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HHConrad Feb 6, 10 2:53 pm

Lx arn-zrh-jfk c (20 pics)

I keep this story short and focus on pictures. I made a booking in September for a flight to New York outbound on the 26th of November with a return on the 27th because the price was so low, only 15900SEK for C at going ARN-ZRH-JFK compared to SAS C ARN-EWR at 32400 SEK at

I stayed one night at the "Rest and fly" that I recommend. Location is inside the Arlanda airport and it is two beds over each other (you make it yourself) but it is nice and cold (yes, you sleep much better then) and you share showers. I highly recommend it, especially to families. I been there with my kids and it is well spent money.

Anyway, I overslept in the morning and it was only thanks to Fast Track that I was able to make it to gate 1 where my journey begun.

Equipment: Boeing 737-600
0640-0905 (2h 25min)
Seat 1F

I was welcomed by a FA and offered the main Swedish morning papers. Breakfast was offered for Y passengers at 79 SEK but for me (the only in C this morning) they gave me this:

Little too sweet for my taste but anyway.

I was the only passenger in C:

I slept some time and we landed at 0905 in ZRH. Transfer was a breeze. I spent some time at the Swiss business class lounge (details about the lounge covered in several reports by others).

Main event
Equipment: A330-300
1300-1605 (9h 5min)
Seat 4A
"BELLINZONA" Named after the Switzerland’s Canton Ticino.

My 1300 bird to JFK was on time and boarding was spotless by the ground personel. However, once onboard the crew made a confusing appearance for me as well for fellow passengers in C. The synchronization was not the best and it turned out to be valid for the whole trip including the return as it was the same crew. I had to ask (!) for a glass of pre departure champagne. And they were running back and fourth in the cabin for reason I do not know still we were on time.

The view from the 4A in the LX A330-300:

and the champagne:

and the kit:

and off we go:

And the meny was as followed:

Have in mind:

So it begins:

Tasted ok

and some more :


It is a very nice champagne. Swiss also have it intra Europe routs in C.
I picked chicken for main course and as always it simply doesn't work on an airline.

Dry, overheated and tasteless. If this is the "Taste of Switzerland" well then I do not know.

The red wine was:

Gerard Bertrand deliver also to SAS in C so I guess they have a strong influence on the Star Alliance wine buyers.

How about the sleping? Well it is FLAT 100% and hard or not well I like it.


Decent starts

Before landing. Nice, is it not? :

PS There was no IFE for well over 3 hours and one person in the crew worked full time to fix it. Also persons from the cockpit (captain?) was involved running back and forth with handmade notes taken over radio from Zurich. The last hours it worked but I never use them anyway.

Bretteee Feb 7, 10 11:06 am

Well until 2 years ago when I last flew LX in Y to New York, the food was mediocre below acceptable. But I am shocked to see that even in C it's bad.

I have had excellent chicken on AA, AC, LY, AF in Y class as they serve the meat; while on CO they served the "chicken fat" / thigh which was a disaster. I don' t know if CO have improved though since 2 years ago.

Thanks for the report.

elitetraveler Feb 7, 10 5:50 pm

Nice report ^

How was the seat when fully flat?

snod08 Feb 7, 10 6:26 pm

Thanks for this nice TR.

larrywilmot747 Feb 8, 10 6:31 am

Thanks for posting your photo report, very interesting to read it.

Cheers Larry.

sobore Feb 8, 10 7:49 am

Very Nice Photos. Thank you!

HHConrad Feb 8, 10 2:40 pm

Well, elitetraveler, the seat is when it is flat...flat:)
No I like it. It is firm and even with no strange angels. However I like BA Club World the most. Seat 64A on their 747 is simply the best seat for the buck (if there is a sale going on at ba, that is)

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