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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:38 am
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Excuse my grammer

This trip came out of nowhere. On Jan 28th Friday morning I called SQ to change my return portion of my ticket to BKK. Then right after that I called UA to use my almost expiring miles to upgrade. I got rejected (there were seats, but can't do within 24hours). I booked for the night departure from KIX that night. It was 10:30am...I had less than 30 minutes to sort this out before Saturdays departure. So I called SQ again and then UA. Upgrade worked out. I go to work that day come home and do lots of last minute shopping.

My trip was going to be KIX-SIN-BKK and after that I was planning a run to LAX, but things kept changing so. If you read until the end you'll get the whole routing. :smile:

So Jan 29th morning came up. I woke up at 8am did last minute preperations and then left at 8:40am. There was light traffic today so I got to the airport by 9:25am. First of all you go through the entrance.

Need to find the checkin counters for SQ Aisle H

Here is the counter for SQ checkin.

I had 52kg worth of bags, but SQ let me go with the extra 2kg. C passenger + 20kg *G! I carefully weighed my bags, but how did I end up with being 2 kg over? I dunno

Anyways after checkin my bags, which took no more than 1 minute, I head downstairs to get breakfast.

I had takoyaki

I walked around and decided if I should get some Tonkatsu, but I knew SQ was going to feed me enough so I didn't need to over stuff myself.

Bought some Omiyage (souviners) and then off to security!

Must look at the flight information first.

Greeted with LONG lines for security which only takes 5 minutes

While I was waiting for security. Just snapped a photo of my boarding pass

Immigration and Security took all of 7 minutes.

Post immigration

If you need to shower

Shuttle Train to the gates

SQ Invited me to use the Sakura Lounge (I knew the lounge is terrible from flying JL).


Airlines which use this lounge.

Star VS OW


I find it rude to take photo's of the reception lady and the reception area so I never take photo's of that area.

After the reception turn left

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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:38 am
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Seating area

Food section

Famous Beer Machines?


I was at the lounge for about 3 minutes taking photo's of the lounge when they announced boarding. I drank a cup of water and left.

Long walk to gate 41

Gate 41 is still straight ahead.

Boarding already started for *G and C

I love turning left ! There were two people walking next to me saying they wish they could turn left like me

My plane today was 9V-STG (If I remember correctly) I took this photo before boarding.

My seat for today!

Close up

Some pictures of the seats
The seat condition was pretty bad.

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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:39 am
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All pairs of seats had 1 person each so load in Business Class was 15/30.

Welcome Onboard drink. Drank half before I photoed oops.

Distributed Menu's.

Captain came on and told us we were going to have a 40 min delay due to Air Traffic. I guess this had to do with Miyazaki's Eruppting. Flight time to Singapore was expected to be 7 hours and 20 minutes.

Once we took off. Headseats were distributed along with Slippers and eyeshades.

First round of drinks.
Apple Juice and Water (I don't drink)

Lunch service took forever to start. It didn't start until 1.5 hours post takeoff

Satay Lamb and Chicken

Warm Nuts

After this was another 30 minute wait.

Inbetween I went to the bathroom.

Came back to my seat and still waited. and finally the salad came.

Garlic Bread

Over cooked Beef which tasted like rubber.

Sesame Pudding
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:40 am
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Finally Fruits and Cheese

This is when we finished lunch service!

After the meal I watched Red and Unstoppable.

Before arriving into Singapore this came up

Then before arrival the captain came on and announced thanks for flying SQ (the usual) and then gave us that we were in a holding pattern because of storm and low visibility in SIN. We ended up arriving at 5:55pm. My 1hour and 40 minute layover became a 40 minute layover.

post landing

I went to immigration (my usual stamp run), but they rejected me this time saying time was too short. I had less than 30 minutes left before take off oh well.

SkyTrain to T2

Made it to the gate with still 15 minutes to spare before boarding!

I made the mistake of going in instead of going to the lounge. I was thirsy, but oh well lazy to go out.

Today's aircraft is 9V-SRF (yay no AVOD) I wanted to play supermario

Gate Hold Area

I was the first one to board, but people were quick to board so I couldn't get clean shots of this time. I slummed it in Y this time (didn't want to waste miles upgrading SIN-BKK)

Yay for Non AVOD (but All games were out of service )

After seated in 35G

Pork or Chicken? Pork...

Ice-cream which I didn't eat.

Flight time was 2 hours...Nothing special.
Arrival was 10 minutes before schedule, but bags took 25 minutes to come out
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:41 am
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After a week in BKK with CNY celebrations etc... it was time to travel again. This time to Northern Thailand for a day trip to pay respect to the most respected monk which passed away the night I arrived in Bangkok.

If anyone knows Luang Ta

I woke up at 7:30am and we were going to catch the 10am flight to UTH, but we couldn't get tickets organized in time so we ended up taking the 1:55pm flight.

We arrived at the airport at 12:10pm and parked the car at the airport as it was a 10 hour day trip. Taxi or parking there would have cost the same so driving there wins.

After entering the car park and going down to level 3. A view of the terminal before going up the elevator.

Walking to the terminal.

Go up one floor and we checkin at the domestic C counter.

After we checkin I go to the international departures and check how bad immigration is as people have been reporting. Here is a photo of it at Feb 5th 12:15pm. Pretty ugly if you ask me.

After security we take the escalator down.

Walking towards the lounge

anybody needs some medicine?

Where is the lounge?!

There it is. I finally found the TG Domestic BKK Lounge

Entrance area to the lounge

Lounge and food area

After 1 hour in the lounge I leave and head to the gate. It was a short 1 minute walk as the gate was just opposite the lounge.

First must take a picture of the aircraft today. I didn't jot down the registration, but we have a 737-400 aircraft today

boarding area
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:42 am
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I was the first one to board again.

down the jet way!

empty cabin...

waiting for people to board.

While I am board I took a SQFG TM Legshot

Flight took off on time and expected flight time was 55 minutes.
After 10 minutes of take off we are served

contents of the inside.

Nothing special about the rest of the flight.
Arrival and baggage claim area. I had no checkin luggage so I went straight out.

I am delaying my trip report because of bandwidth issues. (only have 30% left on Photobucket)

Let's go on. After a short trip visit to the temple (3 hours) I arrive back at the airport at 7.05pm just one hour before my flight. When I entered the terminal it looked like this.

Check-in desks, but I already had my return boarding pass from BKK so I got to skip it.

Up to departures level

Security Check

Picture of the security after

Waiting hall.

No lounge at this airport only a two shops and chairs and TV.

Airplane from the terminal. A300-600!

Only one contact bridge/gate at this airport

Business Class cabin. I was the first to board again

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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:42 am
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SQFG TM leg shot

After push back. Flight was 100% full in Y business ?

Flight time expected at 45 minutes. What we get served 5 mintues after take off.

Arrivals was 10 minutes early, but we had to ride a bus

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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:43 am
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My goal for 2011 is to make JAL Sapphire Status, so what do I do?! MR!!!

For those who visit Japan you inbetween your ticket xxx-Japan-xxx you can buy a fare Yokoso Japan or Visit Japan Pass from JAL. These allow you to fly any domestic sectors in Japan for 10000yen plus tax.

So on Friday right after finishing business I come home and plan out my exact routing how I was going to fly. I was leaving on Sunday night so that was check. Now I had to see how to fit the MR.
I bought a BKK-HND-OKA open jaw KIX-BKK ticket. I had to rush to the JAL office to issue the Yokoso fare. When I got there the lady wanted to see my ticket. I gave her my mileage card everything was okay. Now ticketing the Yokoso was no problem. OKA-HND-OKA-HND-OKA-ITM (she asked why are you flying such routing all in 2 days) I told her for mileage. She said other people do the same also. I guess i'm not the only one who thinks like this. OKA-HND is (not the longest) but the only route you can do 2 roundtrips in one day with the most FOP (fly on points) or EQM (for UA people)...

After my short UTH trip the night before and doing some last minute business I come home pack/shower and head to the airport. I leave at 8.40pm it took me a while to catch a taxi as most of the taxi's were rotating their shifts.

Once you reach BKK airport. I forgot where JAL's checkin was and got dropped off at door 4 which leads to aisle D!!! I had a long way to walk towards checkin, but it didn't matter. I was there 2 hours early!

Now to checkin. Everything check check. I made sure I got the requested seats and priority tags on. 41kg bags, but they let me go with 1kg whew..

Check flight information

I went to both immigration counters to see how bad immigration was, but only 7 people deep for foriegn people and empty for Thai citizen (yay)!! no wait for me then
From searching I knew there were three options for OW lounges. Since I have OW Sapphire status I can use all C sections. First was BA/QF then CX (wasn't sure if it was open) and finally JL.

After clearing immigration and security I took a long stroll to the C side first and then walking the whole D concourse (I needed some excercise before sitting so much) Finally came to the OW side.

Entrance to the BA/QF C lounge.

Inside the lounge

Of course we always go to the food section The lady rearranging the food actually moved away from the picture for me. Thanks!!

I was in the lounge for about 15 minutes. I was planning to lounge hop and see which one was the best to relax in.
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:44 am
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Next up was the CX lounge right across the BA/QF Lounge. Next door to the BA/QF F lounge.

The agent looked at my boarding pass wrote down details and told me the lounge is closing in 15 minutes (I said no problem)

It was hard to get many photos of the lounge because places with good photo angles were all taken!
5 minutes in the lounge and I was out again. It was about 1 hour until take off time now. Time to move to the JAL lounge. It was a short 2 minute walk.

If you can't find your directions this will always guide you.

Lounge signage

Entrance to the lounge..

Who is entitiled to use it and the wifi password

The lounge was so full, but we need food photo's first!

People were pigging out and they lounge attendants had a hard time keeping up stock

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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:44 am
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I was in the super crowded lounge for 15 minutes (didn't know why). I left the lounge with 45 minutes until departure. I walked slowly towards the gate.

Once I arrived at my gate I tired to take a photo of the plane. This plane flies KIX-BKK and turns for the BKK-HND redeye flight.

Yes I am going to HND International Airport

We were going to be close to a full house tonight. 9 seats in economy open and about 10 seats left in C

As always flying domestic in US caused me to board first! becasue of overhead space, but that was not to worry...

Push back was a 5 minutes late, but we were still expecting an early arrival. 5 hours and 20 minute flight.

After departure drinks were served.

Roughly where the drinks are served 30 minutes into flight

1.5 hours before arrivals the lights came on with a towel service. Cabin shot before breakfast.

Unedible food

This is roughly where breakfast was served

I walked around the cabin after the CA's picked up the tray. Used the bathroom and patiently waited for the flight to finally end.

Arrival into HND was 6.20am..We got to the gate 6.25. Immigration was less than a minute walk the terminal is really compact!
Baggage claim area

Baggage took 10 minutes to arrive very slow IMHO. While waiting for luggage I was watching which custom officer was checking bags... I got to the custom agent (why did you go to BKK? answer was CNY okay you are good to go)
After exiting it was to domestic checkin for my flights.
Domestic Check-in Counter

I pulled up and asked them to tag my tags on the last flight. They looked at my itinerary and thought I was insane. HND-OKA-HND-OKA for today LOL! I asked about class J upgrades only HND-OKA worked. HND-OKA #2 waitlist and OKA-HND could not be upgraded until I got to OKA because of computer issuses...
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JAL and ANA opened an Arrivals lounge for their elites only. After check-in my bags for the domestic sectors next off was to the arrivals lounge. The arrivals was 30 meters away from the domestic check-in counters.


Who's allowed to use the Arrivals Lounge

I went in and asked 5th in queue. 30 minute wait (no problem I had 3 hours until departure)
Food section while waiting

The lounge was only this big I'm serious REALLY TINY

After watching TV and eating some breakfast 15 minutes later they called me.
I get the key's to room 5 they have 6 shower rooms.

Shower hall

Shower room

So after a nice shower I still had two more hours until take off. Time to search for breakfast places. I walked around the new international terminal for places to eat, but I found nothing I liked. Finally I decided sushi but it was 7.55 and opened at 8. Okay I wait.

I entered the sushi store and I ordered the breakfast set.

After I finished the food. I wanted some more, but service was terrible and the chefs were fighting..so I decided to leave and go to Terminal 1 and find places to eat instead. I went downstairs and used the bus. Waited 5 minutes and the bus ride was 10 minutes. I walked around and I found starbucks ok....I buy a sandwich and that it.

I clear security round #1 and the lounge was to the left.

(more lounge photo's later)
I bummed around the lounge for an hour doing nothing chatting to friends and drinking lots of water and eating my sandwich.

I decided to leave early to the gate (which was a 2 minute walk). I was going to fly a JAL 744 it was a rare swap and JL's 744 are getting retired this month (feb 2011).
I'm going to Okinawa

My aircraft today JA8084!
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Boarding was ontime.
JL's domestic boarding is
#1 Children and Elder people
#2 Emerald Status only
#3 Everyone else.
I'm in group 3....
I board and sit down. The flight was 99% full. Flight time to Okinawa today was 2 hours and 20 minutes. I was sleeping and waking up during this flight.
Picture of my seat

Interior of 744D

We cannot forget SQFG (tm) legshot

Arrival into Okinawa was at 1:15pm and I had 65 minutes to eat lunch. First I went to the transit counter to put myself on the class J upgrade. Done...Please come back 20 minutes before to check. Okay so I had 45 minutes to eat. Out to the terminal. Up to departures
Took a photo of the check-in counters for tomorrow morning.

Check-in area

Went up one floor. What to eat...(I don't like Okinawa soba)...Okay normal soba place. I went into the store at 1:25pm...I ordered...the food took so long....Food came at 1.50pm! wow...I ate my food in 5 minutes I had to leave ASAP.

One shot from the observation deck before I rush(for no reason lol)


Down the stairs


Security took 1 minute (no touch my junk stuff in Japan)
Post security

oops the escalotor took me past the lounge walk back.

Some photos of the lounge.

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After quick photos of the lounge it was time to go to check standby..I walk over and Class J upgrade 1000yen later ok! upgrade complete.
Boarding has not started so I took some photo's

Same 744 taking me back to HND.

This time I waited around and was one of the last passengers on. Carryon? no problem.
Gate 25

I was wondering if the crew would recognize me, but nothing ok...no problem I was sitting in 11K this time on the flight from HND I was in 11C. just opposite each other.

Flight was uneventuful again. Sleep drink apple juice and flight time 1:50 minutes. Some shot of the cabin during flight.

Arrival into HND was 4:30pm...Now time to search for dinner (I was eating every 3 hours)....I walk around and around. I don't know what to eat, but I guess I wanted sushi (breakfast left me craving for more)... Couple photo's of sushi. I had a long discussion with the sushi chef and another customer. I was planning to be there no mroe than 15 minutes, but it ended up being 1 hour.

Got too carried away so those are the only photo's. I had about three times more than that.

After dinner I wanted something sweet. I found Kihachi Ice-cream yay!

After ice-cream it was 6pm...I still had time until my 7.45pm departure...
I went to the lounge and just sat around watching airplanes take off and land.

picture of the lounge at night

I left the lounge at 7pm and walked around the terminal a bit. Then I just watched the plane getting serviced. (I was bored out of my mind)
Okinawa round #2

Information about our flight.

Plane at the gate!

I was one of the last to board again.

This was the former JAS 777. One of the few 777's with PTV on domestic runs. I got the former Rainbow seat! (pic later again)
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:47 am
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Boarding bridge!

Flight time to Okinawa was 2 hours and 15 minutes tonight...why 5 minutes longer than during the day?! I dunno hahahah.
Pictures during flight

Can not forget the SQFG legshot

Arrival into OKA was 10:30pm...first thing baggage claim

Bags arrived without a problem. Next up was monorail for tonights hotel. I caught the 11pm monorail. Toyoko-Inn Miebashi station 4500yen a night (cheap!) Here are photo's of the 12m2 room.

I repack everything. By the time I finished everything I got in bed at 12.30am.... I set my alarm clock for 5.50am because I had to catch the first train to OKA airport (6.13am). Reason why I was heading to the airport early was for the Class J upgrade. Airport checkin counters open at 6.30. I'll be there at 6.30am sharp. My flight tomorrow was 8.15am.

I go to bed, but I couldn't sleep I was worried I would over sleep..oh well I got up at 5.20am and took my sweet time. I left the room at 5.50am went downstairs and left my bags there for 3 minutes while I went to lawsons.

Got to the train station at 6.00am.
Photo's of the train station.

Ticket was 290yen IIRC
Time table

Towards OKA airport

Train came and 15 minutes later 6.25am at OKA station. Walk over to the checkin counters...

Upgraded to Class J for today OKA-HND-OKA-ITM confirmed! yay
Hotel included breakfast, but made no sense to go back
Breakfast at one of the open shops in the morning
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Old Feb 19, 11, 6:47 am
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Some pictures of the apron while waiting for breakfast
ANA 744D Pokemon Jet

After breakfast I walked around the souviner area...didn't buy anything (as I thought I was going to have time to come back later in the day)

Walking towards security

After security lounge time no escalator this time


Who can use the lounge

View of the lounge

I was in the lounge for about 40 minutes charging my iphone (this trip report is all iphone pics)
Walking towards the gate

Got to the gate early again. Same plane Gate 22.. JA008D for my flight back to HND!

Still early and empty
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