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JumboJetLA Jul 25, 11 4:57 pm

My First Ever Trip report- LH in C. LAX-ARN (via FRA) and ARN-LAX (via MUC)
Hi All!!

I am back from a wonderful 10 day vacation and this is my first ever trip report on Flyertalk (so be gentle hehe :) ).. I have been a board lurker and occasional chatter on this forum for a couple of years. I have learned a lot about doing trip reports so I thought I'd make my own. I did it in video style as I saw it a bit easier for my first report.

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks again,

JumboJetLA Aug 9, 11 5:23 pm

LH Frankfurt-Stockholm LH #804
Hi All,

Hope you all liked my first video above. I finally had a chance to play around with Windows Live moviemaker to better make video trip reports and have just completed the rest of my flights from my vacation.

Here is a short intra-Europe hop from FRA-ARN on July 13th.. I never realized how large FRA is when you land at park at gate C16 and your next flight is at A30!! We had over a 2 hour layover which I though was plenty of time (as assuming LH just used Term A- dumb yea yea) .. had we not been in C class, security fast tracks and late flight I doubt we could have made it.. next time 4 hour layover so I can enjoy the lounges longer!


Comments/suggestions are more than appreciated!:)

JumboJetLA Aug 9, 11 5:30 pm

Returning Home: Stockholm-Los Angeles via Munich
Ok here is the final video of my trip and was able to put the entire legs all into one video!

The flights were great with excellent crew and C nearly sold out on both legs.

I was very disappointed that the business class lounges in H section of MUC were BOTH closed for repairs (guess I didn't see it noted here in FT?) and they gave you a certificate for 1 free glass of house wine in the nearby restaurant full of gate lice and people yapping away on their phones. Additionally I didn't get the idea why LH has TWO passport checks 10 feet from each other for boarding flights to the US (anyone know why?)

The food however was very very average and on the int'l the second meal choices were deplorable! I almost got sick by the smell and send it back for the other choice that I ate maybe 3 bites of the salad.

Overall I was very impressed with LH's service and crew attention to your needs. I hope to fly in F the next time with the new seats that I keep seeing posted at TR here!

Here you go!!


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