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Hongkong - Asias World City with Qatar C (MUC-DOH-HKG)

Hongkong - Asias World City with Qatar C (MUC-DOH-HKG)

Old Jun 16, 13, 4:25 pm
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Hongkong - Asias World City with Qatar C (MUC-DOH-HKG)

As i live near Munich Airport (actually closer to the airport than some people living in Munich itself) most of my travel is with Lufthansa and its Star Alliance Friends. But a really good Price for MUC-DOH-HKG - and the fact that Qatar uses the Boeing 787 on the MUC-DOH route was reason enough for me to try something different.

Unfortunately my luck regarding the 787 didn`t change. In december last year i booked a flight with LOT to warsaw with the sole reason to try the 787 - but the plane went technical. And now the same happend - as you alle know the whole fleet got grounded.
So instead of the 787 with the new business class in 1-2-1 layout i had to fly the A330 with the usual c-cabin with 2-2-2.

But lets start with the report.

Soon after takeoff a good selection of drinks was served - including Martinis
(the same glasses where used for ice-cream sundaes after dinner as dessert)

Dinner startet with an amouse bouche created by Star-Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

The table setting included a bread basked for every passenger.

From the different starters available i choose the Arabic Mezze - consistiong of Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Tabouleh.

Follow by a chicken as Main Course.

And some dessert of course.

After spending three hours at the "wonderfull" Doha Airport (i really hope the new airport gets completet soon) it was time to board the 777-300ER that would take me to Hong Kong.

The seats are in the same 2-2-2 layout as on the A330 - but with a greater distance between the rows, so you could lie completely flat.

As it was not too long since my flight from munich - and i also had a few snacks in the lounge i only tried the amouse bouche and went to sleep soon.

On a side note - Qatar is one of the few airlines i know that offers pyjamas in Business Class.

Shortly bevore landing in Hong Kong i had breakfast.

First a smoothie

As with dinner - i also got a bread basked for Breakfast

There was quite a lot on offer for breakfast - but as i was not that hungry i just had some fish.

As we got accustomed to bus transfers during the stop in Doha we of course also had an appron position in HKG and got to drive to the terminal by bus.
Which wasn`t too bad as i got a nice view on Malaysia Airlines new A380.

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Old Jun 16, 13, 4:35 pm
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From the Airport i took the Airport Express and a Taxi to my Hotel.

For this trip i stayed at the Intercontinetal Grand Stamford. Its just a short walk along the harbour from the Tsim Sha Tsui Fery Pier.

As i had arrived late in the afternoon i didn`t do very much this day.

First i walked along the coast towards the star ferry pier. One of the sights on this route is the Avenue of Stars. Much like the hollywood walk of fame all the stars of Hong Kong Cinema are honored with their names/stares.

(i even recognized four of the names)

When getting closer to the ferry pier it got really crowded.

The reason why all these excited people where there soon became visible: A giant yellow duck floating in the Harbour!

It somehow reminded me of a Godzilla Movie: I giant monster - a huge city - and hysteric people...

I used the Star Ferry from there to cross the harbour to get to the other side.

Here a picture of the star ferry pier on Hong Kong Island - with Hong Kongs second highest skyscraper (IFC2) in the background.

And from the same location - just 180 Degrees in the other direction - you have a nice view towards the highest skyscraper in Hongkong - the ICC (6. highest Building in the world)

In the meantime it was some time since i had something to eat - so i got back to the Kowloon side and visited the japanese restaurant NOBU

One reason to visit the restaurant is the view.

but also the food was really good.

On my way back to my hotel i once again visited the avenue of stars - and now that it was a little less crowded i could also take a picture of the statue honoring Bruce Lee.

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Old Jun 16, 13, 4:43 pm
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The next day started again with a walk towards the Star Ferry Pier.

One of the many ships in the harbour was the frigate Te Mana of the Navy of New Zealand.

On Hong Kong Island i took the bus to the south side of the Island.

Here it is a little less crowded then in the center - there are even beaches!

But of course also skyscrapers.

And a few temples

There is no subway on this side of the island - but there are frequent buses connecting all the places.

(they even show the speed on a display inside the bus)

In the harbour of Aberdeen there is a huge floating seafood restaurant.

One thing i always find interesting when travelling through asia is how much you can do with bamboo

Here another example of the star ferrys - you can not only use them to get from kowloon to hong kong island. The one in the picture is also used for harbour cruises.

But i stayed on dry land for this evening - and took some more pictures of Hong Kong by night.

And here is my favourite Skyscraper in the world - designed by I.M.Pei: The Bank of China building.

It was the first building outside of New York and Chicago to reach a height of more than 300 Meters!
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Old Jun 18, 13, 8:57 am
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Thanks for sharing such beautiful shots of HK! It's one of my favourite cities in the world for its dining choices, nightlife and overall city vibe!
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Old Jun 18, 13, 9:25 am
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Thanks for sharing your report.
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Old Jun 19, 13, 7:52 am
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The next day i made a short trip to China. Usually you have to get a Visa in advance if you want to visit China. But for Shenzen you can get your visa right at the border to Hong Kong.

Its also easy to get there. You take the MTR to the border, walk across the border and you are in Shenzen. As soon as you have entered China you can take a Taxi or the subway to all the sights in Shenzen.

Unfortunately there are not too many things to see in Shenzen...
One intersting sight (and one of the main reasons for my visit) is a museum ship. The former soviet aircraft carrier Minsk.

It was really interesting to visit the ship. But to make the most of your visit it really helps if you know something about naval warfare, as most of the descriptions are only in chinese letters. And if there are english transcriptons they don`t really help.

Compared to aircraft carriers of the US-Navy, which carry only a few weapons for self defence the soviets had a different design. The Kiew class (4 Ships including the Minsk) was more a combination of a guided missile cruiser and an aircraft carrier. They not only carrier Planes (limited to STOVL) but only the whole range of Anti Submarine/Ship/Aircraft weapons available.

Although it was really fascinating to visit the ship i was a little dissapointed, as most of the ship was in a really bad state - looks like no maintenance has been done in the last years.

Below deck there is also an exhibition about the soviet navy - although again completely in chinese.

After visiting the Minsk i made my way back to the center of Shenzen and had lunch in a nice park.

And then continued to the next reason for my visit: two skyscrapers (of course)

First Shun Hing Square - 384 meters to the tip of the antenna (325 meters to the roof), the 17. highest building in the world (and highest in china from 1996-1997)

And a few meters away Kingkey 100 - 441,8 meters to the top, highest building in Shenzen, and 9. highest Building worldwide.

In front of the Tower is this lineup of the 10 highest buildings in the world - and now my collection is complete...

And with a last view to the top its time to take the subway back to the border and walk into Hong Kong.

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Old Jun 19, 13, 10:07 am
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Is it easy to get around Shenzen without knowing Chinese? Id like to add another country stamp in my passport
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Old Jun 19, 13, 1:23 pm
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Originally Posted by CDKing View Post
Is it easy to get around Shenzen without knowing Chinese? Id like to add another country stamp in my passport
Its like most other citys in China:

Subway: No Problem at all - signs and all the Ticket machines are also in english
Taxi: plenty of Taxis available - But most of the drivers don't speak english
Bus: There are quite a few buslines available - but i didn't use them (and i guess it would be difficult)
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Old Jun 19, 13, 9:46 pm
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Great pictures!
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Old Jun 21, 13, 6:53 am
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Back in Hongkong i went to the waterfront to take some pictures of the Skyline at night. I was hoping for a little less fog - but as usual i didn`t have much luck.

The view from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier.

One of the numerous Taxis in Hong Kong

I think the Intercontinental Grand Stamford was the first Hotel in which i ever booked a more expensive room just for the view - and it was worth it - here the view from my bed:

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Old Jun 21, 13, 6:57 am
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The last day i didn`t do much sightseeing but went shopping instead.

But as i had a little camera with me the day i of course took some pictures too.

My flight left around midnight - so i had enough time to have a nice lunch and take some more picture bevore going to the airport.

At first i planned to visit the observation deck of the ICC - but unfortunately the weather didn`t allow it.

And as this is Hong Kong there has to be at least one picture of the Symphony of Lights.

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Old Jun 30, 13, 9:49 am
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My return flight left Hong Kong a few minutes after midnight.

As i had already eaten in the city i just had the Amouse Bouche

and a Focaccia.

I slept most of the flight - so i didn`t use the IFE much - aside from watching a few episodes of The big bang Theory.

Bevore landing i had a few fruits as breakfast.

of course also with some bread again

and really good pancakes

When driving around the airport to the Terminal / Lounge in Doha i had a nice look at the 787 the was originally planned for my flight home to Munich.

But i got an A330-200 again.

The last flight was quite empty - among others the seat beside me stayed empty so i could use that TV too to watch the Airshow.

I still wasn`t really hungry on this flight - so i just had a few of the available meals.


Thank you for reading my report - i hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions just ask.
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Old Jun 30, 13, 10:52 am
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Thank you for the TR. Terrific photos of everything, whether it's food, view of streets or highrises.
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Nice TR, I am really looking forward to QR joining OW.

Love the pics of the buildings in Shenzhen. I too have an obsession with tall buildings.
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