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Part VIII GUM-HNL 05/01

So after arriving at Gate 15 had to walk down to CBP immigration. All flights except those that arrive from HNL pax must clear this. After clearing all transit pax turn left where UA agents check your name off the list of connecting pax, then off to clear screening. At this point there were over 40 pax trying to clear screening. After about 15 min a United agent started calling for pax for Flight 200. A group of us responded and she brought us to the front of the line for screening. This was the first time ever experiencing a long line for screening encountered in Guam, usually there is no line. Welcome back to United States territory, take your shoes and belts off, empty your pockets and take your laptops out of your bag. After clearing had just enough time to buy cigs at duty free and have a smoke in the lounge.

UA 200 GUM-HNL 777
Departed from Gate 9. This gate is the only departure gate for HNL as it is equipped with CBP pre clearance booths. This is done so they can check pax for eligibility to travel to the US as some visa waiver countries to Guam are not eligible to go to Hawaii and the mainland. Went through the Premier line, bypassed about 20 people waiting on line, cleared CBP and boarded. Had seat 39X which is an exit row with plenty of leg room.
Everyone on board, ready to pushback and then we were delayed by an alleged unruly passenger. Whatever he said or did made one of the attendants uncomfortable enough that she did not feel safe enough to fly with him onboard. After about half an hour, the passenger got up and deboarded, whether voluntary or not is unknown.
Taxi and takeoff commenced. No AVOD, but Channel 9 was available however it was not turned on and a 90's music channel was on in its place. Breakfast was a choice between eggs or shrimp with garlic rice. Flight uneventful and smooth throughout. About an hour or so outside of HNL a snack was served: Turkey and Cheese sandwich. Arrival was at Gate 8 only about 20 mins late.
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