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Virgin Australia 777-300ER SYD - LAX

Virgin Australia 777-300ER SYD - LAX

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Virgin Australia 777-300ER SYD - LAX

It all started when my dad won a trip to the United States.This was me and my brothers first time out of the country and i was excited go on my first 777 and long haul flight. The itinerary was SYD-LAX, LAX-BNE-SYD. The reason for the connection in Brisbane was because the direct flight back to Sydney was completely sold out. But i didn't mind because i haven't experienced a connection or been to Brisbane Airport.

Pre Flight
The day started at 11:00am when one of our friends picked us up. Some 30mins later we arrived at Sydney International Terminal. We located were the Virgin Australia check in decks were and made our way to them. Upon waiting 10mins in the line we were called over to a desk. We were greeted by a friendly lady who checked us in. Then to my notice she called over her supervisor who then to explained to problem to and got straight away onto the phone. The lady then explained to us that my brothers name on the booking did not match to on his passport (Ben - Benjamin). After about 35mins of waiting the supervisor reappeared and said that she changed the name and waved to fee of $100 ^ After our 50min wait we received our boarding passes and made our way to Outbound Immigration.

Then we were hit for a huge line for Outbound Immigration. Since all the flights leaving to US leave at this time. While waiting in line we meet a nice elderly couple who we had a chat to who were on the way to New York; they later in our flight gave my brother a Big League which he had read. After 20mins we were called over to a desk were they checked our passports and card. We then quickly made our way through security were we all had to dump our water and drinks and my mums massive bottle of cream (which i was carrying) we were finally airside.

When then walked about 15mins to get to Gate 51. As we were nering the gat i realised that aircraft the would be taking us was VH-VPH which is the only aircraft at the moment in the new Virgin Australia livery and with the new seats and carpet. We arrived at the gate to have our passport checked again then took a seat in the gate. There i noticed that there was extra security screening for all passengers travelling to the US. We waited about 15mins when the first boarding call was made at 12:50 for all passenger travelling in Business, Premium Economy, Velocity Gold and Sliver and families travelling with small children. Then some 10mins later Economy in sections; we were seated in the second section. We got our boarding passes scanned then made our way down the jetway were we were greeted by a friendly flight attendant who welcomed us and showed us which isle to take.

Virgin Australia International
Aircraft: 777-300ER
Registration: VH-VPH
Departure: Sydney 1:40pm
Arrival : Los Angeles 9:45
Flight Time : 12hours and 45mins
Seat: 27J

Courtesy of Airliners.net

The moment i stepped on board the 777 i realised why so many people love to fly on this aircraft which after my flight i love to as well. Pop music was playing through out the aircraft; We made our way up to our seats. Me, my mum and brother had the three seats and of course i had window and my dad had the aisle seat next to us in the next set of three. On our seat was a pillow, blanket, pillow and a amenity kit which included a postcard of the destination, ear plugs, eye shades and a pen. The seats were wide, comfortable and good legroom for the flight. Not long after we were seated the cabin door was shut and the captain came on saying a flying time of 12 hours and 45mins because of tail winds and a cruising altitude of 31 000ft. The load was 90% in economy and not sure about the rest.

We pushed back on time and while the engines started the the safety demo was played which was a cartoon video. We taxied past all the the widebody's preparing for there flights to London, Singapore, San Fran, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi. We waited for a Qantas 767 to land and then it was our turn. We turned on to the runway then powerfully execrated down the runaway and lifted of about just over halfway down the runway and then lifted into the air. We then started to turn in the direction of the US over Cronulla (were i live). There was a little turbulence as we went through the clouds as it had been raining for the past days. After the seatbelt sign was switched of the crew came threw with water bottles and the good thing on the plane was that there was water dispensers.

After levelling of at our cruise altitude i settled in the watch some Family Guy on the entertainment system called RED which is AVOD and features movies, documentaries,TV series and games and the landing cards were distributed.After about an hour and half after take off the lunch/dinner service started. The choices were Butter Chicken with Rice, Some sort of pasta and some other thing which i don't remember. I choose the Butter chicken which was excellent. The sides were a salad with a Jelly cheese cake and a roll. Then after the meal car was the drink car. As the trays were being collected we were just passing by New Zealand.

I then started to watch some more TV serious and movies. The crew came frequently past with water and drinks. At about 4:30 AUS time the sun started to set which beautiful and the mood lighting also began to go into the sunset theme. I then went to one of the self serve snack bars.

After watching a few movies i decided to hit the at sack about 7:30 AUS time so i went to the toilet which played pop music, which was a nice touch but a little weird. The cabin was dark so i tried to get some sleep and then as I'm about to fall asleep, the mood lighting was turned on and the crew came through and gave out snack boxes and drinks. After about an half an hour they collect the rubbish and turned the lights off again.

After lots a tossing and turing i managed to get one hour a sleep When i woke up we were just passing to the islands of Hawaii. The sun was starting to rise as i watch some more TV series. It was spectacular the sunrise the contrast with the red, yellow, blue and black was so amazing and special and i think i was one of the only people on the plane to see it

About two and a half hours out of Los Angeles the breakfast service started. The choose was Vanilla Hotcakes or Breakfast Fratilla. I opted the Hotcakes but there where none left. The fritalla looked disgusting so i just ate the sausage and the potatoes which filled me up. The sides were a cup of yogurt, croissant and some orange juice. The trays were cleared with about an hour and half left of the flight.

About 40mins out of LA the captain came on and said that we would be arriving in LA 40mins early thanks to tail winds and that we were approaching our descent point.

As we approached the Californian coast, i spotted some mountains that peeked above the marine layer. The layer normally burns of around 10:30.

We gracefully touched down on runway 25L as a American Airways 757 departed on 25R. We taxied to the other sides of the runway and had our engines shut down and tugged in Deltas Terminal 5 into Gate 50.

De boarding was done quick and were of the plane in 10mins we then made our way down a long walk way to the Immigration were had our passports checked and fingers scanned and then through Customs.

A great flight aboard Virgin Australia, the crew was great so were the meals and the always came through with regular drink runs and they were very kind and attentive. I would recommend the airline to anyone who is flying to the US or Abu Dhabi


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Welcome to Flyertalk! Nice trip report, and congratulations on winning the trip to the US! Hope you enjoyed your stay here.
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Yes I did very hot over there
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Great trip report. Thanks for letting us know about Virgin Australia's service. ^^
Will you be doing another trip report for the return journey from Los Angeles to Brisbane and then Sydney?
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yes i be will be up soon
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Interesting tr. Thanks for posting.
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Great trip report! Thanks for sharing! Hope you and your family had a lovely visit to the US.
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Originally Posted by highfa123 View Post
then powerfully execrated down the runaway and lifted of
I have always wanted to do that

just kidding. nice detailed report^
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