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Jetblue JETPRIDE SFO-LGB May 14, 2010


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Jetblue JETPRIDE SFO-LGB May 14, 2010

Jetblue “Jet Pride” Flight
May 14, 2010

Just a quick disclaimer: This trip report is about my JetPride flight experience. JetPride flight is a Jetblue’s special flight to celebrate the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT Long Beach Pride and the flight number 1969 is selected to celebrate the historic Stonewall Riots, which opens a new chapter in the struggles for equality of the LGBT community. Since this is a civil aviation website, the trip report is just like any other reports I have written. If you are uncomfortable with the subject matter, please be respectful and just skip this trip report! It is a flight to celebrate the LGBT community and I am proud to be part of this flight and thankful that Jetblue is willing to be supportive of the community and hope other US airlines can follow Jetblue (and Air New Zealand, which had a pink flight last year from SFO to AKL) footsteps. I am also grateful that Jetblue opened this flight to the public so we have a chance to be part of this special flight, and of course, the fabulous host, Pam Ann, who brought joy to this special flight.

May 14, 2010
B6 1969 SFO-LGB Lv1235 Arr1403 Airbus A320-200 N766JB “Etjay Luebay” and Mosaic livery

As the official sponsor airline of the Long Beach Pride, Jetblue decides to do a special celebratory flight and turns one of its normal noon flight from SFO to Long Beach into a special one. Here is the link to the official press release - http://www.prnewswire.com/news-relea...-91593959.html and instead of a closed flight, it was open to sales but I have to call a special number to book the flight. The cost is $79 plus tax and the extra legroom seats are sold for a special $5, and after a friendly phone call to the Jetblue’s Special event link, I got a confirmation and got a seat at 2A.

Check-in was done at the usual Jetblue’s area in the International terminal, and there was a special JetPride flight check-in line, and Pam Ann was already working the crowd. Pam Ann is definitely a class act and a glamorous flight attendant, and kept the crowd going throughout the whole celebration. The security line was long due to the number of afternoon departures to various Asian destinations. It was interesting to witness how they gave Pam Ann a pad down and TSA definitely did not score points today. All the other Asian passengers were curious on what was going on and possibly did not have a clue. There was a small celebration in the gate A12 with champagne (sparkling wine), bottled water, juices and coffee, along with pink cupcakes. Various Virgin American and airport staffs looked upon us and it was definitely a good event.

Of course I could not skip the reporting of various airplanes parked at the International Terminal Concourse at this busy afternoon hour. Asiana sends its Boeing 777-200ER HL7596. Japan Airlines’ usual Boeing 777-300ER JA742J was getting ready for Narita. Qantas’ Boeing 747-400ER VH-OEI, Cathay Pacific Airways’ Boeing 747-400 B-HOT and Delta Airlines’ Airbus A330-300 N855NW all looked beautiful under the California sun.

Boarding commenced with Pam Ann announced, “Are you ready to board, .....es?” And the order of boarding was not the usual rows and/or zones, but tops, bottoms, versatile, virgins, bears, cubs, twinks and you can guess the rest, but the lesbians got to board first. Jetblue staffs were handing out gift bags and special JetPRIDE t-shirt in the jetway. Gift bag contains Jetblue’s notepad, keychain, snooze pack, lip palm, a LGBT DVD sponsored by gay.com, Advocate and OUT magazines obviously, and the Advocate rep was in row 3. There was a special t-shirt with the LGBT in the front with LGB highlighted, and the JetPRIDE logo in the back. Three wonderful New York based F/As, Keiri, Marsha and T(Sorry can’t remember), were in charge of our flight this afternoon. Captain then made his usual pre-takeoff announcement and announced that Pam Ann was his wife. Everyone was in good spirit.

At 12:22pm door was closed, and finally we all had to take our seats. Plane was pushed back at 12:28pm and we took off from R/W1L at 12:40pm. Flying time was an hour and two minutes long with a cruising attitude of 31,000feet (started at 33,000feet and it was choppy). The captain requested a Bay tour, but the low clouds and fog blocked the view. Nonetheless the celebration continued when the aircraft reached 10,000feet and Pam Ann pouring the five of us at Row 2 our champagne, and talking with passengers throughout the plane. Couple folks from Lufthansa joined the flight and made some German announcements. Then Kurt from the “joie de vivre” hotel chain gave out four free nights at various “joie de vivre” establishment in the South Bay. The usual express beverage and snack service was replaced by sparkling wine and pink cocktail, which is “Vodka Cranberry”. I sort of wish they have passed out chips, but the flight was filled with people up and down the aisle.

Descent soon began at 1:17pm, and there was another ceremony. Tood, the vice president of Jetblue’s corporate communication made another thank you announcement, and Jetblue and the F/As present Pam Ann with an official flight attendant wing. Pam Ann was surprised and the gesture was symbolic and definitely an honor. Then the Jetblue team presented Pam Ann with an appreciation gift of a airplane designed toiletry bag filled with goodies. Soon the plane turned towards the coast and we landed on R/W30 at 1:42pm and parked at Stand 3 four minutes later. Pam Ann was in the door saying her goodbye. JETPRIDE was definitely a fun flight and I feel it as an honor to be part of this flight. This Jet Pride Flight blends the two important aspects of my life – my work towards my inquiry of the LGBTQ community and my love of planes. I sort of wish that it will be a longer flight. Nonetheless I am proud of being part of this flight and thank Jetblue for the celebratory flight and Pam Ann for this entertaining flight.

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Wonderful trip report - LOVED IT! I wish I would have known, I would love to have been on a flight with Pam Ann! She's brilliant .. Thank you for the post..
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Wow! What a fabulous job for your writing the trip reports. I'm glad that you are so enjoyable for your first inauguration from SFO-LGB today. How is flight? How much precent the load factor? Is that almost 90% full. I believe the routes are so successful out of SFO-LGB and you were absolutely great flying on B6 today. Why you don't try to do something else? Where you want to be consider for next available trip out there?

I'm pretty more confidence about your flight is doing and do you meeting a nice crewmember? I would loves to see how is VX doing for your next inaugurate service SFO-YYZ. You will be there at ceremony in SFO for your next available trip during in this summer. You probably know VX has been delayed inauguration service SFO/LAX-MCO due to aircraft availability. I know there is no aircraft available to be delivered to VX yet. Just try to be more patience until the further notice if VX will delivery more A320 aircraft.
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