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LAX Theme Building 50 Yr Commemoration June 2011

LAX Theme Building 50 Yr Commemoration June 2011

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LAX Theme Building 50 Yr Commemoration June 2011

LAX Theme Building 50 Yr Commemoration June 2011


Having only heard about this event the evening before the ceremony, I decided to make the trek over to LAX to pay a visit for this commemoration/event:

LAX Theme Building 50 Yr Press Release

I was indecisive of parking in the central terminal lot for approx $3 per hour or at a remote lot for a flat rate, but as time drew nearer and I got closer to the airport, the central terminal option sounded best.

LAWA had just invested about $12 million to upgrade/retrofit the building, and even though I am a native of the area, I've never been to the theme building, even though I've taken many flight from LAX.

I was anxious to arrive promptly at 8:00 AM as to not miss out on getting a commemorative coin (only given to the first 300 attendees).

Upon arrival, I found that only 30 or so others were waiting to be checked in. LAX Airport Police did security screenings of all attendees, including ID Check and hand bag inspections. The Volunteer Services Group from LAX was there to solicit new volunteers from those in attendance to help travelers in need at the airport information desks.

One officer from the K9 unit did a pass through as well.

It appeared that only one of the two elevators to the Observation Deck were operational (after $12 Million Reno?) thus only 5-6 attendees could ride up to the deck at a time.

No banners, balloons, signs, or significant decor for the event were set up. Most disappointing (at least to me) was that not much effort was placed to give folks a good impression of the building or landscaping. Example: the exterior widows surrounding the Observation Deck were not washed/spruced up. Announcements were made using walkie talkies set up around the deck turned to max volume (hard to explain) gotta give somebody credit for being creative to do this, but dang it, get an amplifier and microphone at least. Coffee, tea, cookies were served during the first hour. Raffle tickets were handed out (give away items included SQ A380 replicas and other memorabilia)

Each attendee was given one commemorative coin, as pictured; no chance of more than one coin, as the box was guarded and weighed down to prevent loose hands from entering (note sarcasm).

On the plane spotting side, most of the closer views were of the North Runway, thus SW, HA, AC, & AS flights were most visible (B73*'s, A31*'s, A32*'s, and A330's) But the arrival of QF 11 from SYD (A388). I have a brief video I may try to post later for this.

On the South runway, I got a few shots of DL and AA AAction, though to be honest views of Terminal 4 and 5 are poor from the Observation Deck.

TBIT enhancement project in progress. Looks like nice sweeping architecture, as opposed to most what is now mostly flat/plain (with exception to the Theme Building).

As the Theme Building is often mistaken for the Airport Control Tower, I thought I'd post a shot of the real deal.

With all of the A380 excitement, I missed the towing in of AA169 headed to NRT.

The Theme Building also hosts "Encounter" restaurant, which serves Lunch, Dinner, and Cocktails daily from 1100 AM until about 9-10PM. The restaurant is one level below (enclosed) the Observation Deck, and has a dedicated elevator to access it. If I'm not mistaken, this restaurant is operated by either Daily Grill or the (sorry to say it, but true) less than lackluster HMS Host company.

Special menu featured for today's ceremony.

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Nice- I was there too.... Yes, the Encounter is operated by HMS Host. The place would be excellent if it where run by the Daily Grill people...
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Actually, it's excellent as it is. I've never been all that impressed with the Daily Grill locations I've tried...
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Thanks for the 'trip report' and photos Robt760, theres something about that structure that I love. When I was a kid I did a school project on it. Also made a promise to myself that one day I would see it with my own eyes. As I grew up in a poor family on the other side of the world it was a big promise to make

Possibly one of my favorite buildings in the entire world. And yes I mean it.

Oddly enough Ive never been in it though. I thought it was just a bad restaurant and nothing else?
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