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[UPDATED] Rules for Bloggers and Posters of Video Content

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Old Feb 22, 15, 3:53 am
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Originally Posted by BahrainLad View Post
A month on, and no answer to this. It seems to me like a simple solution but I find it curious that it's taking so long to even find out. I can't see any problem with embedding YouTube videos in FT posts - Internet Brands keep the user on FT, the creator of the video still gets their plays and share of ad revenue. It would seem to me to be a win-win solution.
It's not curious. I asked and put the case forward. Like you, I am in favour of embedding videos for various reasons, but it needs to be agreed and technically implemented. I have followed up to get an answer on what can be officially communicated.
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Old May 15, 15, 8:28 am
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Embedding Video Content

I'm pleased to announce that it is now possible to embed video content into your posts.

To do so simply copy in the URL in the normal way.
The video will be embedded when the post is submitted. Note that it doesn't show when previewing the post.

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Old Dec 20, 15, 6:10 pm
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Is dynamic picture sizing on the roadmap for future development? I run large pictures on my blog (2048px on the long edge) and would love to be able to use the same images here without destroying the format of the boards.
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Old Dec 28, 15, 5:56 am
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Dynamic picture sizing is being looked at. I for one for welcome it too.
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Old Jan 30, 16, 6:15 pm
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Hello there I have a Question...
Not Pertaining to the Picture and Video Category but more miscellaneous..
I am new to this site and am not familiar with how the system functions...But I went in earlier today to make a TR and after Submitting it told me I had to wait for an Admin. to Approve my thread...As this is understandable but my question is...How long is the wait till I get a response...and Do I get a notification or Email stating the Admin. has Responded?

That is all I was confused on since It is now the late afternoon and I still have yet to see my TR up on the Community TR Board! Thank you :-)
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Old Jan 31, 16, 11:05 am
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MorganG616956, you're report is now up on the site.

Moderator: Trip Reports
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Old Jul 19, 16, 2:33 am
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May I have recommendation.
Wouldn't it make sense to suggest time limits between the opening of a Trip Report thread and the finalization of that Trip Report?
Often on I read exciting headlines, only to find an announcement about a live report.
These live reports seem to be never touched again by the Original Poster. Or the report consists of some airport pictures, but is never extended to accurately reflect to the headline.
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Old Sep 15, 16, 8:27 am
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As a newbie on this forum, I need help with balancing my trip report. In the beginning, I tried to write in detail about our trip. But it does not appear that a lot of folks read it as there were only a few comments. So, now I am trying to post more photos and less prose. What should I be focusing on? Am I losing visitors on first visit? Or is it typical to have a whole lot of lurkers but very few commenters? Please PM with tips/suggestions :-)

Also, I have a relatively lightly updated blog on wordpress. Who/how is copyright determined? Can I repost this entire trip report over there as well? I am a bit antsy as I once fell foul of Wordpress rules and regulations (and I never finally figured out what I did wrong), and my blog had been suspended for nearly two years (IIRC)/
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