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$8 shower at Hong Kong airport

If you are a budget traveler and will do a mileage run to HKG. It just opens a new shower facility close to gate 60 that usually is the UA departure gate. For HK$65 or US$8, you have a shower and a quiet room with massage chairs for a nap.

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Old Aug 27, 01, 2:16 pm   #2
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Probably not a relevant topic on this board, but since I dont understand the point of mileage runs (flying 5000 miles to get points?). I have to ask...why would someone who would spend money and fly just to get miles, (no other purpose) even care about spending $8 on a shower? Seems like budget is not an issue if you do a mileage run!!
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AA in CA,

Where is your head? The mileage run was to maintain the coveted status....nothing more. Most likely he turned around and went right back home, so why spend the money on a hotel, which he won't be in for even 12 hours, when you can spend $8 to take a shower and have a room to nap in before heading back out....
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AA in CA: One word - whatever.

After all, with Int'l e-savers or web fares, etc., it can be pretty cheap to do a mileage run. No idea if you've got elite status - but for a lot of us, once we have it, we don't want to lose it - hence mileage run. It's a hobby ... admittedly one that makes us spend far too much time in pressurized aluminum tubes. So, to each their own.

And I don't know about you, but a shower after you've been on a plane for a good while is very very nice.
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You really can't expect non-FF'ers to understand that spending time in a plane isn't really torture.

Personally, I rather enjoyed my TPE run. I got time to read, watched a couple of movies, and was generally happy about being completely cut off from my work for almost 3 days. I felt no urge to try my VPN, and only checked my personal e-mail. It was pretty darn relaxing.

Of course, the mileage calculations also came out distinctly positive in terms of net value.
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I have never done a mileage run per se...but I agree that I would probably enjoy it, while I understand many others would find it drudgery.

I would tend to want to spend at least a night or two in HK (might even get some suits/shirts made), however vs. just coming straight home from the airport.
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Old Aug 30, 01, 10:43 am   #7
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As for the $8 shower in HK. I might avail myself of it sometime.

As for AA in CA...I recently did TWO (back to back!) mileage runs from LAX-SIN.....and I loved every minute of it. One man's torture is another man's extasy. Go figure that one out....<wink>
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Old Aug 30, 01, 8:40 pm   #8
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It was US $9 yesterday.

Two doors away, at Thai Royal Orchid Lounge? $0

Three doors away, at the Red Carpet Club, "still closed for repairs".

Reached 1K MM on 8-29-01, please resume upgrading.
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At Heathrow Terminal 4, shower (in general restroom, arrivals level) is free, unless a towel is desired (about $2.90). At Auckland, also free. Just for comparative purposes.
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Just to clarify, I was not so much questioning spending extra hours in an airplane to gain miles (a whole separate topic, as one said...to each his/her own).

Rather I just noted the irony of flying thousands of miles and then looking for the cheapest shower available.

I will be the first to admit this is a phenomena I neither understand nor envy, but do enjoy learning the motivations of others.

Hope the 'mileage runners' did not find this offensive.
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I wonder how much it costs now ?

I wonder how much it costs now ?

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by shippingexpertise View Post
I wonder how much it costs now ?

Thank you.
This is so weird that I will gladly take the bait.

The answer appears to be $150 HKD.

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This isn't really a trip report is it? It's also 13 years old.

I think it's best if this thread is closed.

Moderator: Trip Reports
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