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AeroWesty Aug 19, 14 8:54 am

Originally Posted by exilencfc (Post 23387902)
Maybe CWS doesn't actually have a job at all? Maybe he's just a billionaire with a bizarre hobby?

I posted earlier that he's on the lamb. He just doesn't oink about it much. ;)

golfmad Aug 19, 14 9:25 am

Originally Posted by Physci (Post 23387670)
I've added a wiki to facilitate going to the latest daily updates


That's another really excellent idea I wish I'd thought of but didn't :(

dutch_122 Aug 19, 14 10:09 am

Very interesting report, thanks CWS for sharing ^.

flatlander Aug 19, 14 10:46 am

Originally Posted by AeroWesty (Post 23380858)
In over 30 years of working in offices, I've never once seen anyone brush their teeth after lunch, so rebrushing after breakfast I wouldn't believe to be all that common.

A noticeable (though still small) subset of my colleagues can be seen to brush their teeth after lunch.

jonas123 Aug 19, 14 10:47 am

I'm gonna guess based on the travel, C-W-S is either:

a) a bad spy
b) some form of consulting
c) oil & gas

layz Aug 19, 14 10:53 am

I think we have a winner for trip report of the year!

I certainly couldn't manage this amount of travelling. I'm interested in the next destination from LHR. Look out for the black mug in the CCR.

jcm9000 Aug 19, 14 11:03 am

The common theme of leaving very little room for error when checking in and what not is quite interesting. I leave far too long as i hate being late for anything. I just know the one time i try to cut it CWS fine there will be a totally unexpected delay and i'll end up stranded having to buy a y ticket home...

Hobbes01 Aug 19, 14 11:06 am

Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave (Post 23377324)
I go through the safety rules of the meeting, always the first topic, and the Spanish girls all come in, either looking like impossibly glamorous models or having stepped out of some Pedro Almodóvar car crash. So the safety rules get a second hearing.

What an excellent read to while away some time at the office. Thank you C-W-S!

You seem to have very elegantly (and understandably) avoided the questions about your job so I will just try to conceal my curiosity about what it is you do for a living. I do hope you are able to expand a bit on what exactly constitute the safety rules of a meeting though. That does sound very intriguing!

corporate-wage-slave Aug 19, 14 11:10 am

Gosh! I've been Wiki'd! Greetings from my second home, CCR, an update has just gone up, the next update won't be until I get home tonight, and walked the dogs, caught the chickens, said hello to the cats.....

paul4040 Aug 19, 14 11:14 am

Just wanted to add that this is a really interesting insight, and so different to the endless TP runs in the Trip Reports section. (nothing wrong with those, but once you've seen one, you've seen them all...)

I'm not sure I could keep up with the pace of endless travel like this! I salute your indefatigability.

Thanks for sharing.

secretplantofightinflation Aug 19, 14 11:14 am

I've cracked it. You are Dr Doolittle and I claim my £5 :D

redshift27 Aug 19, 14 11:33 am

BA1336 is LHR-NCL not MAD-LHR: typo!

layz Aug 19, 14 11:35 am

Iberia's 'afternoon tea' offering certainly looks more like a meal than what you would have been given on a BA flight from that time.

So you're back home to Newcastle tonight ready for more travel tomorrow?

Who looks after all the sheep?

nh1980 Aug 19, 14 12:02 pm

I am enjoying this report, particularly the non chalance in flitting internationally between airports as if they were just Tube stops!

I'm in the brushing teeth after breakfast camp. Only brushed regularly after lunch and dinner when I had braces and if I were to do that today it would be before an important meeting (to rid any evidence of my lunch) or going out for the evening

Crampedin13A Aug 19, 14 12:06 pm

Now we've seen the famous CCR black coffee mug;)

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