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Ek lhr-bkk-hkg--lhr

Ek lhr-bkk-hkg--lhr

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Ek lhr-bkk-hkg--lhr

This is my first post after reading so many in the past. I am afraid a little short on photos but will try on next legs to get more. I have few and will work out how to get them off the iPad.
I'm currently on the trip so will try to post as I go on with the trip.

The itinerary is as follows
EK 008 LHR -DXB. A380. A6-EDQ
EK 374 DXB-BKK. 777-300 A6-EMP



I am now in Bangkok working. I flew economy from London landing yesterday morning. Checking in was easy in London and staff were really helpful. I requested a window exit row and got seat 81a on this a380. It was fabulous. Staff were nice on the flight although the FA assigned to my door was a few weeks into the job and when an announcement was made on push back to do the doors she didn't show and the FA on the other side got a little mad with her when she finally showed up and was telling her off across the plane and saying she should drop everything to do doors. Poor thing. She was a sweet girl and really trying hard with customers. She will get there in the end I am sure.

Food was fine and watched a few movies and shows. We landed on time in Dubai. Upon clearing transit security I headed to the transfer desks to get a seat change. This is where things get slightly let down. The guy was so dry. I asked if there was a chance to get an exit row window seat. Without saying a word he tapped away on the computer , picked up the phone and handed me back a new boarding past , seat 24H. I said I had asked if they had a window and he had given me an aisle. He just stared at me. I left it and walked away without going into it. I figured that an exit is ok. I want to add I am always very polite and ask nicely. I am not someone who gives off that vibe especially with airline staff and requests. Just in case anyone thinks I am swishing around expecting things. Not at all.

I had a few hours and went to The Hub and had a snack and some wine before heading to the gate B26 for the flight to Dubai.

When boarding I asked as I was going through if there were any windows exit seats. The answer was a simple NO. No looking at the computer. Nothing. Really I know I'm just a lowly economy passenger but a little effort. Am I crazy but everyone I spoke to in Dubai at EK seemed totally disinterested in customer service. I am sure these were exceptions and there are some great staff. They really let the side down.

Once getting on the 777 I walked to my seat and voila I am 2 rows back for the exit row. I couldn't believe it. I had not only been moved to an aisle but it wasn't even the exit row. I was fuming.
Now here is when it gets strange. I ended up sitting there and no one took the middle and window. Great. I ended up with the 3 seats. Is it possible that the man at the transfer kindly did this when he made the call, but didn't feel like explaining that I hadn't the exit row but he had locked the seats. I was confused as he was downright rude to me but maybe he actually had done something good. It was all a mystery to me but I accepted it and the minute we took off I lay down and settled in to mark my territory.

I got up to eat, a beef dish, which I wished I had skipped as I found it difficult to get some sleep after. Staff were great, and flight smooth. We began decent on time and descended through amazing clouds into Bangkok. Landed and was off and through immigration reasonably quickly. Luggage was fast and I was on my way albeit in a post flight daze. I took the express train and transferred onto the BTS to my stop.

Overall the flights were great. The A380 was spectacular while the 777-300 was ok. Compared to many airlines its a great plane and modern but against the A380 it actually seems a bit dated. The IFE is a bit older than then A380 but it is ok. Staff on the plane were great, staff in Dubai let the whole thing down.

I fly to HkG and home in a few days. Will post and try to get some photos sorted at some point.

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Thank you. I enjoyed reading your report.Look forward to the next phase of your trip.

My first flight on a 380 was on Emirates - a comfortable enough 16 hour flight from Auckland to Dubai via Sydney.
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EK384 - BKK - HKG
A380(sorry cant get reg)
29th Dec 2012

After a few days working in Bangkok I decided to take the BTS back to the airport express train to get back to Bangkok. I checked in online and was assigned an aisle seat on the flight to Hong Kong. I had thought I might use the miles I had to upgrade but in the past I have actually been very lucky with this particular flight and OP uggrades. It seems that economy is always full with large groups of either older tourists or schoolchildren. Today's flight was no different. So I decided to leave the miles and chance it at the airport.

Check in was easy enough and I mentioned to the lady at the desk that I was wondering what the chances were of an upgrade. I hate asking, but if you don't ask you don't get, and I was dressed well and thought I might stand a good chance seeing that the economy line was full and flightstats had said there were 0 seats in economy.
The manager came over and there was some discussion and sure enough I was lucky enough to be moved to Business.
I had seat 26G assigned, not the best of the seats as its an aisle middle on the very last row, if I had paid I wouldn't be happy but I was grateful and thrilled with the lady.

I had a few hours at BKK airport and wandered around, had something to eat and then headed to the gate. The gate area was rammed and boarding was soon called.

Finding my seat was easy enough and I was greeted as I walked to the back. Once settled the FA for our rear cabin, came over and asked whether I had flown the A380 before and, I said yes, so she welcomed me and got me a glass of champagne. Anyone who hadn't was given a run down of what to do, seat, bar etc. She was an amazing FA, super nice, chatty and just great at what she did. Top marks!!

We pushed back, headed for the runway and took off. Menus was passed out and drink orders were taken. It took a while for them to get around the packed cabin with food and then even longer for a drink. Its not a long flight so they have a lot to do. Finally with wine and food, (I am sorry I can't remember what I had), but it was pretty good and I settled in for the short hop to HKG.

We landed a few minutes early and it took a while to get off and then I did my usual high speed sprint to immigration in HKG which was rammed. I think I managed to get in front of most of my plane at least but at about 5.30pm a lot of the European flights are landing so it gets busy. Bags came through quickly and 45 minutes later I was of the train and on the bus heading to my hotel in Kowloon.

Hong Kong was good for work but the weather was dreadful. I know they do have seasons but was hopefully it would at least be sunny and warm. It was like a bad day in England. Spitting rain, fog, mist and not that warm. Grrrrr

The flight to Hong Kong was superb and I just can't fault it. For someone on a budget, usually at the back of the plane it was a thrill to experience Business Class on Emirates. I was very lucky to be upgraded for this short flight.


B777-300ER -A6-ECT
1st Dec 2012

After a couple of days of work it was time to bid farewell to the fog and return to London. I headed to the airport by shuttle bus and train from Kowloon and when I arrived at the airport was greeted with tons of screaming girls! Not for me this time but many of South Korea's most famous pop stars were returning home after a concert in HKG the night before. I think Psy of Gangnam Style fame was one of them.
After checking in, sadly with no upgrade this time, I headed through to grab some food and then boarded on time. I was seated in seat 37K an exit window seat so was very happy. It was a great seat. The food was all ok but I have to say they were the most miserable bunch serving us this time. Not a smile at any point to a customer, they reserved that for there chatting and laughing in the galley just next to me. Oh well!!
Flight was fine though and I slept a little, watched a movie or two and generally had an ok time. Except for the staff it was a good flight.
We seemed to take a strange routing though which took us down and right over Bangkok continuing up over India and straight over Mumbai before hitting Dubai. It seemed strange as last time I flew it we pretty much went straight across the top of Thailand and then passed over Bangladesh , India basically hugging the bottom of the Himalayas. It must have been weather related but seemed strange to me.

Landing in Dubai I had a four hour connection to my next flight to London. The airport was completely mobbed. I have only ever been to one other airport , Atlanta, that was this busy. People everywhere, bumping each other, sleeping , eating, drinking. It was quite extraordinary.

A380 A6-EDT
2nd Dec 2012
Again I was lucky to get the window exit on this A380 seat 68A. I was exhausted at this point and fell asleep while on the tarmac, only to be literally bellowed at by an FA to wake up as we taxied as I was to be awake. Whoops, sorry mate. And chill!!! I woke up assumed my duties! And the minute we took off , seat back , eye mask on, shoes off and I passed out. Waking somewhere over Germany / Poland. They started to serve breakfast and I woke up.
The rest of the flight I was in an out of sleep and we began decent over the Channel. We then flew north over London, turning back towards The City of London over Wembley Stadium. We then turned back over the city and onto finals heading in over a dark and cold London, with a backdrop of the most wonderful red sunrise.

Landing was all fine and I was soon heading into a packed immigration hall. It was pretty much bedlam with so many US flights beginning to arrive.

Soon enough I was on the tube heading home feeling all ok after a good sleep on the plane. I made it through to about 8.30 sunday night and slept 12 hours, so apparently I was a wee bit tired!!

I hope that you enjoyed the report. I will now work out how to do the photos.

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