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Flexible preferences Aug 17, 14 2:31 pm

Originally Posted by heckenhocker (Post 23378463)
watching with interest :cool:

+1 ^

our_kid Aug 17, 14 2:39 pm

Am on it too - maybe what you also get up to in flight? Am guessing a well loaded iPod or equivalent with top tunes :)

Safe travels

Tobias-UK Aug 17, 14 2:40 pm

Originally Posted by FatnLoud (Post 23378038)
Oooh, if it looks like a TR, sounds like a TR and quacks like a TR, then it must be a ....

Heads down in case Matthandy is on the prowl :D

Keep up the good work!

Ah, but this is a business traveller's diary not a trip report ;)

katie666 Aug 17, 14 2:50 pm

We get to LHR from NCL too - fabulous view of the sights in London as the aircraft follows the Thames. We had seats 1B&C in May but will try and get D&E in October if we can as the view seems to be better at that side of the aircraft. I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts.


Tintin_on_the_road Aug 17, 14 3:00 pm

Looking forward to this. And curious of your field of profession as well...

bobbob1976 Aug 17, 14 3:12 pm

I'm looking forward to following with interest. I've been watching Billinghams over on the trip report forum but it will be really interesting to read one from a working week perspective.

dylanks Aug 17, 14 3:25 pm

Nice trip rep, er, I mean, week in the life of our favourite frequent BA traveler!

travelwithross Aug 17, 14 3:40 pm

A business traveller's week on BA and oneworld
Looking forward to sharing your week with you c-w-s :)

gustavmahler Aug 17, 14 4:00 pm

Thanks for sharing cws - this looks really interesting, especially to someone who travels for work only very occasionally.

andset1191 Aug 17, 14 4:03 pm

Goodness me CWS, we were on the same tube ex T5 today. I was in the first coach going to Boston Manor (I'm in the Hilton Syon Park tonight).

Have a good week!

dddc Aug 17, 14 4:21 pm

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave (Post 23377314)

Tube to South Quay
Leave LHR T5 Tube station: 17:26
Arrive South Quay DLR station: 18:48
Piccadilly line to South Ken / Circle Line to Monument / DLR from Bank to South Quay.
Oyster Fare: 3

This is one of the more difficult trips to do from LHR, and though Heathrow Express may be a little quicker, there's so little in it that I went tube the whole way. Those who live in London will probably pick up on the fact that I changed at South Kensington rather than Barons Court, but I saw a lot of people waiting at Hammersmith - so I thought I would do the more awkward interchange at South Ken in the successful attempt to get a Circle line service. Tube's busy but I got a seat most of the way.

Perplexed as why you took to the long way with the DLR to South Quay, with a long connection at the Bank/Monument complex and not the Jubilee line from Westminster (down a few escalators, but no long walk like bank or the 1 stop change at Green Park), and then the few minutes walk through the West Atrium at CW and then over the bridge to the Hilton?

Came into T5 last Wednesday night. Boarded the Picadillly at 9.00pm and it left 1 minute later. Arrived up the escalators at Canary Wharf at 10.03pm. That included a few minutes at Hammersmith and Westminster. Using the HEX according to TFL is the quickest to this part of town - but that assumes you time your connection for the train correctly. Miss it and the tube will get you there just as fast, but for a fraction of the price. The way the HEX prices keep rising, I won't be using it again.

Now, the big question is will you take the DLR all the way to LCY via the interchange at Poplar, or will you take the more logical/quicker route of using the Jubillee to Canning Town and then changing for the DLR?? :D

thejohn Aug 17, 14 4:21 pm

I'm in and love the REVIEW....

Sixth Freedom Aug 17, 14 4:41 pm

Good to see the door to the NCL Terraces! Looking forward to the rest of the report corporate-wage-slave. ^

Originally Posted by secretplantofightinflation (Post 23377500)
CWS, you seem to spend your entire life in the air! Just what is it that you do for a living?

My guess = MI6! :D

AeroWesty Aug 17, 14 4:49 pm

Originally Posted by Sixth Freedom (Post 23379067)
My guess = MI6! :D

I thought he was on the lamb! :eek:

Calchas Aug 17, 14 5:22 pm

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave (Post 23377314)
This isn't a trip report, well not of the normal variety. No LPGS perished in this saga, no knee shots, no hotel bathrooms and definitely no synchronised spoons.

Sounds interesting—subscribed. ^

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave (Post 23377342)
Saturday - Friday off

Do you mean you have all of next week off, or are you crossing the international date line at the end of the week? :p

Originally Posted by secretplantofightinflation (Post 23377500)
CWS, you seem to spend your entire life in the air! Just what is it that you do for a living?

My money is on international drug dealer with sheep farming as a cover story. ;) Or the lynch pin of his transport strategy. :eek:

Originally Posted by 710 77345 (Post 23377775)
Ha ha, are you going to be getting 'inspiration' for different Trip Report writers for each different day? I wonder who possibly could have inspired today's! ;)

:D :D :D This did make me laugh.

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