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Catman Dec 31, 99 1:58 pm

I know you have been on your paws and needles over this (well, QUiet Lion has...)

12-26: After a wonderful pair of flights on my favorite airline United (EWR-ORD-DFW -- trip reports to come) I have a 2 hr layover at the RCC before boarding AA 847 DFW-SAT (I hope that's the airport code for San Antonio.)

MileCrazy has me flying down to see him... and says there's a surprise or two in the offering. SO landing I"m expecting to see him.

Who should be at the gate... but a woman from my past... HOLLY!

She saw me and screamed 'OH MY GOD! YOU'RE HERE!!!' SHe runs for the plane (like I was returning from war!)

After avoiding a near coronary there were tears and hugs and "how are yous?" and other stuff.

It was a surprise for both of us, courtesy of MileCrazy who thought it would nice for two old friends to get together for the holidays (and an early birhtdya celebration for me!)
Holly and M-C were already planning to be there for a few days.

Then it was off to San Antonio for 36 hours of catching up and fun with those two and Holly's very nice parents and brother.

Some of the highlights:

*Dinner at the Tower of AMericas (food pretty good, service slow... TWO PAWS UP AT BEST, THREE FOR THE VIEW... the restaurant moved too fast.)
*Hilton Palacio Del Party (sorry Rio, I kept naggin MileCrazy that he missed an awesome San Antonio Flyertalk party in June with BIG BRUDDAR PremEx, beckles, AusTxHiker, our host AlphaSigOu, Quantum Leap, KSA USA and myself.
>>>A side note: I asked for a Towers upgrade and the desk person said "Sorry, we don't have a towers floor anymore." They did have HOT WATER PREMEX!!!
*The college bowl madness around us.
*A nice lunch at a bank building courtesy of MileCrazy.
*Walkign the Riverwalk.
*MileCrazy and me throwing back a few Guinesses at the Irish Pub (where Beckles kept me from falling into the Riverwalk in June!)

Most of all: seeing great friends, seeing all my friends old and new over the past few weeks.

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AlphaSigOU Jan 1, 00 7:06 am

AAUGH! You were down in SAT and didn't say hi?!?!? You heard me, JAWS... let's revoke Catman's Texas passport!

Causa latet vis est notissima - the cause is hidden, the results are well-known.

JAWS_II Jan 1, 00 10:44 am

Ah, I'm not sure if we should do that, AlphaSigOU. The "CAT" needs to get to civilization occasionally, and where else could be the ultimate place, but TEXAS.

There is still one thing that bothers me, though. The "CAT" stayed in a Motel 6 in Del Rio. In order to enhance the Cat's intelligence, maybe we should make him a permanent resident of TEXAS.

AlphaSigOU Jan 1, 00 1:42 pm

OK JAWS... we'll forgive 'im this time Del Rio's not much for creature comforts, though!

Causa latet vis est notissima - the cause is hidden, the results are well-known.

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