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Old Jul 29, 12, 2:59 pm
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LX 154
Airbus A330-300 HB-JHA "Schwyz"
SWISS First seat 2K
STD 09:45
STA 21:45
Flight time 7:50 h
Distance 6.546 km
6 April 2012

SWISS First it is again. After the great flight to Tokyo on the older A340 product I took in November, this time it was their newer product on the A330-300.

I took the SBB train to the airport and was checked-in in no time. The lounge was fairly crowded and I stayed there for just about 20 minutes. It's a nice looking lounge with some nice food and drink offerings, but in the end it's just a room with a bunch of sofa chairs to wait for your flight. The lounge receptionist asked me about my trip to India and I told him that I was actually going to Bangkok and would connect onto TG. He was really puzzled about my transit in BOM, but he understood when I told him that I want to enjoy the "new" LX F product.

On the plane I was welcomed by "my" flight attendant after settling into my seat 2K. She told me I was going to be the only one up front and that she would be serving me. Yay! I already knew about the empty F cabin as I had checked expertflyer the night before. I had booked the BOM flight hoping in would end up being this way. From my time as a groundstaff for Swissport I knew that both LX 154 to BOM and LX 146 to DEL go out empty in F quite often. So there I was, sitting all by myself and actually feeling a bit strange.

After take-off on runway 16 she asked my wether I'd like to eat now or later and I opted for later. She also asked me if it is ok for me if she helps out in business and, of course, I agreed. After about 2 hours of checking everything out and clicking away, I was starting to get hungry and I asked for the service to be started. It was delicious as always on LX, at least ex ZRH (the food doesn't seem to have the same quality from some of the other stations).

The route took us over the Swiss and Austrian Alps, across Croatia and the Mediterranean, Lebanon, Saudia Arabia, Dubai and the Arabian Sea. At 7 hours 50 minutes the flight was just a bit too short to truly enjoy the "bed" and the huge tv screen. Sitting there in my comfy piyamas I couldn't help to smile, though. How lucky to sit there, again, and head to Bangkok in the most comfortable way possible!

Arrival in BOM in the dark was on time. The approach over the slums of Mumbai is quite exciting. Less exciting was the transit procedure. An LX staff is meeting you at the door and will bring you through security and to the lounge. Then you have to give them your passport and boarding pass and off they go with it. I actually don't know what they do with it. After a while they come back to the lounge and you have to personally go back to security to get your boarding pass stamped. Again it remains unclear to as to why you need to get it stamped. The Star Alliance lounge in BOM is pretty awful. It is dark and crowded, there are no windows and the food and drink offerings are pretty poor. There are also no showers. After four hours it was finally time to board my TG flights to BKK. We were only two passengers in business and the flight was uneventful. I skipped the service and just slept in my comfy LX piyamas. While the "new" SWISS First is a great product, I think I wouldn't transit in India again just for the sake of flying it.

I let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

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Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing - one of our favorite F experiences.
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Old Jul 29, 12, 3:10 pm
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Some thoughts on the "new" SWISS First: Of course it's more pleasing to the eye than the old one with the light wood and the huge screens, the old seat and bed were more comfortable, though. The table on the 340s can be moved so you can get out of the seat while the service is in progress. The new table can't be moved anymore so you're stuck. In the 340 you don't have to go through the galley to go to the restroom, in the 330s that's not possible. Yes the screen is huge and has great picture quality. On a dayflight there is way too much glare, though. They should have thought of that.

Of course it is still an awesome and classy product. The flaws are minor.

On the way back I was very surprised to see an A340 at the gate at BOM. It happens very rarely that they sub a 340 for a 330 for flights to India. As I was so tired, I basically just slept all the way to ZRH. Arriving at Dock B instead of E was another nice surprise. It makes arriving much more pleasant as you don't have to take the little train.

SWISS First. Great way to fly really!


Equipment: Canon 5dmkII + 16-35mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4
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Great pictures. You really can't beat LX F.
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Thanks O/P for some fantastic pictures. I really hope I can try the ZRH-BOM/DEL flight sometime soon.
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Amazing photos. This time they load very well on my browser, your last two TRPs I couldn't get to work properly, no idea what the issue is ...

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well done! I've still never managed the elusive private cabin. How long is the ZRH-BOM flight?
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Now that is what a great pic looks like, wauw, i am not worthy^
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Great Photos.

They really are professional and way better than those found in the airline's website.
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Originally Posted by tycosiao View Post
Great Photos.

They really are professional and way better than those found in the airline's website.
I was just thinking the same thing...

I wonder if the problem is that the "professionals" don't care about the details the way FabiZRH does.
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Great report & amazing pics ^
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Really really great photos ^
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Tks you for the Report.

You got a nice camera !!!

Great pics, LX is the best in europe for the catering in F.

The only drawback remains the FCL in ZRH....

tks again, I"m quit surprised abt the light load to india.

Too bad we won't have the report for the inbound, do you remember the load ?

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Old Aug 2, 12, 11:05 am
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Thanks for the compliments!

LX 155
Airbus A340-300 HB-JMA "Frauenfeld"
SWISS First seat 1A
STD 00:50
STA 06:15
Flight time 8:35 h
Load 4/8
24 April 2012

I connected in BOM coming from BKK with TG. Again SWISS sent someone to the gate to pick me up and bring me to the lounge. The First Class part of Star Alliance lounge looks just the same as the business part and doesn't have anything more to offer. For the rest rooms you even have to go to the C side of the lounge.

As I was getting bored, I got on board very early. They warned me at the gate, though, that one of the jetties isn't working and that they have to board C and Y through door 1L also. As I was sitting there in my original seat 2K, everybody had to go through the F cabin. I felt like everybody was staring at me. On top of that there were tons of mosquitos in the cabin annoying also the crew. I heard them saying that they've never seen so many of them on board ever before. They sprayed the whole cabin before take-off. It didn't kill them all. I saw one after waking up getting closer to home. So boarding wasn't great apart from the nice fruit drink and the skewer they offered me. An older Indian couple and an Austrian businessman joined me in the cabin. Before take-off I switched to 1A so the Indian couple had 2DG to themselves. The other pax was sitting 1K. I heard him asking the crew wether they changed something in the cabin and they explained the aircraft change to him. He didn't seem bothered about it.

Take-off was on time. At this late hour I just had the excellent salmon and the other appetizers and then went to sleep. This is really not the right flight if you want to enjoy First class. The outbound flights to India are much more suited for that. Of all the F flights that I've taken, this must have been the least exciting one. Sleeping all the way to ZRH and then going straight to work, skipping the newly opened arrival lounge, was still fine, of course.


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Fantastic TR! And a subtle remind of how bad my camera sucks in comparison.

For whatever reason, I love the side lamp in LX First. It gives the product an extra bit of style.
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