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YYC-YYZ-YOW-YYZ-YYC (in one day)

YYC-YYZ-YOW-YYZ-YYC (in one day)

Old Jan 11, 00, 2:41 pm
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YYC-YYZ-YOW-YYZ-YYC (in one day)

Was supposed to be a 24 hour run leaving at midnight on a red-eye AC flight and returning at midnight 24 hours later (but the best laid plans . . .).

Had the normal run from YYC-YYZ with the wonderful cold plate of marinated turkey but was disappointed in the "less than fresh" crusty rolls.

Instead of staying on the same plane all the way to Ottawa I got on a flight leaving 15 minutes earlier that was parked at the adjacent gate (more miles and quicker too!). Had a great spinach/mushroom omelette--the best I have had on a plane period! Not really much time to enjoy it though on this 1 hour flight.

Had all day meetings in Ottawa then was supposed to catch the 8 PM flight back to Edmonton and then connect to Calgary. Had great fresh crusty rolls at the wonderfull new Maple Leaf lounge in Ottawa.

At 7:45 PM I notice the flight has still not arrived from Montreal and then "delayed" comes up. I go to the lounge agent and she looks on her computer which doesn't even show it is delayed. I explain the short connection in Edmonton and she says not to worry, the plane may not be that much late anyway. I said I would hold out as long as the flight was going, even if I had to stay overnight in Edmonton (they would pay).

To make a long story short the plane was delayed 2 hours (weather in Montreal) but by 8:30 AC had got on the reservation system and booked me on J class on Canadian leaving for Toronto at 9:45, connecting to a flight that would arrive at 2AM in Calgary. A much better choice I thought, besides I would get to compare the "former" competition. I was surprised that AC was able to book me J class as I had a full fare Y ticket that I was using upgrades on with AC. I didn't complain as I was heading home to my own bed.

I went and checked the Canadian lounge in Ottawa but they were busy vacuuming an cleaning so it wasn't really conducive to a quiet relaxing atmosphere. They had some sandwiches that had been left out too long and the mustard/mayo tasted off. Had good selection of drinks though

Disappointed in the lack of any food (remember I hadn't eaten supper as I was expecting it on the 8 PM Edmonton flight) so all I had was a couple of buns in my belly to tide me over. Nuts on the short CP flight just didn't cut it. The F28 was comfortable enough in J class for such a small plane but I was looking for nourishment. I opted for wine instead and was disappointed with the selection (a Canadian Chardonnay and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc). I thought it must be just the short flight but it was the same offering on the Toronto-Calgary run .

Checked out the lounge in Toronto and thought it was OK, lots of computers (a good thing) but very little privacy and the low ceilings upstairs gave me a slight claustrophobic feeling. Good selection of drinks, including some single malt Scotch (which I have not seen in Maple Leaf lounge). Still no food! Great views onto the airport though.

Get on the midnight flight to Calgary. Pleased to see the spacious and comfortable seating in J class (far superior to most Calgary-Toronto runs on AC, although occasionally they do offer the intercontinental 767 on AC). I wouldn't like the CP transcontinental seat as much as AC's for international runs though. I am presuming CP's international seat is better than the one used on the North American flights since this did not have a personal video? As I had been up for over 40 hours (save 2 hours sleep on the way to Toronto), I didn't need the personal video anyway. But I did want food! My stomach was screaming at me by now.

Fortunately it arrived shortly after take-off and it was an absolutely delicious marinated cold beef with some cold salads that also fit the bill. They also had fresh crusty rolls. Top marks to Canadian here . Only disappointment was wine selection. Service was excellent and the cabin was only half full. It would have been great if this airline had made the turn around and continued to compete against AC. Oh well, water under the bridge . . .

Had a great 2.5 hour nap--the CP seat was obviously comfortable enough to sleep in. Got home to -17 degree temperatures and a frosty car and headed home to sleep.

Now I have to make sure I don't lose any status points on AC for being diverted to CP .

Full marks to AC for getting me a J seat on Canadian and for having such wonderful lounges and a reasonable selection of wine. Minus marks to AC for the stale buns. Full marks to Canadian for a great business class product and service on the transcontinental runs and for the great view from the lounge. Minus marks to CP for no food when I needed it on the Ottawa-Toronto flight and for the "off" food in the Ottawa lounge.
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I don't think the Ottawa Empress Lounge gets much traffic except in the mornings and when London flights are running - I have often been alone in it. This might explain, if not excuse, the food. The upside is that I have never not been able to spread out myself, my stuff and food/drinks in the conference room.

I suppose that the Empress Lounge in Ottawa is for the chop as soon as possible, since the new Maple Leaf Lounge is also airside and only 50 yards away.
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You must have been on a CP 767. FWIW CP's J class (i.e., widebody a/c) product is identical across the fleet for domestic and international service)- seats are the same but meal service is slightly better (namely, a cheese course) on the inercontinental flights. The 767s do not have personal videos so Sony Watchmans are provided on intercontinental flights.

The 747s and DC-10s do have personal seat videos. The A-320s (and 737s) don;t have in-seat videos.

Seat pitch is best on the 747s (65"), then 767s (60") and DC-10s (50")

I will miss CP and am not sure I will patronise MapleFlot
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Old Jan 11, 00, 5:22 pm
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Yes it was a 767 (onward to Vancouver after Calgary). As I said I am more happy with AC's international seats than the seats on Canadian. I also like AC's inseat video (I just couldn't get the leather to lift up on Canadian's centre where the video should be ). I particularly like AC's new system that you can pause, rewind, fast forward, pick the shows you want and play them almost like at home).

Hope you continue to fly AC despite obvious hard feelings--they have given me great service and mostly a very good product. I will give them a chance, but I am not averse to writing letters of complaint when I think things have gone wrong.
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I was also a fan of Canadian - althought the AC flights are usually pleasant, I've always found the check-in, agents and FA's to be snippy and sometimes downright rude. Maybe it's just me?
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Old Jan 12, 00, 11:43 am
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BlondeBomber, your 24 hours of travel gave me a headache (as much as seeing all those airport codes.)

And I complain about going EWR-ORD or DEN-LAS, sleep, meetings, then back in under 24 hours.

I salute you with FOUR PAWS UP!!!

FYI: Do you have status on Canadian? You might be able to get credit for BOTH flights. I have received credit for both airlines when U-A put me on CO (once) and AA (once.)

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Old Jan 15, 00, 6:32 am
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. . . and the nice AC Super Elite staff did credit me for the flights I couldn't fly!
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