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hellomarty Oct 9, 11 12:49 am

Ua838 bkk-nrt-sfo
I took the 6AM flight this morning out of BKK, but was delayed to NRT.

Our plane already left the gate when some heat sensor in the cargo area lit up and had to be checked out. The captain said about 20 mins.

An hour later, we were told about another sensor that had lit up (anti-skid brakes), and would take about 30 more mins. to take care of.

We finally departed about 9:10am? Earlier, I asked the FA whether this plane was continuing to SFO, and was told no, this one just goes between BKK and NRT. The captain came on the speaker and said that this plane will go to SFO. After we reached cruising altitude, the lead FA announced that NRT is closed, so they didn't have any connecting info for any flight.

Prior to landing, we were told to visit and make our voices heard and try to get some kind of compensation.

The same UA838 NRT to SFO had left by the time we landed. I was rescheduled on UA852 which waited for everyone that needed to continue to SFO, thank goodness. Scheduled departure time was 5:30pm, but by the time I deplaned, it was 5:20pm. My fingers were crossed!!!

Made it back to SFO without having to spend a night at NRT and going through Japan customs which would have cost me a bit of money.

--- end of report ---

Kevin AA Oct 13, 11 11:21 pm

nice ^

N830MH Oct 16, 11 3:59 pm

Very nice TR!! Keep it up the good work.

hellomarty Oct 17, 11 1:26 am

Thank you thank you!

N830MH Oct 17, 11 2:11 am

Originally Posted by hellomarty (Post 17285979)
Thank you thank you!

You are quite welcome. Next time try to post the picture of your flight, terminals, meals and etc.

hellomarty Oct 22, 11 10:38 pm

I have food photos. Will figure out how to post.

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