to drive, now listening to Q104.3 as they played “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel, and “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. A little bit later, I found myself at Exit 22S-N: Meadowbrook State Parkway-Jones Beach, Mineola. While I prefer the environment of Florida, I will admit it was nice seeing the Fall foliage as I cruised down the parkway. I left the Southern State Parkway at Exit 22N: Meadowbrook State Parkway north towards Mineola and continued driving. Finally, traffic moved freely again and I continued north on the Meadowbrook, passing through the towns of Uniondale and East Garden City before reaching Exit M1W-E: Old Country Road-Mineola, Westbury. Once I reached Exit M1E-W, I got off of the Meadowbrook at Exit M1W: Old Country Road west towards Mineola. I then got on Old Country Road westbound, passing a couple of shopping centers as well as the Roosevelt Field Mall before reaching Glen Cove Road. At Glen Cove Road, I turned right to go northbound and drove half a mile before turning left onto Westbury Avenue. After make the left, I headed west, arriving at the Homewood Suites just west of the intersection of Glen Cove Road and Westbury Avenue. Once there, I parked at a space along the side of the hotel and unloaded my suitcase. Since I was not in too much of a rush, I even snapped a couple of pictures of my rental car.

Now at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, I made my way to the front of the hotel, ready to check in and get settled. What will await next? Find out soon!

f) B6154 Impressions and Ratings:

Once again, jetBlue proved why they are one of my favorite U.S. carriers! Flight Attendants Simone, Diana, and Tamika provided excellent service thanks to their positive attitudes, their eagerness to please the passengers, and their professionalism. As always, my Economy seat had excellent width and comfort making for a very comfortable flight. In addition, we made excellent time during our flight as we left on time and arrived well ahead of schedule. Not all was perfect though, as while N523JB aka “Born to be Blue,” the plane that operated our flight was flightworthy and fairly clean, it was definitely showing some wear and tear compared to B6’s Airbus A321s. Also, while this plane had free TV, Sirius XM radio, and WiFi, the system is definitely falling behind compared to B6’s Airbus A321s and some DL aircraft. Overall, it is flights like this one that reinforce why jetBlue is one of my U.S. airlines of choice when available!

Service: 20/20 (Fantastic! Flight attendants were personable and professional)

Plane Cleanliness/Condition: 14/20 (This plane was fairly clean and the lavatory was not bad at all, but my tray table area was dirty and some wear and tear was evident.)

Snacks: 20/20 (Very good selection of snacks and the Flight Attendants were very generous with them!)

Seat Comfort: 20/20 (Best economy class seat of any U.S. carrier!)

IFE: 16/20 (Love the free TV, Sirius XM radio, and WiFi, but this system is falling behind compared to the product on B6’s A321 and on some DL planes due to older technology and less content.)

**Overall grade: 90/100 (A-)

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