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Airline Security Tour 2002 : 14,586 miles in a week (AA, NW, Amtrak)

Airline Security Tour 2002 : 14,586 miles in a week (AA, NW, Amtrak)

Old Feb 22, 02, 6:58 am
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Great report! A perfect middle-of-the-night read. I'd bet there might be a screener or two reading this who recognize you from your carry-on items!
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Old Feb 22, 02, 8:01 am
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Great report Sean and it was fun to meet up with you again. We seem to have a DFW/ATL/DFW/ATL rotation going, and wouldn't you know, I'm in ATL in two weeks....

I will say that I never thought that *I* would ever get to be a character in a story that included anal beads though!
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Old Feb 22, 02, 9:09 am
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"I'd bet there might be a screener or two reading this who recognize you from your carry-on items! "

>>> Oh please! Like those stupid idiots can read!? let alone read English?! let alone read something on the internet!?
let alone turn on a computer!? Get real!

Ok, they know what to do with anal beads,
they get a point.

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Old Feb 22, 02, 6:59 pm
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You were right in that Scotch Incident. You are allowed to carry up to 70oz or flamabale liquids, and one container may not exceed 16oz. I do not know how I would ever survive someone going through my things some many times like that. I flew 2 weeks after 9/11 and have not flown since. The secuiry cvheck I hear about now were not at all in place when I flew 2week after 9/11. Now with the Premium lines going out and having someone open up my bag, I may not fly at all
except for urgent business i.e no leisure.
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Old Feb 22, 02, 7:22 pm
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I just told everyone at work about the AA screening that required you to have the same bag searched by the same woman twice.

My sister just had a screener insist that she open a bottle of wine. She tried to explain that it would require a corkscrew and that one can't have a corkscrew at the airport.

Your trip report reminded me how much I detest dumb people having power trips.

Maybe one day we'll all fly together without the hassle.

Take care,

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Old Feb 22, 02, 9:15 pm
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What an awesome report! Thanks.
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Old Feb 24, 02, 9:19 am
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Five-star trip report!
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Old Feb 24, 02, 11:24 am
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Among the many good reports on this board, this one is brilliant

Thank you!

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Old Feb 25, 02, 12:14 pm
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Hats off to you and your report!
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Old Feb 25, 02, 1:23 pm
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Great report. I wish I could do one (a trip) like it myself. I'd love to compare the different kinds of "security" without having too much stress about my destination. Thanks for writing it.

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I really enjoyed this trip report. After I read it, I thought about it several times throughout the afternoon.

I think a trip to the (adult) bookstore before my next trip is in order.
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Old Feb 25, 02, 7:55 pm
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Great report but you screwed up on one item...Elton Brand now plays for the Clippers. Thanks again for the interesting reading!
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Old Feb 26, 02, 9:11 am
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B747- as usual
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by B747-437B:
...11 February 2002
AA 4859
Saab 340 B
New York John F. Kennedy to Pittsburgh International
================================================== ==

I arrived at the checkpoint at around 345pm for a 415pm flight and was shocked to see a handwritten sign on the ID checker's podium saying "TIPS ARE APPRECIATED". I made a comment that that was not an appropriate thing to display as I presented my E-ticket receipt (printed on AA stock and containing the ticket numbers) along with my passport.

At this time, Mr. Herbert Silva of Worldwide Flight Services (the security contractor) told me that my documents were not in order and that I would not be allowed to go through his checkpoint. He said that "E-Tickets are not valid on American Eagle". I am not certain if his attitude was due to ignorance, or in resentment of my comments about his sign. Either way, he picked the wrong guy to f*** with, especially after my crappy transatlantic flight.

I immediately asked to see the GSC (Ground Security Coordinator) running the checkpoint. He arrogantly told me that there was "no such thing as a GSC" and that I needed to move or he would have me arrested. I stood my ground and demanded to see the GSC. He refused and called one of the National Guard over to remove me.

I calmly explained that I was waiting for the GSC and the Guardsman backed me up, telling Mr. Silva to fetch either the GSC or his supervisor. He said that he would do so "in a few minutes". So I waited. And waited. And waited. Every 5 minutes, I announced loudly "I have now been waiting (x) minutes for Mr. Silva to fetch the GSC".

After 21 minutes, Mr. Silva finally left to fetch his supervisor. She arrived at 413pm and I explained my situation and told her that I was waiting for the GSC.

Her response was that the GSC was "not available right now". I told her that if the GSC was not physically present at the checkpoint, FAA regulations required that the checkpoint be shutdown and the terminal evacuated, so perhaps she would like to reconsider her answer. She hastily reworded it to say that the GSC was "in a meeting with a FAA inspector".

I immediately pulled out my business card (which gives my profession as an Aviation Consultant) and told her to go hand it to the FAA inspector saying that I would like to meet with HIM instead of the GSC. She was very flustered by now and wandered away. She returned at 422pm saying that the GSC had allegedly cleared my passage through the checkpoint.

Unfortunately, although I had been patient and waited for Mr. Silva to learn how to do his job, the PIT flight was not quite so considerate and had departed without me aboard. I smiled at Mr. Silva, promised him that he had not heard the end of this matter, and proceeded through the checkpoint.

Good ol' WSJ, always on the cutting edge of investigative reporting.
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Old Mar 26, 02, 12:28 pm
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American Airlines
Executive Offices

Dear Mr. Mendis,

Please accept my apologies for the difficulty you encountered while traveling through New York with us on February 11.

The issue you addressed is one that we are taking very seriously. Accordingly, a lengthy investigation of the situation was conducted to make sure this does not happen again. The representative in question is no longer employed with the security company providing services at Kennedy. Additionally, steps have been taken to ensure that a Ground Security Co-ordinator is always available at the checkpoint.

We thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Your business is important to us and we look forward to welcoming you aboard again soon.

Yours truly,

Darla Payrot

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