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A Trip to Corpus Christi Texas – Part 1

A Trip to Corpus Christi Texas – Part 1

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A Trip to Corpus Christi Texas – Part 1

In a previous trip report on a journey to Lubbock Texas I asked why one might travel to such a place. My purpose in going to Lubbock was just to be able to say I had been to Lubbock as it was one of only three parts of Texas I had never been to. In the case of this trip to Corpus Christi the main purpose was the same, to just be able to say that I had been to Corpus Christi.

A secondary purpose and the answer to the question of why else one would go to Corpus Christi in the winter was to visit the USS Lexington moored there as a museum. Since touring the ship took about four hours, there is less discussion in this report than in the Lubbock report concerning the city of Corpus Christi.

With more to do in Corpus Christi than Lubbock I booked an earlier flight. Bringing the wife along this time meant a very early departure from the house was required, since she moves slowly due to being worn out from too many sporting activities during her busy life. She also has never been on time in her entire life. I plan to schedule her funeral at say 2:00 pm, but not actually begin it until 2:15 or so when I have the body rolled in late. Everyone in attendance will appreciate that.

Back to the trip. With the flight leaving at 8:15, boarding at 7:45, a drive of 45 minutes, a wife that is always late; this meant my wakeup time had to be at 6:00 am. Did you know that it is still dark at 6 in the morning? I had no idea since I have a firm rule that I will never get out of bed before 8. If I wake-up earlier, I just stay right there until the clock is well past 8:00. Of course I woke-up wide awake at 5:15. Knowing I would have to start herding the wife toward the door I just got up and got dressed. I cannot believe anyone is out of bed at this time of the day. Y’all must be insane.

Of course, late as usual off we go to the airport. Now the wife is still half asleep, nevertheless she proceeds to drive with her usual élan at speeds approaching that of sound as we fly down country roads onto the freeway. One advantage to her driving style is I never have to replace her tires as they never touch the pavement. I also never require a laxative as she scares the … out of me. Air Traffic Control cleared us into the airport for a 7:00 am landing in the parking garage for Terminal B at DFW where the American Eagle flights leave from.

Being later than I wanted to be, knowing how slowly she walks, not wanting to risk traveling another foot at Mach 2 in a car, we stopped at the valet parking stand. This service at DFW works really well. For 4 dollars over the day parking fee you just turn the car over to them, and then pop into the terminal. I like this. Later you will learn that my wife evidently has a son I knew nothing about based on the speed with which the car was returned to us later that day.

To my surprise we found no line at the security checkpoint. I was quite pleased as this put me back on my timeline. Yes, I lay out a timeline in Excel for each trip, step-by-step, inch by inch.

Boarding commenced on schedule. Once on the plane the FA made me uncover my eyes. I had placed my hands over them at the first airborne excursion in the car when we left the house. It was that or scream. I find screaming so unmanly. When I looked around I discovered that the sun was up. I had no idea it looked like this. I never normally see it until around noon.

On a not fully loaded RJ the weight and balance can be an issue. Thus the need for everyone to sit where the seating chart says you are supposed to sit. Evidently there was a considerable amount of self-rearrangement as the FA announced everyone needed to move to their assigned seat for weight and balance considerations. I could hear a little movement behind me. The FA then looks at her list, looks at the cabin, looks at her list, looks at the cabin, then asks ma and pa kettle in 5B and 5C if they are where they are supposed to be? After a short discussion off they go to the back of the aircraft. Now what part of assigned seat they did not understand I could not hear from where I was.

Oh, and the sun once we were in the air

As we approached CRP I noticed that there sure is a lot of water around Corpus Christi.

That must have something to do with it being on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is the city itself

On arrival at CRP one walks straight ahead until reaching a set of escalators on the right. At the bottom are the baggage claim areas and rental car counters. The rental cars are right outside the terminal door.

The first stop was the USS Lexington. There are more photographs than FT will allow me to post. These are just a few of the interesting ones.


Hanger Deck

Antiaircraft Gun

Several of the outside and inside of the rapid fire dual mount antiaircraft gun on the flight deck

The 40mm Pom Pom antiaircraft gun

I managed to shoot three cars off the nearby bridge before they made me stop firing it. I would have gotten four but I did not realize it pulled to the right until I had fired a few shots.

The flight deck

From the bridge

The engine room

The crew bunks

Part of the captain’s cabin

Hum, I have already run out of photograph allowance. Don’t tell the moderator, but I am moving to a new thread so you can see some more.

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Wonderful trip report and photos! Thank you!
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