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LAX-IST with TK Part 2

This is one of my trip reports.

The itinary is to LAX by Turkish Airlines

Part 1:
TK 9 IST - LAX on 5 May 12

Part 2:
TK 10 LAX - IST on 12 May 12

You could find the detailed info on the report

Airline : Turkish Airlines
Flight : 10
Departure Point : Los Angeles International Airport - LAX
Arrival Point : Istanbul Atatürk - IST
Date : May 12, 2012
Time : 18:20
Gate : 123A
Seat : 2K
Class: C ( upgraded from U with miles )
Registiration: TC-JJO
Duration: 13 hours 5 minutes

My flight statistics:
*That I started to count from 01/07/2011
17th flight in 2012
15th* flight with Turkish Airlines
6th* international flight with Turkish Airlines
1st* departure in Los Angeles
14st* landing to Istanbul Atatürk
1st* time on TK10
7th* flight on Boeing 777 series
5th* flight on Boeing 777-300ER
4th* flight on Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
1st* flight on TC-JJO
Online Check-in:
Online check-in was fast and easy. This time I made my online check-in at 18:20-18:25 for my flight to Istanbul

Airport enterance:
The airport enterance was OK and the ambience there was very good at the airport.

Check-in and APIS:
Check-in was slow here. Mr J. was helping for us but could only done the hole thing at 5-10 minutes. Also there was a queue for Business too. The assistant gave our boarding card, baggage cards, lounge card and fast track passport for Istanbul

Security & Lounge:
The security control was fast and easy. This time I finished the security in 5 minutes with the queue. Then the Star Alliance lounge was nice and good but there wasn’t to much food to eat there. The lounge also had shower & internet area.

Way to the Gate:
The distance from the lounge to the gate was long and at the gate I boarded with all Business passengers quickly. Now I’m in the aircraft

About the aircraft:
The aircraft was a new Boeing 777-300ER with new seats registered “TC-JJO” . This aircraft was named by home town and destination Istanbul. This aircraft had Live TV & Internet but it wasn’t working. and the MSN number is 40796 and the line number is 953.

The seat:
The seat was a standart Business seat that can be a bed and had Planet entertainment system. The comfort of this seat was good and nice. It has a nice storage space and a spare shoe space. The seat was the same with the IST-LAX flight.

Before takeoff:
Before takeoff the flying chef gave all passengers a Godiva chocolate like the IST-LAX flight and gave the cabin crew Mrs. S. gave the personal amenity kit for us.

The takeoff was over the Pacific Ocean and the aircraft had a little turbilance when departing.

After takeoff:
The crew first gave the hot towels and then the crew gave are menus that our name is written on it. Then the flying chef asked our order for the first meal and the breakfast form that you specially make your tray.

First Meal:
Firstly they served starters that included peanuts and a drink. After that they served the starters including shrimp salad, curied chicken and börek. After the starter they served an ideal vegetable soup. For the main choice I chose the ravioli with cheese. It was good and nice. For dessert I chose an chocolate tarte, a ice cream with green tea and some fruits and a little bit of cheese.

Lights-off Service:
Before lights gone off the crew served a bottle of 330 ml water for every passenger like the departure flight.

Personal Amenity Kit:
The personal amenity kit was ideal and nice but different from the first flight. It was made by a French company L’Evelyn. In the lavatory they used L’Occitane products like the IST-LAX flight.

Entertainment System:
This flight the entertainment system wasn’t updated from the IST-LAX flight. It had lot’s of movies and musics. It had Live Tv that included BBC and Euronews but the internet had a problem and didn’t work.

The cabin crew was super and helped a lot. They were very good and better from the IST-LAX flight.

Second Meal:
For the breakfast I ordered a hot chocolate for a drink and for the meal I ordered jam, honey, croissant, muesli and for the main plate I ordered a cheese omelette. The breakfast was better than the first meal.

After the seatbelt sign has switched on the crew took our headsets and then we started to land at runway number 05 and the aircraft to gate 226.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport:
There was a lot of way when walking to the passport and I spotted some aircraft that you could see the photos when I solve the photo uploading problem. Then I passed the passport control desk 2 and went to the smallest belt in Istanbul number 5 for the baggage claim.



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There are problems with adding photos from URL and i will give the adress to you soon

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Thanks for the report! Looking forward to the photos!
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Thanks for sharing. Pics would be nice.
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