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Senior GATO Visita Mexico

Senior GATO Visita Mexico

Old Dec 31, 99, 3:11 pm
Commander Catcop
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Senior GATO Visita Mexico

THis was a one day trip and a surprise trip by my friends Steve and Joyce (I figured it was to Mexico when they asked me to bring my Passport!)

We take a bus that looks older than me from a stop near the border crossing. We were heading to CIUDAD ACUCA (SP? Help me Steve or JAWS!!!) Noticed that many of the people boarding had bags from H.E.B. (A grocery chain in Texas) or Wal Mart bags filled with bread, canned goods, rice and flour.

Have to admit I was a bit scared about goign to Mexico concerning the stories you hear on the news.

I would be pleasantly surprised.

We get off the bus and start walking down the main street.

Some observations:

*The Merchants are friendly, helpful and NOT PUSHY!!! They always "We'll offer a fair price."

*Merchants speak English and accept American cash.
*Prices of items in many cases better than the states (Like the Jose Cuevro which Steve got.)

*They had Cuban Cigars at I think 15 dollars U.S. a pop. I was so disappointed I could not bring one or a few back to the states (I don't want to end up a newsstory.) So I got a Mexican cigar (now I need to find it!)

*Streets relatively clean and patrolled. There was one little girl begging for coins with Chiclets.

*Lots of tourists, especially Texans.

*Found a great Mexican Restaurant on the strip: Crosby's (which was there since I think the 1940's.) Good food, great prices, friendly service, nice roving bands playing Mexican music. If you go: BRING YOUR VISA OR MASTERCARD!!! That's all they take.

And a funny observation: the pharmacies sell everything made in the U.S. at good prices... Biggest ads are for a little blue "happy" pill made by Pfizer at $9.38 a pop. I don't know if this is a good price since I have NEVER USE THE STUFF!

All I bought besides the cigar was a goofy looking straw hat. Steve and Joyce got a lot of items like blankets (big ones at 5 dollars U.S.) and other tokens.

It was a nice day trip... and I'm looking forward to going back to Mexico in the near future.
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Old Jan 1, 00, 2:08 pm
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It's time for AlphaSigOU's 'INSTANT SPANISH!' lesson! (I speak Spanish like a native, but it doesn't get me very far in Mexico... my accent is obviously from the Caribbean region (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela) area -- and sometimes I get lost with their slang!)

Ciudad Acuña (cee-OO-dad ah-COO-nyah), sometimes just shortened to 'Acuña' is in the Mexican state of Coahuila (co-a-juee-la).

Unlike Nuevo Laredo (across from Laredo, TX), Acuña is a lot cleaner and friendlier, and isn't out to gouge the gringo turista. Acuña seems to attract a lot of people to the pharmacies, where prescription medicines are cheaper and some can be obtained over the counter. Ditto with Piedras Negras, across the river from Eagle Pass, TX).

A word of caution on Cuban cigars (other than the fact that they are illegal to import in the USA): Except in Nuevo Laredo, where there is an authorized dealer from Habanos S.A. (the Cuban state tobacco exporter) be very careful... some of these could be counterfeit. If they are genuine, they may not have been kept very well, and you could be wasting your money.

Next time in Del Rio... stop at the Val Verde winery... good Texas wine!

Causa latet vis est notissima - the cause is hidden, the results are well-known.

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Old Jan 1, 00, 9:03 pm
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One minor correction:

Coahuila would be pronounced co-ah-WEE-la.

Growing up in SoCal gives you a chance to learn lots of interesting Spanish words and pronunciation. We had lots of great street names in town...Via Escuela (School Way) had no schools on it. You couldn't see China from Vista Chino (China View). I never saw a cowboy on Avenida Caballeros (Cowboys Avenue). And the English streets weren't much better...Sunrise is west of Sunset.

Some of you may be able to figure out the town based on those streets.
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Old Jan 3, 00, 5:51 am
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another story I like reading (and smiling) a lot from the Cat.

Lots of tourists, especially Texans.it has been reported elsewhere, that at least one was from NJ!
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Old Jan 3, 00, 10:35 am
Commander Catcop
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Chuck/AlphaSigOu and of course my wise cracking loveable Texas bestest buddy JAWS:
I'm sorry I didn't give you heads up about being in San Antonio but MileCrazy wanted the whole thing secret (and he wanted to surprise Holly who I suspect is a lurker on this board!)

Chuck: you also rattled my brains about another visit on the trip:

"Next time in Del Rio... stop at the Val Verde winery... good Texas wine!"

We did visit right at closing. We did not have time for a tour but we did taste the wines. They were delicious. I ended up buying the Val Verde Millenium wine, only 2000 bottles made.

We also made a stop going back to Arlington at the Grape Creek winery for more wine tastings. Unlike Val Verde we were limited to four tastes. I bought this great tasting White Zinfandael.

Impressed that Texas makes mroe than just great ice cream (Blue Bell) FOUR PAWS UP Beer (Shiner Bock) and kicking music (the country boys.)

Now with all this wine, plus two bottles from U-A and a bottle of Champaigne, I just need someone to share it with.

Rudi: I write with humour because my life is a situatation comedy. Starring myself with fine support by Yaz Mainecoon Stokolosa Blanchard and Sir Edwin Landseer Blanchard.
And featuring the Flyertalkers!

JAWS: You must have been behind the wonderful birthday gift I found in my Harrod's Cat shopping bag: a certificate and passport giving me LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP IN THE GREAT NATION OF TEXAS! It was signed by "your favorite fanclub, the Texas Rangers."

I'm touched! With that citizenship and my other citizenships in Flyertalk, Canada and Disneyland I'll always have somewhere to go.

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