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Star Alliance tres primo, and tres biz

Star Alliance tres primo, and tres biz

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Star Alliance tres primo, and tres biz

Index to my trip reports

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Kiwi you`re back but the intro link is not working

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Originally Posted by wainza1 View Post
Kiwi you`re back but the intro link is not working
I think that's because it's not posted yet.
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Index to this trip report
  1. Wellington to Sydney Air NZ economy
  2. Sydney transit
  3. Sydney to Bangkok Thai first and menu
  4. Bangkok transit
  5. Bangkok to Frankfurt Lufthansa first and menu
  6. Frankfurt transit and first class lounge menu
  7. Frankfurt to Ljubljana Adria business
  8. Ljubljana transit
  9. Ljubljana to Skopje Adria business
  10. Skopje to Zagreb Croatia business
  11. Zagreb transit
  12. Zagreb to Zurich Croatia business
  13. Zurich transit
  14. Zurich to Bangkok Swiss first and menu
  15. Bangkok transit
  16. Bangkok to Sydney Thai first and menu

Map by great circle mapper

Originally Posted by vecta View Post
I think that's because it's not posted yet.
Yes. Sorry for the delay in posting. Another minor emergency dealt with I can get back to posting this report.

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WELLINGTON to SYDNEY (WLG-SYD) on Air New Zealand A320 in business economy works

Another early start to head to the airport. Check in was the usual chaos because Air NZ expects most people to use the kiosks but most people either prefer to have someone check them in, or like me have some aspect of their travel which the kiosks cannot deal with. This morning there is just one check in desk manned, and the agent is dealing solely with the longish economy queue meaning those in the elite line are not being attended to. There are several staff just hanging around the kiosks and bag drop doing very little and eventually one wanders over ... but keeps walking to the back room.

After a while someone comes out of the back room and we have a check in agent willing to check in people standing in the elite line. I ask to add my NZ FF number in the FQTS field (in case there are any empty seats so I can hopefully get some space) but the agent was unable to enter it. He was also unable to issue boarding passes for my onward flights so I will have to waste part of my short transit getting some more. Hopefully the flight isn't late.

On the way to immigration there is a stop to pay the $25 departure tax. There has been a minor reconfiguration of the immigration area with security before the immigration desks and new departure smartgate machines installed.

I was soon through and welcomed back to the lounge. The angel kindly blocked the seat beside me, so I got the missing works deluxe benefit. It is a peeve of many FTers who frequent Air NZ that longhaul premium fares translate to economy works for Australia (excluding Perth) and south Pacific (excluding Tahiti) A320 flights. Not only was business class removed from the aircraft but premium passengers do not get the best economy product option.

I had a short while until boarding so grabbed a tomato juice and checked FT for the first time in weeks. A thread alerted me to a possible downgrade in product offering on an upcoming flight (also on Air New Zealand), and when I checked my booking sure enough I now had a 11 hour flight in 767 old style business class instead of business premier (which I'd specifically chosen this flight to get instead of flying another airline). Crud.
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Boarding was called. With 3 departures in the space of a few minutes and a very small gate area, there was mini chaos.

The flight was fairly full but the seat block held so I had a bit of space to console the loss of business class. Before departure I was given a newspaper and noise cancelling headphones.

I fell asleep during the Fit to Fly safety video and was awakened by the announcement for breakfast for works deluxe and works passengers, and that buy on board (credit card and vouchers only) would be available once meals had been distributed. Breakfast was a choice of muesli or scrambled eggs plus hash browns plus tomato and sausage, plus fruit and a muffin. Water, juice, tea and coffee.

I ignored the food and went back to sleep.

We landed to the north on the far runway a few minutes early. We stopped on the taxiway near the terminal while the aircraft at our gate pushed back. Once at the gate the airbridge soon nudged the aircraft but we had an inexplicable further delay before the door was opened. So much for arriving early, but at least I have plenty of time to collect the boarding passes for onward flights.
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SYDNEY transit

Security was fairly quick. Up just one level so as to visit the transfer desk. Again I only received one boarding pass. C'mon Star Alliance you can do better than this. Up another level to the lounge. Singapore lounge was closed but looked to reopen in a couple of minutes so I popped into the Air New Zealand lounge instead. A group of Americans had taken over the entire business centre with a meeting. So I left, and already the Singapore lounge was open.

The agent was dealing with a passenger who wanted to make some changes to his booking so I waited patiently. After a while she realised the changes wouldn't be quick to make so asked for my boarding pass so I wouldn't be left waiting too long. Once look and I was told the airline uses the Air NZ lounge down the hall. I said I preferred to use the Singapore one and was allowed in once she'd checked the boarding time was before the Singapore lounge closes. (At Sydney the Singapore lounge is only open for the SQ flights.)

I popped into the first class side. Not that the amenities are any different, but it should be quieter. Indeed I was the only traveller to use this part of the lounge while I was here. I had just enough time to check some messages before it was boarding time.
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Good to have you back in the skies KiwiFlyer - looking forward to the premium cabin installments, and sorry that NZ messed up your aircraft - hate when that happens.
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Nice to have you back KiwiFlyer, hope your emergencies are all sorted out and a smooth what, 150,000k miles BIS are coming your way over the next month or so?
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SYDNEY to BANGKOK (SYD-BKK) on Thai A346 in first

I arrived at the gate seconds before boarding commenced - slightly misjudged but a few seconds waiting at the gate never hurts, especially with the first first class flight of this trip to look forward to.

First class had 5 of 8 seats fill, and I was surrounded by empty seats thanks to picking my seat carefully a couple of days ago through the LH website. Amazing what some of these websites let you do.

I'd barely sat down and the first drink was proferred - I agree it isn't too early for bubbles, thanks. Some (cold) nuts as well.

There was a Rimowa amenity kit already in the seat. Toiletries in the amenity kit are La Maxima, whereas in the onboard bathroom are Salvatore Ferragamo (and in the Bangkok first class lounge are l'Occitane). I'm not sure why there is an inconsistency.

"Welcome to our Royal First Class service
Thai Airways International is pleased to offer
the following items for your comfort during the journey."

1. Brush & Comb
2. Toothbrush
3. Toothpaste
4. Mouth Spray
5. Lip Balm
6. Hand Lotion
7. Eau de Cologne
8. Facial Spray
Slippers were also already in the seat pocket. A newspaper was offered and declined. Ditto for magazines. I had plenty of reports to read and work on.
Another glass of bubbles? Yes please.
Pajamas offered.
The door shuts.
There is a little left in the bottle. Do you want some more? Sure.
Safety video plays. Glass removed. We push back a couple of minutes early.
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After takeoff, first up another drink, the menu was handed out and I started a movie.

I was a quarter through reading my first report, and rather more than that through my first (post-departure) drink when lunch commenced. The usual profusion of food and drink - very good and plentiful servings as I worked my way through both food and drink menus.

After lunch I'd finished the first report, a few glasses of bubbled and non-bubbled refreshments, and was onto my second movie when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to the sounds of the second light meal being served over Cambodia. Before I said a word I was handed another drink. Time for a few more drinks before all the debris was cleared away for landing.

We looped around to land from the north, touching down a few minutes late.
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Thai Airways
First Class menu
Sydney to Bangkok
June 2011


First Serving


Oscietra Caviar with Garnitures

First Course

Lobster Crayfish, Smoked Salmon and Garnitures


Mixed Green Salad with Thousand Island and Pesto Dressing

Main Course

Braised Lamb Shanks with Marinated Sauce
Sweet Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Red Capsicum and Sauteed Spinach


Pan-fried Salmon with White Wine and Pesto Sauce
Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables


Stir-fried Beef with Black Bean Sauce
Egg Noodle, Mixed Vegetables


Chicken Thigh with Bamboo Shoot in Red Curry
Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice
Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables

Assorted Bread, Butter
Assorted Cheese, Fresh Fruits


Berry Cheese Cake with Double Cream
Tea, Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino


Second Serving


Cauliflower Cream Soup

Hot Light Meal

Quiche Mozzarella and Tomato
Potatoes, Chorizo Sausage
Mesclun with Italian Dressing


Stir-fried Udon Noodle with Oyster Sauce
Stir-fried Pork with Mixed Vegetables and Mango, Oriental Sauce


Fruit Pudding and Vanilla Sauce
Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate




White Wine

Chassagne Montrachet Le Divin 2008
It is the chardonnay-grape wine aged in oak. The colour of the wine is pale gold and green. This wine is also well-structured with delicate floral fragrances mixed with citrus fruits and oak note. Recommended to be served with foie gras, grilled fish, white meat and strong cheese.

Chateau Le Thil Comte Clary 2008
It is elegant and powerful with the combination of Sauvignon and Semillon. The colour of the wine is light-brilliant yellow and green. The tasting notes of fresh citrus fruits aromas, wild flowers and some minerals.

Red Wine

Chateau Belgrave 2007
It has a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit-Verdot. The colour of the wine is violet tones. The delicate bouquet complex of dark fruits made the wine full and supple.

Nuits-Saint-Georges 2008
It is made of 100% Pinot Noir with intense dark colour, powerful complex aromas ranging from cherry, blackcurrant, fur and truffle. It also has the harmony of tannin and roundness of Burgundy reds. This wine is recommended for red meat and deer.


Veuve Clicquot Rose Vintage 2004
Refreshing Veuve Clicquot Rose has aromas of redcurrent, blackcurrant, wild strawberry, red plum and cherry. Fragrant hints of Violet and Lilac relating to the scents of Spring's and Autumn's dried fruits, Spanish membrillo together with a light touch of ground coffee or cocoa. Champagne Veuve Clicquot Rose Vintage 2004 is full-textured with a long-mellow finish of honey and almond combining a distinct structure of fresh liquorice and aniseed flavours.
As a welcome drink on board from February 14, 2011. [Despite the menu, on my flight the welcome drink was Dom Perignon 2002.]

Dom Perignon Vintage 2002
The first hints of fresh almond and harvest aromas immediately open up into preserved lemon and dried fruits, the whole rounded off by smoky flavour and toasted qualities. The presence of champagne on the palate is immediately captivating. Paradoxically concentrated yet creamy, it is energetic and warm in the mouth, focusing on the fruit, then gradually taking on more profound basis notes. The whole holds its note perfectly, intensively, with just a subtle elegant hint of underlying bitterness.


1795 Extra Cognac Otard
Otard 1795 Extra Cognac offers a rich, complex bouquet of dried fruit (plum, grape and hazelnut), orange peel and cigar box. This profusion of aromas further explodes on the palate providing incomparable pleasure thanks to the mellowness of the old Champagne eaux-de-vie, Its gold and ruby colour is the sure sign of its long years of maturing.


Gin Martini
Bloody Mary
Black Russian
Vodka Martini
Warre's Warrior Port
Bristol Cream Sherry


Bourbon Whisky


Otard Extra
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge


Chang Beer
Singha Beer

Soft Drinks

Fruit Juices
Diet Soft Drinks
Perrier Mineral Water
A Range of Soft Drinks


Decaffeinated Coffee
Special Blended Coffee
Ceylon Tea
Oolong Tea
Earl Grey Tea
Japanese Green Tea
English Breakfast Tea
Peppermint Tea
Camomile Tea
Chocolate Malt 3 in 1
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BANGKOK transit

A buggy was waiting for me at the end of the airbridge, or rather waiting for me and a couple of other passengers. Normally first class passengers travelling get a buggy just for themselves (or with travel companion) but today there must have been a shortage of buggies or drivers as we shared.

Our gate was a moderate distance from transfer security. It didn't take long to go through security - no queues. Then a short walk to the lounge.

I didn't have a boarding pass for the onward flight, and because it wasn't on Thai I could not yet get one from the transfer desk either - flight isn't yet open for local check in. As usual I was offered to be shown around the lounge, and as usual I declined. I've been here enough to know my way around.

First stop a shower to freshen up. Then to the business centre where I attempted to do some work. I was nodding off and so soon gave up and retired to one of the rooms where I lay down and dozed.

When I awoke I was still very groggy but noticed it was late enough to pick up my boarding pass. I wasn't sure I could make the short walk to the transfer desk without falling asleep but a few moments later (I hope it was only a few moments later) I realised I was standing in front of the transfer desk looking like a zombie. A couple of minutes later I had 3 more boarding passes and made my way back to the lounge.

By now I was starting to wake up properly. Hmmm perhaps I should have taken a walk before visiting transfer desk? Perhaps not - for I noticed it is now 30 minutes to departure. Oops I cut it a bit fine to get the boarding passes and had best head over to the gate.
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BANGKOK to FRANKFURT (BKK-FRA) on Lufthansa 744 in first

I reached the gate just as they were closing boarding and made my way upstairs to the upper deck exit row. The cabin was full, well 8 out of 8 sold seats (for 16 physical seats); and I was the last one onboard.

While there was a theoretical possibility of getting the modified seats I knew that hell would need to freeze over before Bangkok would get it. Still, there was a minor change from my previous Lufthansa first class flight shortly after sold seats were reduced to 8 - a little card on the arm rest.

Window or aisle!


Enjoy even more privacy : in the Lufthansa First Class Boeing 747-400 you now have twice as much room to stretch out on every flight.

On request we will gladly turn your second seat into a full bed with comfort mattress. Just ask us.
I enjoyed some pre-departure bubbles and nuts. Pajamas, rimowa amenity kit and slippers were handed out.

After take off menus were handed out, and I opened up the two PTVs - movie for the closest one and flight show for the other. Unfortunately during the flight there were intermittent problems with the IFE. It would sometimes freeze and only switch back on after lots of pressing. After a while I gave up fiddling around with it and having to fast forward to resume the movie and left it on flight show. It was about all the IFE could handle.

After the brief chat from the purser I was served a G&T. That's not what I ordered.

By now I'd kind of woken up as you sometimes do when really tired, so I opted for the full meal service instead of the sleeper service. Maybe a few more drinks will help with the sleep.

Several hours and drinks later. Hmmm - this isn't working. Eventually I ran out of thirst and managed to get an hour of light sleep before breakfast, or in my case, coffee.

With only 8 seats occupied at least the late flight bathroom rush is no more.

While on descent I was handed a survey to complete. It has been a while since I've done one onboard (Air NZ does them electronically and thus after landing).

We touched down on time and even managed to avoid a remote stand with a nice, close in, gate in area B of the terminal.
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First Class menu
Bangkok to Frankfurt
June 2011

Dreamer's Delight

Use the time on board to get some restful sleep; in the form of our Dreamer's Delight, a select meal served in one course.

Cold Gourmet Plate

Egg Noodle Salad, Oriental Style with Australian roasted Filet of Beef, enhanced with Mango Salsa


Hot Specialty

Green Pea Soup with Croutons

Cheese and Dessert

Mild Cheddar, Camembert and Port Salut Cheese

Fresh Fruit


Choice of Hors d’oeuvre

Caviar with the traditional Garnishes

Smoked Salmon Rillettes on Cucumber Carpaccio and Dijon Mustard Dressing

Chicken and Wild Mushroom Ballotine, Orange Filet with Raspberry Dressing

Asparagus and Artichoke Timbale with fresh Garden Leaves


Mixed Field Greens with Danish Blue Cheese and golden brown Crouton presented with Dressing

Choice of Main Courses

Braised Beef Short Rib with Horseradish Cream Sauce
accompanied with steamed Root Vegetables and boiled Parisienne Potatoes

Flurry Red Snapper Fish Quenelles with Spring Onion Sauce and Tagliolini tossed sauteed Trumpet Mushroom

Traditional Beef Massaman Curry accompanied with Egg Rice, boiled Kale and steamed Baby Carrot

Baked light Whole Meal Crepes filled with savory Vegetable Caponata

Selection of Cheese and Dessert

Camembert, Danish Blue, Port Salut, Gruyere and Goat Cheese

Opera Cake served with Chocolate Sauce

Banana Strudel with exotic Fruits served with Cardomom Ice-Cream

LH783 05/11-06/11


"D" de Devaux Brut, Champagner Veuve Devaux, Frankreich
Like so many champagne houses, the house of Devaux, founded in 1846, also has to thank a widow for its success. The widow, Augusta Devaux, made the business a success in the second half of the 19th century, thereby bringing herself into the ranks of the famous champagne widows. This Cuvee "D" ties in with the success of the great champagnes. It has a composition whose complex interaction of aromas is reminiscent of elder blossom, orange zest and fine, nutty notes. On the palate the freshness of the chardonnay knits perfectly with the fruit and opulence of the pinot noir. The widow would no doubt be proud to know that her champagne was the winner of the Lufthansa blind tasting.

Monthly Proposal

2006 Mompertone Monferrato DOC, Prunotto, Italien
One of the most important wine regions in the world is in north west Italy. Piemonte, which literally means at the foot of the mountains" is the name of this region, which stretches from the foothills of the Alps to the Po delta and which is the home of great wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Yet there are still some true discoveries to be made here, for example, in Monferrato. This wonderful, historic, hilly landscape is located to the east of Turin and, as a DOC wine region, includes the provinces of Asti and Alessandria. This is a region with great potential, which, with barbera, has an indigenous grape variety to call its own.
Albiera Antinori also likes barbera and she is responsible for the running of the business today and for her the most important thing is the originality of the Prunotto style. "I want to learn to understand how Piemonte distinguishes itself from Tuscany. When I can do this, I am then in a position to enrich Prunotto with innovations without distorting the character of Piemontese wine ..." She has clearly supported this by purchasing 26 ha in the barbera zone as she really believes in the potential of this grape variety and proves it with her wines, year in, year out. One such example is Mompertone, a cuvee of barbera and syrah, which has been matured partly in large oak casks and partly in barriques. It is a wine with a deep purple-red colour with violet reflexes and an almost black centre. The nose has complex aromas suggesting ripe berry fruits, sweet cherries and dried figs, as well as spiciness from oak, a touch of vanilla and toasty notes. On the palate the wine is most appealing with its excellent structure and intensity, outstanding length, subtle hints of oak, rich fruit and powerful, well-knit tannins.


A red mild bitters-type cordial.

Sherry "La Guita"
A classic Sherry with fruity flavour and a taste of elegant saltiness, typical for Manzanilla Sherry.

White Wine

2009 Schloss Vollrads Riesling Spatlese trocken, Deutschland
Schloss Vollrads is a living example of Rheingau riesling culture today. Only this top white grape variety can be cultivated in the vineyards. The team reporting Dr Rowald Hepp can look back at a great, historic tradition. Wine was produced at Schloss Vollrads as long ago as the Middle Ages. Later, the concept of what is today a Kabinett wine was developed here. Quality at Schloss Vollrads is viewed as an essential factor to be able to enjoy Rheingau wine culture with unadulterated pleasure. This idea is embodied by the 2009 Spatlese with its juicy character, ripe fruit flavours of apricot, mango and papaya as well as subtle mineral notes.

2008 Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay, Columbia Crest, USA
The wine-producing region of Washington boasts outstanding wines. It is on the same line of latitude as the renowned wine regions of France and it shares the same line of longitude as California. Despite these conditions, this region on the border with Canada is still considered to be one of the most surprising discoveries in the world of wine. The cool climate is perfectly suited to the production of chardonnay and the slow ripening allows the grapes to develop a host of aromas and flavours. If the grapes are carefully pressed and the must fermented slowly, then complex aroma compounds can arise from the subsequent barrique maturation. The aromas point to subtle oak spices, vanilla, toast, pear and a little pineapple.

2009 "Sirmian" Pinot Bianco, Kellerei Nals-Margreid, Italien
The fresh, aromatic white wines and powerful red wines of the Alto Adige have made a name for themselves far beyond the borders of the region. The vineyards on the slopes of the Adige and Isarco valleys, as well as the Vinschgau, are ideal. Pinot bianco is a real classic here. It combines freshness with mineral notes, as can be seen with this wine from the Nals-Margreid winery. This is a fresh wine with a lightly nutty character, aromas of apple and pear, a touch of citrus fruit and subtle mineral notes in the background. On the palate this pinot bianco is most appealing with its ripe fruit and juicy mouthfeel as well as a pleasing finish.

Red Wine

2004 Chateau Dassault, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classe, Frankreich
The name Dassault stands for perfection, not only of aircraft, but also wine-making. Laurence Brun makes no compromises when running the wine estate she purchased in 1955 from the legendary aircraft producer Marcel Dassault. Thanks to laborious hand harvesting and strict selection of the merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon grapes, she ensures that the quality of the terrior comes to the fore. Finally maturation in barrique rounds off the character of the wine, which shows intense berry fruit with hints of vanilla and toastiness, as well as elegant weight and a mineral character on the palate.

2007 Summa Varietalis (+), Dominio de Valdepusa DO, Cabernet-Sauvignon und Petit Verdot, Marques de Grinon, Spanien
Denominaciones de Origen de Pago is the highest quality category for Spanish wines. The requirements for this level go far above the regular DO or DOCa classification. 2800 sunshine hours a year and a marked difference between day and night-time temperatures create very special conditions for the grapes. The result is a wine like this Summa Varietalis with its opulent fruit reminiscent of cassis, ripe berries, vanilla, oak spiciness and dark chocolate with balsamic notes. On the palate the wine is most appealing with its dense structure, ripe tannins and wonderful mouth feel.

Dessert Wine

2009 Bacchus Beerenauslese, Weingut Neef-Emmich, Deutschland
Ripe, exotic fruit aromas flatter the nose. Hints of papaya, mango and passion fruit dominate the taste. On the palate the wine's opulent sweetness is wonderfully balanced by fine acidity. This is almost divine enjoyment. It was therefore completely obvious to the developers of this grape variety that they should give it the name of the Roman wine god, Bacchus. However, it needs a lot of skill, luck and patience to produce a perfect Beerenauslese from this grape. If you were to think about nectar, then you would also have a link to this dish of the gods.

Monthly Proposal

More and more people are developing a burning passion for fine fruit brandies. And for true connoisseurs, they are undoubtedly the most sophisticated way to enjoy fruit. The fine art that discerning master distillers practice today with pears, plums, mirabelles, and more can be considered the creme de la creme of liqueurs. The fact that the naturally aromatic fruit from regional traditional orchards provides an excellent starting point for creating upscale fruit brandies is well known. By contrast, just how the flavorful essences get from the meadow to the bottle usually remains each distiller's secret. Today, we've brought together a selection of the finest liqueurs exclusively for you. Ask your flight attendant.


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Old No 7
Amber colored Whiskey with distinctive caramel, vanilla and almond notes and a touch of fruity impressions.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Superior brand with an intense, opulent aroma and the typical peaty character.

Bushmills Malt 10 Years Old
This is a whiskey with soft notes of vanilla, a fine malty character and restrained honeyed sweetness.

Smirnoff Red Vodka
Triple-distilled and filtered ten times for exceptional smoothness and purity.

Bombay Sapphire Distilled London Dry Gin
Predominant juniper notes, balanced with impression of lemon peel and coriander.

Cognac Lhraud Cuve 30
A fine and mature cognac from an exceptional distiller.

Calvados Pays d’Auge AC, Daron
The long maturation process in oak barrels brings out crisp and sweet aromas of apple, pear and vanilla.

Fernet Branca
An aromatic blend of about 40 herbs and spices.

Exclusively on flights to and from Mexico.

Walcher Williams Exclusiv
A juicy and very fruity Poire Williams with long-lasting flavor and a very typical finish.

Etter Zuger Kirsch
Made from the Swiss “Lauerz” cherries, full-bodied, aromatic and refined.

Liqueur and Port

Baileys Irish Cream
A delicious cream liqueur made entirely in Ireland from a combination of dairy cream, Irish Whiskey and the smooth flavour of chocolate and vanilla.

Late Bottled VIntage Port, Niepoort
An elegant, stylish port with intense berry fruit, aromas of plums and touch of chocolate.

Mineral Water

Apollinaris, sparkling natural minera water
Vio, natural mineral water

Fruit juices

Apple Juice
Tomato Juice
Orange Juice

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite
Kinley Tonic Water, Kinley Bitter Lemon, Kinley Ginger Ale

German Beers

Warsteiner Premium Verum
Germaqn premium lager

Warsteiner Premium alkoholfrei
with genuine 0.0% alc. vol

Erdinger Weissbier

Hot Beverages

Jacobs Kaffee
Royal Diplomat 100% Arabica Coffee from the Highlands

Nespresso Espresso und Cappuccino, 3 Grands Crus des Kaffees
Ristretto: A short, full-bodied and intense Espresso with a pleasantly lingering taste.
Volluto: A lightly roasted blend with a subtle, yet present body and hints of biscuit, redolent of cereal, enhanced by a touch of acidity and a fresh and light fruitiness.
Decaffeinato: This is a light and delicate decaffeinate variety which strikes a good balance beteen mildness and acidity.

Masala Tee
Exclusively on flights to and from India

Eilles Teespezialitten

Darjeeling Royal First Flush Blatt
Harvested in springtime in the best tea gardens of the Himilayan foothills, this superior quality shows a lot of white leaf toips after the winter’s rest in Northern India. Its aroma is crisp and fresh, reminiscent of lilies of the valley, its color pale orange.

Earl Grey Premium Blatt
A blend of Darjeeling, Ceylon and Chinese teas enhanced by aromatic oil from the finest bergamot fruit. A classic, copper-red in the cup, especially enjoyable with pastries and cake.

Yogi Tee Grune Harmonie Bio
Two time-honored traditions of the Far East harmoniously come together in this green-tea blend with kombucha, the elixir of life. Hints of lemongrass and peppermint create a revitalising taste sensation.

Pfefferminz Tee
Select, finely-cut peppermint leaves to renew and refresh the entire body. Enjoyment for mind, body, and soul.

Rooibos Lemon Fresh
Lemongrass and the aroma of sun-ripened lemons give this smooth rooibos from South Africa its cooling touch. A refreshing, caffeine-free indulgence!

Yogi Tee Himmlischer Gluckstee Bio
An ayurvedic blend opf spices and herbs based on the ancient Indan wisdom of life. It has a pleasant taste and is a benefit for your body, mind and soul. A composition containing cinnamon, ginger, hops, lavender, aniseed, basil, pepper and cardamom. All ingredients are organic. Cheerful placidity is the most beautiful spiritual condition.



Cold and hot Specialties

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh Fruit

Yogurt, Granola, Cornflakes, Honey Gold Flakes and Milk

Smoked Trout, Norwegian smoked Salmon, Back Bacon, Pepper Salami, Air-dried Beef, Cheddar and Gruyere Cheese

Scrambled Egg freshly prepared upon you Request
with your Choice of Bacon or Chives and Mushrooms


Coffee from the Highlands




Earl Grey

Yogi Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Rooibos Tea

Ayurvedic Herbal Tea

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