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Bandung Long Weekend on SilkAir


Old May 4, 17, 10:34 am
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Bandung Long Weekend on SilkAir

For the May Day long weekend holidays that just passed, I took a trip to nearby Bandung, Indonesia, just to enjoy the cool Bandung weather and feast on Sundanese cuisine. The trip was booked on SilkAir at a reasonable fare, with early departure on Saturday and evening arrival on Monday. A week prior to departure, a message was received that the departure flight was retimed from 0830am to 1020am. Then on the day before departure, the flight was again retimed from 1020am to 0950am. Reason given was due to "operational reasons".

Day of departure at Terminal 2. There is a sort of attractiveness about the T2 flipping FIDS.

Self-check-in kiosks printed boarding pass.

Departure from Gate F35, which was also shared with a SilkAir flight to Cebu departing just 10min later. This is one of the dual-docking gates at T2 for narrow-bodies.

Our B738 parked at the nearer airbridge while an A320 was parked at the other bridge.

29 April 2017
MI 192
Singapore (SIN) - Bandung (BDO)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 2H04M

Boarding the aircraft.

Welcomed by the crew and headed past the Business Class cabin.

Into economy class.

Settled at 22F. Legroom was probably only slightly better than the budget carriers.

View out the window.

View of seat. The seatback magazine compartment seemed redundant as the inflight magazines were still placed in the normal seat pockets.

Blankets and pillows were available on request, or help yourself from the overhead bins.

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Old May 4, 17, 10:52 am
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Boarding in progress. Flight was about 85% full.

Packed wet towels were distributed.

April issue of inflight magazine.

SilkAir's IFE system, SilkAir Studio (wireless streaming IFE) entertainment options. Not too big a selection.

Safety video played.

The BSI sky interior lightings were turned on as we started the taxi to the runway.

Taxi to Rwy02C.

Video of taxi.

Holding short of runway and departure from Rwy02C.

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Old May 4, 17, 11:27 am
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Making a right turn over the island which many Singapore guys have "fond" memories of.

Video of the departure.

Climbing through the clouds. The captain also explained that the re-timed flight was due to Bandung Airport's closure for military exercise.

Meal service started and we were served by 2 stewards and a stewardess in economy. Meal carts started from the front and mid-cabin, heading rear-wards. Service was friendly and efficient.

Meal delivered. The choices were Nasi lemak with fish or Chicken with mashed potatoes. A full selection of beverages was offered. I had the Nasi lemak. The fish did not taste too fresh but the rice and condiments were excellent.

Chicken with mash potatoes choice which a friend selected.

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Old May 4, 17, 11:32 am
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Silent short features were shown, but I made use of SilkAir Studio to catch a movie on my mobile phone instead.

Lavatory was basic with minimal amenities.

Cabin view.

We were soon descending and approaching Bandung. However, due to the early arrival and the airport not yet opened for traffic, we were put in a holding pattern for the next 30min. Captain informed that we were number 3 in the hold.

Flying in a holding pattern.

After 6 rounds of hold, we were given approval to start the approach into Bandung. The approach into Bandung is interesting as it requires the aircraft to descend into and make a loop over the city due to the high mountains around.

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Old May 4, 17, 11:52 am
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Thank you, ycp81, very thorough and informative post as usual.
Would you care to share a few details and pics about your actual stay in Bandung? Like where have you stayed, which parts of the city have you visited and (this would be an important point for me) where and what did you eat - and maybe pics of the food? The array of food in Bandung must be amazing and honestly I am a little envy on you for that long weekend there. So far I have only visited Jakarta, Medan, Yogyakarta, Lombok and Bali. Bandung, Manado and Makassar are next on my list and I would appeciate a few tips re Bandung.
Thank you!
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Old May 4, 17, 12:07 pm
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Landing in Bandung Rwy29.

Video of landing.

Backtracking down the runway.

Look, an airshow! There was the Bandung Aerofest event at the airport, which now explains the closure.

Taxi to the parking bay anf engine shutdown for pushback into bay.

The parking bays in Bandung are so small that aircraft needed to be pushed back onto the bay. Passengers walking along the tarmac to other aircraft were held back till our engines were shut.


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Old May 5, 17, 7:38 am
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Disembarking the old-fashioned way via stairs.

And a walk across the tarmac to the arrival immigration. It is free-for-all on the tarmac and really seemed like an airshow site. Wonder how it would be like if there are 2-3 flights boarding or disembarking at the same time.

Overall a pleasant flight with good service on SilkAir, though the seat comfort is not significantly better than the budget carriers.

Immigration and customs at the small airport was quick (only maximum of 6 international flights a day) and the city was only a quick 4km away.

As it was still early to check-in, we deposited our luggage at the hotel and went to seek lunch. Lunch was at Warung Sangrai and it was really good!

Quick walk around the Heritage Outlets before proceeding to Hummingbird Cafe to chill out with cake and coffee.

Checked into Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel, directly opposite the BIP mall. The hotel was very confortable and getting a room on the top floors afforded a great view!

Dinner was a simple afair of Bakso and Bakmee before catching a movie at the BIP mall opposite.

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Old May 5, 17, 8:04 am
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Breakfast was included in the room rate and it was a filling affair each morning.

Afternoon, we went to PVJ mall, and had lunch at Sagoo Kitchen.

Explored Rumah Mode outlet. A huge factory outlet very popular wth locals and tourists, and the selection is definitely huge!

The day ended with a relaxing spa treatment at Zen Family Spa. Very good massage and very cheap too!

Being at the second highest floor of the tallest building in the area, landing aircraft were literally sweeping across the rooftop!

On the day of departure, I received a message that the flight was retimed (again...) by 3hrs late. Apparently due to operational reasons again, which I believe was lack of aircraft.

Not that I minded though, allowing me a massage followed by a nice late lunch at Belachan restaurant.

Took Grab to the airport and checked in for the flight. We were the only international departure so late in the evening.

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Old May 5, 17, 10:14 am
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Thanks for sharing some impressions from Bandung. What I appreciate about Singaporean trip reports, is the focus on food
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Old May 10, 17, 11:08 am
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Boarding pass printed.

The new Bandung Airport international departure hall.

As part of service recovery for the retimed flight, SilkAir provided a meal for all passengers. It was nothing memorable though, but better than nothing.

The inbound aircraft arrived early and after a quick turnaround, boarding was called.

01 May 2017
MI 195
Bandung (BDO) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H31M

Walking across the tarmac to board the aircraft.

Refreshing towels were already placed on each seat. The flight would be very full.

Legroon on the A320 is slightly better than the B738.

Indonesian domestic carrier Expressair parked beside.

Even though the flight was full, boarding was completed rather swiftly.

Doors closed, safety video played and engines were started. There was no need for pushback.

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Old May 10, 17, 11:25 am
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Taxi out from the parking bay to the runway. It was literally just a turn from parking to the active runway.

Takeoff from Rwy29.

Meal service started soon after.

Choices were Fish with mashed potatoes or Chicken with rice. Again, it cam with fruits.

The fish with mashed potatoes looked and tasted literally of a soggy and mushy dish.

The chicken with yellow rice dish was much better.

Rest of the flight was spent continuing on a movie on SilkAir Studio and soon descend started.

Landing on Rwy20R.

Taxi to and parked at the Terminal 2.

Another short and pleasant flight on SilkAir with the usual good and efficient service.

Thanks for reading!
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Nice photos! The food looks great. Shame the flights were both retimed. Seems like poor co-ordination by the airport management and airlines.
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Nice TR, thanks for sharing!
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Nice report, sir.

My 1st and only experience with SilkAir was in 2004, from Palembang to Singapore. It was very nice, but unfortunately the ticket prices are always high.

I've ever lived in Bandung for about 3 years. Your choice of foods were nice. But foods outside malls and shopping centers are always more delicious, though perhaps less hygienic.

Originally Posted by ycp81 View Post

Dinner was a simple afair of Bakso and Bakmee before catching a movie at the BIP mall opposite.

I'm pretty sure this is Bakso Malang Karapitan (BMK). I've been very familiar with this bakso and mee.
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