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AusTXHiker Dec 29, 99 10:18 pm

Check-in: Upon check-in, I asked the ticket agent if there were any aisle or window seat available. She abruptly told me that every seat in the plane is taken. I went to the gate and asked the gate agent if he could find me a better seat. After a few keystrokes, the gate agent ("Larry") smiled and handed me a new boarding pass. He upgraded me to first class.

Boarding: Boarding proceeded smoothly. The flight departed on time.

In-flight: The cabin was fairly clean and in good repair. I quickly settled in my seat as the flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure. We were offered two choices for lunch, a turkey croissant or a shrimp sandwich. I picked the turkey croissant, which was served with a side of tortellini in a light cream sauce and a sesame seed roll. The flight attendant working in first class was inattentive.

Arrival: Shortly after warm chocolate chip cookies were served after lunch, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for arrival. We arrived in ORD about 5 minutes early.

Rating: B+

Captain Mike Dec 29, 99 11:49 pm

AusTXhiker: Congratulations on your upgrade! I'm always amazed what gate agents can do if they really want to, and how stubborn they can be when they don't want to. I'm curious...on what basis were you upgraded? Did you have a particularly "frazzled" look on your face? Why was "Larry" so nice while the first agent was so uncooperative? From your report, it doesn't sound like upgrades were even deducted from your account. If so, double congratulations! Again, how could "Larry" justify the upgrade to the computer without deducting upgrades from your account? Is there some code he entered saying "believe me, computer, this guy desperately needs to be upgraded?"

AusTXHiker Dec 31, 99 8:51 am

Captain Mike: Quite frankly, there was absolutely no basis for the upgrade. I was on a Q fare, a Blue member on BA, etc. Since gate agents have a lot of "power", I can only assume that he simply upgraded me just because he can. The first class cabin was only half-full. All I asked him was if I could get a better seat (since I was in row 19 or something like that). I didn't even have any small talk with him. Maybe it was my business attire and my desperate "can I have an upgrade?" smile. Take your pick.

West Coast Flyer Dec 31, 99 5:57 pm

Do they have hot towels and menus and perks like that on your flights in AA First Class? Just curious...

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