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Old Dec 11, 99, 2:01 pm
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I have been meaning to type a long involved trip report with lots of funny details, but I have been too darn busy so I'll just hit the highlights.

FC from SEA/IAD was without incident and the food was just fine. Breakfast was breakfast, but I did, as always, enjoy the deli service later on in the flight. I had a very long talk with the FAs on this flight and they assured me that it is strictly forbidden to upgrade employees before revenue passengers and, while they love getting upgrades, it happens very rarely, usually only on 3 class planes and flights that are so short that people don't bother upgrading. IAD/MIA was 777 service and we had seats in Row 8, which is the bulkhead seat in Business. These seats are extremely comfortable and have a lumbar massage function which I like a lot. There were quite a few employees in 1st on this flight but I was so comfy, I could have cared less. Unfortunately they only had the filet in business but the FA was sweet enough to snag me salmon from First. Joe has me so terribly spoiled that can't believe I keep trying to eat salmon anywhere but home and very good Seattle restaurants, but it beat being hungry.

After we stopped at a store for goodies, we spent the first night at the Airport Hilton (for convenience and points) and were amazed to find that before we made it through a very quick Gold VIP check-in, Dom had met two young ladies in the lobby who invited him to a Johnny Walker party in the hotel. We went up to an upgraded really quite large suite where Dom quickly changed into party duds and Joe and I relaxed for the evening.

The next morning we drove down to the Sonesta Beach Resort in Key Biscayne for our conference and again had a very nice suite with a huge balcony on the ocean side (no points of course). After a few meetings and a party we met AusTXHiker and we all joined up with friends from Mexico City for a trip up to South Beach. We couldn't really stay late enough for the action to begin so we played tourista for a while and then headed back to Key Biscayne so AusTXHiker could get back to Ft. Lauderdale at a reasonable hour. The rest of us danced the night away until they closed down the bar. The culmination of this segment was a black-tie dinner dance at the resort where I am happy to report Joe and I danced almost every single dance and had a ball. Even Dom danced a lot and decided as a result to start swing and waltz lessons in January.

It was interesting that all the time I was in Miami everyone spoke to me first in Spanish, but spoke to Joe first in English. My friend Anna from Mexico City says it's because I look Spanish. Hmmmm.

Early the next afternoon Joe and I flew on to Dallas via IAD while Dom flew home via ORD. We had some sort of nifty wraps and raw veggies for lunch, but I got the salmon for dinner again. Lucky me.

We did the Hilton Airport routine again (and had a nice upgrade again) the first night in Dallas and then went out to the Westlake Marriott for our next go around of meetings. This is an architecturally interesting facility, but unfortunately I was allergic to some awful air freshner they use and had to check out 5 rooms before I found one where I could breathe. Most of our meals were served in the conference rooms where we were meeting and the food was surpisingly good.

Before we left for our cocktail party and dinner I decided to jump on line for a minute only to discover that I had left my power cord at the Airport Hilton. We dashed back and Damian, the security guy, took us up to our old room and knocked on the door. Sure enough the current occupant said, "Oh yeah, the first thing I did when I got here was jump on line and found your cord". I forgot to ask him if he was a FlyerTalker.

All this made me terribly sad because I was hoping to eek out a moment or two to meet up with the illustrious JAWS, but just couldn't find a minute to slip away. Dinner was at stockyard at some supposedly "good" restaurant, but those Texans did some very bad things to prawns (the only non-red meat item on the menu).

Afer we checked in at DFW, I did have time for a quick phone call to meet JAWS at least by voice. I tried very hard to talk him into the next get together so we can meet him in person. We didn't get a chance to eat before our trip back to Denver and were sad to see that there was no service on our flight, but then, lo and behold, they closed the magic curtain and all eight of us in First got dinner, salmon again, so I could only manage a few bites. We had just enough of a layover in Denver for me to check out Denver Pizazz, where I snagged a couple of new hair bows for the holidays and lusted after a coat I can't quite yet decide on. I figure that if it is there next trip, it is for me.

On the last leg they had chicken ceasar salads and that was a nice conclusion to the salmon I just couldn't quite eat and I met an FA who knew a lot of my friends who have flown with UA since the dawn of time. We had a very nice chat.

The whole trip was a blast, nice rooms, nice seats, good service, friendly FAs, good parties, great dancing, wonderful company and no delays--Oh yeah, I forgot, to mention extremely valuable meetings. I would give it an overall 8.5, only because the food in Dallas was so bad and because I never got to lay my eyes on JAWS. Now meeting JAWS face-to-face would have easily made it a 10!

Oh well forget the condensed version, I guess I got carried away.

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Old Dec 11, 99, 6:05 pm
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Next time you and Joe get to south Florida, give me an advance e-mail. There are other fish than Salmon!
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But Joe's salmon is to die for...
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That was a quick and fun get-together with Punki and Joe. Hmmm... that makes it 3 months in a row that we've met and partied! Sorry I had to leave early, my anti-hypertensive medication was making me so tired. I barely made it to my hotel room in Fort Lauderdale after some unsafe weaving maneuvers on I-95.

I am a bit intrigued about those Texans up north. What bad things did they do to those prawns? Unfortunately, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are your prime places in TX for great food. Sorry for the bad experience Punki. Please don't judge Texan cooking based on Dallas food. I hope to see yall again soon!
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