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Inflight Wine Service

Inflight Wine Service

Old Dec 2, 99, 12:41 pm
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Inflight Wine Service

I enjoy a good glass of wine with my meal, and things have been definitely improving inflight in the quality of the offerings found in most front cabins, first and business. Flying "flag carriers" also gives one a chance to sample relatively unknown local wines if those airlines operate from countries that have a wine industry. No longer is it declasse to serve the local plonk rather that snobby French chateau, though they are still aboard as an alternative for the less adventurous.

Thus, a long international flight becomes an opertunity to conduct a wine tasting in the sky, and I try to take advantage of the choices throughout the flight, and particularly mixing different wines with the various courses during the meal service.

Here is where the problem arises...

On a recent flight aboard CO from Santiago, I knew I was in for trouble because the nuts were cold. It turned out to be a portent for the rest of the cabin crew service, which was mediocre (including the quality of the food). But the crux of the matter was that I had to ring several times to even get wine with my courses. And even then, I was looked at as being strange wanting to change from a white to a red for the main course. (Not only that, I had the audacity to ask to sample all wines aboard to compare them, since I am only now discovering the more obscure Chilean wineries.)

For the most part I find flight attendents are ignorant about how to serve wine. It is not good enough to serve each course, but not to also offer a refill or change of wine immediately. Having to wait until the whole rest of the cabin has been served before considering coming through with "top ups" is an insult to those of us who eat and drink in a civilized fashion.

I had the same problem on Tuesday night aboard CX between JFK and YVR. The flight attendents try to be very solicitous and attend to matters quickly, but when it came to wine service, they were painfully badly trained and unaware of how to proffer the expected level of service.

Am I the only person who experiences such lack of understanding by flight crews on the wine front?
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Old Dec 2, 99, 1:13 pm
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Sort of related that was posted yesterday...

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Old Dec 2, 99, 1:40 pm
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Goes to show sometimes less is more. Although admittedly, I often don't have a choice, I usually have to beat the FAs off with a stick on Alaska Airlines to keep them from refilling my glass. Occasionally they've left the bottle if I'm the only one drinking it!

But, I do have one wine-related whine. I like to enjoy a glass of wine BEFORE my meal without food. However, often I have to wait for my meal before I get my wine. I usually then sit and drink the wine while my food gets cold or dries out.

Oh my! Listen to us whining about wine. We are so fortunate to have these kind of problems.
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Old Dec 4, 99, 11:20 pm
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Boy, I sure saw that on my last trip TravelWeary...the person across the aisle was acting very tipsy by the end of my last flight, because she had (at least) six glasses total of three different wines on the trip. She had to steady herself when she got up.
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