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Old May 9, 10, 5:48 pm   #16
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What an amazing TR!! Enjoyed Part 1 as well.
Thank you for posting!
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Old May 9, 10, 6:34 pm   #17
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Great report, thank you for all of the effort you put into this. Quite a journey.

You have inspired me to write a report for my next jaunt around Asia (albeit in J, rather than F!)
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Old May 9, 10, 8:19 pm   #18
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Great report - good to hear about the buses in Argentina - looking forward to our trip in September I managed the Cuzco - Puno rail trip in Peru in the 80s and Xining-Golmud in China five or six years ago.

The Prospector should have gotten to 160+km/hr given the track improvements in the last few years. At least it did for me in the opposite direction. Which leads to the question - how did you get from Kalgoorlie back to Perth?

Happy wandering

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Old May 9, 10, 9:56 pm   #19
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Wow! Just a bit short, can you post some details please?
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Old May 9, 10, 10:41 pm   #20
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Thank you so much! Reading this was a wonderful way to procrastinate on studying for my finals.

Being new here, I'm not very familiar with your situation--beyond that your TRs are held in extremely high regard. I don't mean to pry, but what sort of job/travel situation allows you to experience such travels so that you can relay them to us?
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Old May 10, 10, 10:45 am   #21
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The aircraft in the photo was a Convair 880 or 990.
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Old May 10, 10, 11:56 am   #22
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WOW... I am highly impressed.. Please tell me how to book some of those bus trips in South America. My partner and I are heading down to EZE for 2 weeks and wanted to take some side trips...
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Old May 10, 10, 2:23 pm   #23
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Best TR ever - saw a lot of places that I never knew existed. Thanks OP!
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Old May 10, 10, 3:01 pm   #24
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Thank you for another awesome adventure report.

I've just lost an hour or two, quite happily, reading your both halves. It was time well spent.
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Old May 10, 10, 3:09 pm   #25
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looking forward to your next report. And hopefully one of these days I'd get to ride one of those awesome Argentina buses in seat 2A

Keep it up, you are an inspiration for us kids
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Old May 10, 10, 3:41 pm   #26
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Things I did today:
  1. Got up.
  2. Had large coffee
  3. Read this trip report (part 1)
  4. Went for a run
  5. Read this trip report (part 2)

Thanks for a day well spent!!

Your comment that
travel isnít exhausting, itís invigorating! ... Sitting in a spacious First Class Suite for a 14 hour flight to Hong Kong isnít exhausting, itís relaxing.
is spot on. Few things in life are as relaxing and pleasurable as a transpac in F. Such flights provide a welcome respite from work, email, and phones, a great meal (usually), and plenty of rest in a seat that is also a bed. I feel lucky to have experienced this as you clearly seem to do also from your comments. Thanks for the very detailed report!!

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Old May 10, 10, 10:49 pm   #27
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Another fantastic report - thanks for writing this up (and the photo teaser a few weeks ago).
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Old May 11, 10, 6:52 am   #28
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As entertaining and inspirational as ever. Didn't even wait to get home so will be light a few billable hours today! Thanks for the time and effort you put into these - always a pleasure to read.
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Old May 11, 10, 1:47 pm   #29
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Fantastic! What an inspiration to one day take a similar trip!
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Old May 11, 10, 10:04 pm   #30
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Both Parts 1 and 2 of the trip report are amazing!! I truly enjoyed reading them. I hope I can try flying LAN one day.
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