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sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:34 am

Kingfisher First LHR-BOM and within India
I combined a meeting in Bangalore with a holiday in Kovalam Beach with prices for flights between Dublin and Bangalore outraging high on the most of the airlines, our travel agent got me good priced tickets that however required some connections.

Here is my experience of what I call my India adventure:

IT008 from LHR to BOM


Arriving with Heathrow connect from Terminal 1 the kingfisher desk were directly at the exit of the lift from the train station.

There was a big crowd trying to check in with no visible entry to the Kingfisher First Desk (2) but as soon as I approached a staff member a cordon was opened and I was shown to the First Desk.

The check in agent was extremely friendly, when I told her that I was not happy with the seat I got (5 D) and that I rather would like to be in the middle part of row 1 she tried unsuccessfully to get me a seat there.

However not giving up she called over a supervisor and she released the seat so that I have 1 D which offers some more privacy as the other seats in row 1 are a little to back. While this is directly behind the curtain it is a good seat as only 1E is next to it.

The bag was checked through with the remark that I need to collect it in BOM and recheck it. She also gave me an invitation to the helideck lounge and pointed out the direction to both Lounge and final Gate (9). The bag was given a big priority label and a “connection tag”.


The helideck lounge is one of the worst lounges in Heathrow with only the “main deck” currently in operation it became crowed very fast. The food offering is very sparse and the toilets are very outdated. With no air condition and no air movement at all in the lounge it became a hot place very fast.

1 hour before departure time I decided to take walk and make my way to the aircraft, rather in a seat on board than in the hothouse.


When I arrived at the gate 45 minutes before departure time pre-boarding was under way and as soon as the agent spotted my Kingfisher First boarding pass I was invited to board. Due to the configuration of the gate it was a long walk to the aircraft.

Once I showed my boarding pass to the flight crew at the door I was welcomed by name and shown to my seat with an immediate offer of help for my bags. (There is no overhead storage above the middle seats).

Once I sat down I was offered a Lime Juice.


Menu cards for both food and drinks were offered before takeoff, so was a Bose headset.

Before take off the flight attendant took my choice of dinner and drinks.

After takeoff the crew “forced” the Don on me together with a good portion of mixed nuts.

About 1 hour into the flight I noticed that they were doing an individual food service by brining trays to people that requested food. The FA approached me about 1.5 hours into the flight and told me that they will bring me my choice whenever I want.

I quickly got my choice (salmon/lamb/cheese) all with a good refill of the Don, followed by a white and a good port.

After Dinner I went to the bar (which was occupied by a couple with the gentlemen definitely having too much alcohol consumed).

When returning to my seat the FA offered to convert the seat to a bed an offer which I took up.

2.5 hours before landing the lights were switched on and the FA offered to bring me my food at any point. I asked for it to be delivered soon and within 5 minutes I had my choices in front of me. And for a change the coffee was good, usually airlines don’t serve good coffee (with the exception of swiss’s espresso machines).


The seat extends into a flat bed. There is privacy shell around the head area. However I found this seat once in flat bed not to be as comfortable as others. I am a little heavy around the waist line and my bear belly is not small either. I had problems putting my arms anywhere if lying on the back. There is an area near the head privacy shell on the right side which is carved into the middle console but the left arm had nowhere to go because unlike other seats there is no armrest on the aisle side.

I managed to find a position lying on the ride with the arm against the privacy shell and similar lying to the right side but it was not as comfortable as I expected.

Once I put the seat back up a little to get a head cushion effect I found that I could sleep way better because there was space for my arms both on left and right side.

A FA noticed that I had problems and offered to again make the bed, but I told her that I liked the position with the seat not fully flat better. That seemed to confuse her.

Entertainment System

The biggest let down of all, 6 English language films (all years old) is not a lot. I found however that the music channels were quite good. The Live TV did not work when I tried it on several points.

While the screens are nice, the lack of English up to date movies is a bad point.


The FA’s are really great, I had a lot of chats with them, one remarked that I was always awake when she passed and if everything was alright. I told her that’s the way I sleep and she offered a good night drink if needed.

The FA’s checked constantly if there was something I needed without being over the top. They offered service when needed and reacted fast to requests.

The food was very good for an airline.



I was 4th out of the aircraft and walked the clean long way down to health screening where my Swine Flu form was stamped (despite me noting that I had been to both Ireland and the UK, the 2 major hotspots) there was no question asked and the form stamped automatically.

I approached and empty immigration area (pays to be out so fast out of the aircraft) and was directed to an empty desk where a friendly immigration officer started to ask questions until he saw the name of my employer in the visa and asked me for either business card or company id. I showed my company ID and no more questions, a quick stamp and a welcome to India later I passed through.


When approaching the bag belt I noticed a lot of bags already on carts but not mine. A porter immediately approached me and asked for my bag tags to assist, however he could not find my bags, which confused him because he was adamant that all priority bags already had been delivered.

He immediately got a supervisor involved who informed me, that most likely my bag was placed in the connection container and that it show up in a moment and that he was very sorry for the wait. Bag after Bag showed but not mine and the supervisor maintained contact. After 10 minutes he approached and again apologized promising my bag must be there soon and if not, he would investigate. The bag showed 5 minutes later, a porter grabbed it and handed it to me.


I than approach customs but because I had to wait for the bag that long (nothing compared to the wait I usually have in Dublin or London) there was a lot of traffic and after all my bags had been x-rayed I went to the direction of the transfer area, handed my customs stub to a confused office who was astonished that I would connect for some reason and checked 3 times if I’m sure I’m connecting.

Transfer Desk:

As soon as I went through the corridor a friendly Kingfisher lady approached me and ask me if I would be Mr. XXX by any chance. When I confirmed, she apologized that she missed me and informed me that she would help me with the transfer.

Another x-ray of my check in bag later I stood in front of 2 transfer desk where an overworked stressed male agent was fighting with his computer and a massive load of customers. The lady advised me to take a seat and not queue as she would sort everything out. I offered to queue as normal but she insisted that she would take care of me.

After a while (because of the computer not working) the agent handed me lounge invitation, marked me off a list and my bag was loaded onto a trolley together with other peoples. The lady advised that she would be bringing me over, but I told her, that I’m quite okay to ride the transfer bus alone and find my way to the lounge in the domestic terminal. She accepted that only after making sure the male agent would ensure I would not get lost. And she also explained which lounge to use.

Once the bus arrived I was marked of a list and took my seat. A short ride around the airport we arrived at one door where the driver let out jet airways customers and proceeded to the Kingfisher gate.

I than followed the signs to the check in area and quickly found the Kingfisher Lounge which is a downstairs area in front of the Clipper Restaurant and Bar.


It’s a very funny lounge with the Clipper Restaurant and Bar taking ˝ of the space in one corner and big red couches and a some tables taking the other part.

Food offerings were limited, the soft drinks machine was broken and only dispensed Sprite (warm). Overall an underwhelming experience. No display of flights, but the lounge staff walked through the lounge regular announcing flights.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:36 am

IT107 from BOM to BLR
IT107 from BOM to BLR

My flight was announced by a friendly agent who offered me a porter to take me to the gate. I declined that (which was a bad choice in retrospect).


Security is directly in front of the lounge entrance and I queue with the rest of the passengers. At one point I feared a riot would happen as an off duty kingfisher employee was taken out of the substantial line by a uniformed kingfisher person and given directly to the x-ray.

Loud shouting started in a mix of languages with no passenger moving anymore until a unformed guard (with a lot of stars on his shoulder) tried to calm people down. The shouting only stopped once he took the uniformed and off duty kingfisher person to a side and even than there was moaning until he put the off duty person back into the queue.

The queue could choose between 2 xray machines and there was no security on the end of the x-ray where you put your bag. I started taking out my laptop (used to the window show that is security in US/EMEA) and the people behind me told me to leave it and not take out my toiletry bag either.

Passing through the arch I set the alarm off (but I think everybody does) and was given a hand wand by an officer who stamped my boarding pass. I than approached the other area of the x-ray and nobody did hand you the bag, you had to walk into the screening area behind the guard and take your bag.

I grabbed both of mine and approached another officer guarding the exit of the screening area who inspected the stamp at my boarding pass and then noticed that one of my hand bags did not have a label with a security stamp.
He looked at me and asked “English?” to which I reply, “Yes please”.

He pointed to the x-ray machine and the label at my other bag and told me, “you need label”. So I went back to the x-ray machine and got told, to exit the area, queue again. I looked completely bewildered at the guy. So I tried to make my way out of the area just to be stopped and told there is no way out. I tried to explain what was going on and the starred officer (from before) just smiled, directed me to another office and told them to scan the bag. The same person that previously told me to take a hike now stamped my label personally.

Back to the guard who complained about my missing label who would you believe it inspected the boarding pass again in detail, checked all the labels and then let me go.


Once in the hall to the gate I heard “last call”. I started speeding up but a Kingfisher staff member next to me, told me not to worry, they would not leave without me. Very nice.

Approaching the gate I apologized and told them that I had a mixup at security. I approached the gate and a security officer once again checked my stamps on boarding pass and bags, out on a big smile and told me “relax sir”.

Next time when offered a porter I will take one.

Once on board I took my seat (noticing a gentlemen who was also on the LHR-BOM flight) and after further 10 minutes the last passengers were on board.


A menu card was given to me with a choice of main courses ranking from chicken sandwich over soup to vegetarian sandwich. I choose the chicken sandwich which was delivered together with the desert on a tray about 30 minutes into the flight. An announcement was made that “due to circumstances beyond their control no coffee service would be made”.


The seats are the old style business class seats you are known to from major airlines, just newer. Big, red and very comfortable and reclining until I got the feeling to hit the legs of the lady behind me. I did not try the ief screen as I needed sleep which I got in the seat.

After the flight:

Again fast out of the plane and walked down this new airport to a bag belt where porter offered a hand if needed. The bag came very soon (5 minutes) and I was out of the airport shortly after to see my driver standing outside.

The drivers seam not to be allowed into the terminal and are standing outside near the doors hold back by a barrier.

Overall great service both on the ground and the plane, in 1 ˝ hours flight the service is defiantly better than what BD is bringing (en par with Swiss) but the fact that they have dedicated business cabin with great seats is a big plus.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:37 am

It 203 blr-trv

Curb Side:

When pulling up at the rank a friendly porter inquired if I fly kingfisher and when I responded yes Kingfisher First to xx, he immediately took care of my bags and offered to escort me to check in.

Passing through the security at the entrance (eticket was not a problem but my passport was inspected over and over again) we than approached the check in area (very clean, a lot of desk but very empty) and a security band in front of the First desk was opened for me.

Check in Desk:

Check in was very fast and when I enquired about a seat in row 1 because I don’t want anybody leaning into me she told me that there will only be 2 guests in First and that the other guest was sitting on the opposite side.

A supervisor was sitting next to the friendly agent and we started talking as I noted that I flown in yesterday from London on Kingfisher and she inquired about my experience. I told her my comments and she invited me to fill out a form. As I already had done that yesterday (I believe in positive feedback if something goes well) I declined and she gave me her business card in case I’m back in Bangalore and have a problem at all.

When I inquired about an ATM (because I needed more cash) she pointed me into the direction but pointed out that I don’t need cash for tips as that would not be needed. She than offered to have someone bring me to the lounge.

A friendly porter escorted me to through security to the Lounge. The security was very friendly and efficient with no queue at all (I wish Dublin airport was as good) and once at the lounge he handed me over to the lounge staff.


Handing the invitation to the Lounge crew they noted that I was going to TRV and we had a quick chat about how I’m doing and once I responded I’m going on holidays we had quick chat.

I looked around the lounge for a moment (a great lounge, not the hole that is Mumbai Domestic Lounge) which was completely empty.

Immediately I was approached by staff and asked if they could help, once I found a seat I liked immediately water appeared and I was asked for any other choices and presented with a breakfast menu .

The menu features eggs in different forms with chicken sausage, pancakes or vegetarian breakfast choices.

I order my choice and a lime juice and my choices were delivered swiftly.

The Lounge itself reminds me more of a bar area than a lounge with a big bar (in front of 2 TV flat screen showing sport and news). Comfortable lounge chairs on one side, leather seats in the middle and tables with chairs on the other. Split by a TV there another area with big leather chairs around a table.


The Lounge Attendant came around and addressed me by name and told me that my flight was leaving and that I should make my way to the gate now.
When I approached the gate the usual security check was done and I was welcomed to board.


This was a short flight and despite it they managed to provide me with a got dish served on a tray which was great and tasty. The FA’s checked regularly if there was something else I needed.

With 10 minutes before schedule we arrived at the stand and when I entered the terminal building my bags were already on the belt.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:39 am

It 206 trv-blr
IT 206 TRV-BLR to attend the meetings after my holiday

On arrival in front of the departure entrance the by now known uniforms of kingfisher porters swarmed towards me, the quick “kingfisher sir?” cleared the way to them taking the bags out of car boot.

The usual CISF ticket inspection on the entrance to a dedicated kingfisher bag screening unit (yes, a separate one).

Check-In to Boading

Once that was passed the porter escorted me to the check in desk where massive queues were forming. Some blue suited guy saw me standing in line and approached me with a quick “Mr xxx?”.

On acknowledging that he gave me my boarding pass and lounge invitation and told the porter to bring me to the lounge. He then saw the bags and apologized and informed me, he will check them for me and get the new boarding pass to the lounge for me.

The porter than proceeded to bring me to the lounge (which in fact is a restaurant with tables all around). The porter handed my invitation to a waiter who with loads of “welcome welcome” proceeded to show me to a table and tell me to help myself to the buffet.

After a while I decided to clear security and wait nearer to the gate. This was fun, one entrance guarded by the CISF leading directly to an x-ray. Loads of tourists all bewildered as to what they have to take out of the bag (laptop or not, plastic bag with liquids or not).

Than to the left are 4 metal detectors (2 for male/2 for female) and it is amazing to see tourists struggle with the separation of gender.

The usual frisk later bag to the chaos that is the end of the x-ray machine. A guard only gave me back my laptop against noting my boarding pass number and details in a book. Strange, but then again maybe that is local custom.
Right after security are the 2 departure gates with limited seating areas, but upstairs there is plenty of space to sit, buy some food/drinks and wait for the boarding call.

The flight was delayed according to the sign but boarding started 10 minute before the time marked on the boarding pass. Usual security check of stamp on boarding pass and bag later a Kingfisher person marked the sequence number of his sheet and directed us to a bus.

The bus than went about 500 meters to an aircraft (I think they wanted avoiding mixing us with people who walked from an arriving flight via the front). Funny enough the people behind me than were asked to walk as the arriving plane passengers were all gone.


On board 3 people in Kingfisher First but for some reason they had put me in a seat next to an Indian gentlemen who was not to happy not to have his row for himself.

A quick check with the FA from my side I was allowed to move and he was happy.

On a 70 minute flight Kingfisher manages to offer me a choice of non vegetarian or vegetarian sandwich or a hot snack. All is served on a tray at once (starter, main, desert) and drinks (non- alcoholic as it seems to be not allowed to server alcoholic drinks on domestic flights.

The seats as previously said are great 2x2 seating with a deep recline, why can’t an European airline offer great seats and service like that in their business class.

Arrival Service:

We arrived 10 minutes early in Bangalore. As this is a connecting flight (it goes on to Dehli) when leaving the aircraft the boarding pass was inspected.

A young lady than saw me and said “Welcome back to Bangalore Mr…, nice to see you again”. Now that is service.

A quick walk down to the belt with no bag in sight. About 5 minutes later the belt sprung into action and the same lady from the gate directed a porter to my direction and told him “2 bags, one red roller which is heavy, the other is silver”. The bags came as number 3 and 4 and once I pointed to them the porter put them onto a trolley and told me he will bring me to the driver or taxi. I declined thanking him as I needed to see the cash machine and he immediately explained where the machine is.

Seriously I know I was the only foreigner coming out of that aircraft in business class but what is that for a service, recognition by name and helpful staff.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:41 am

It 104 blr-bom
After some nice meetings in Bangalore and enjoying the traffic madness it's time to go home


This new airport is a joy, clean easy to access (once you managed to survive the long ride out).

The driver did not show up at the agreed time (2 hours before the flight with the hotel being about 1 hour away from the airport), with the usual panic the concierge managed to get a driver there in 30 minutes who via the back roads did manage to bring me to the airport in 35 minutes.

On the curb the usual red porters immediately going in action and on my remark, I’m very late, I’m sorry, but it’s only 50 minutes to the flight starting laughing and telling me to relax as that was more than enough time.

After the usual CISF security check we went to the Kingfisher First counter where the same friendly person (which I learned later had been promoted from supervisor to guest services manager) welcomed me by name as last time and handed me over boarding passes for the whole journey and the lounge card.

When I said, that I’m sorry for being so late she told me that 30 minutes for a domestic flight was their cut off and that I was not late.

She than escorted me through the security to the lounge where a waiter immediately gave me a glass of water with the breakfast menu. I ordered banana pancakes but there were also a lot of other choices on the menu next to a mini buffet with fresh fruit and pastry on the bar.

When the flight started boarding the manager and a porter picked me up and they escorted me to the gate, where we were asked to board a bus to the plane. She insisted on escorting me all the way to the aircraft and so we had a short journey over to the plane, where after another security check she handed me over to the crew.

The usual service of headset, newspapers and choice of food from a menu was given and I once again went for the non-vegetarian sandwich which again came on a tray with the rest of the menu.

A short flight later we arrived in BOM and a long taxi later we arrived at the gate, where an announcement was made that transfer passengers should contact the gate staff and that boarding passes should be shown to the security staff (as this was a connecting flight to somewhere).

As I left the plane I was addressed by name before I even showed my boarding pass (turns out this was the same agent that helped me on my inbound). We went down to the transfer desk, obtained an immigration form and then a bus token. She says she is going to stay with me (together with the porter) until the bus comes which I declined. I told her, that I’m happy to wait on my own. She than promised that someone is going to collect me from the other side and assist.

A short while later the bus showed and on began the 20 minute journey to the internal terminal.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:42 am

It 007 bom-lhr
And the final leg home towards Europe on Kingfisher.


Transfer to domestic terminal

The bus did the usual route but then went outside the airport perimeter and dropped us next to the B gates outside the international terminal.

No Kingfisher staff anywhere and loads of people trying to enter the terminal and CISF staff (armed with what I assume were WWI carabineers). Prepared I made my way to the C area where Kingfisher checks in.

The CISF boarding pass check later I was in the terminal making my way to the counter just to be stopped by some blue uniformed Kingfisher staff that was not too happy with me just speeding towards the counter.

After he demanded my ticket and passport (despite me telling him I’m checked in and just need a lounge pass) I decided that he I was not too sure, if he was legit, so I decided to call over a red dressed Kingfisher Lady and minutes later I was in front of the check in desk.

My attempt to change my seat (from an aisle seat) to something in the middle did not work. When she tried to get that last middle seat someone approached and told her, that she just upgraded a guest to that seat and hence I would need to stick with what I had.

I was handed a lounge pass and told, immigration over there, the lounge is at Gate 14. Have a nice trip.


The lounge is a common lounge which offers loads of space with a good choice of drinks and some minor food items, but I did not really like it as it was too crowded and noisy, so I decided to take walk around and do some last minute shopping.


When I saw that the displays showed boarding I made my way to the gate, which was very crowded and it looked like all passengers were boarding at the same time. I decided to stand to the side and wait until the madness had stopped, however I was quickly approached by a Kingfisher Staff Member and asked if I am on this flight and when I confirmed she escorted me through the madness onto the plan.


With nearly all seats in business full I thought we were ready but than a young couple with a small child arrived and started taking the middle seats in row 1 and then it stopped being funny. They had ordered a cod which can’t be fixed in row 1 and a whole argument broke out about how this is going to be fixed, the husband told another passenger who was not willing to swap his seat with him, that he will make a lot of fuss during the night flight and at one point we had about 6 blue uniformed Kingfisher staff arguing with the couple, the flight crew, an off duty captain on his way home and the captain of the flight. It took them 45 minutes to sort this out with them now taking the seats on the right side of the plan plus one of the middle seats.


Once we were in the air the service quickly started in the same fashion as on the flight from LHR-BOM on demand. The food and service was outstanding despite the baby constantly crying and the husband running up and down the aisle with it.


Learning from my flight to BOM I got it into the right position for my sleep and was very fast asleep only to be regular woken up by the child crying, so I decided instead bring the seat into the movie position and watch some movies from my laptop. The FA noticed that and organized popcorn and regular drink refills.


Welcome to T4 Heathrow, enough said.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:45 am

Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach
While in TRV I stayed at the Leela Kempinski Kovalam Beach, what for a mistake.

I read reviews of the hotel before choosing it and the reviews together with the description of services and rooms made me choose a club room. I usually don’t stay at Kempinski hotels, being an Intercontinental fan myself, but I decided to give it a try lowering my expectations about service.

The arrival service at the airport was great (directly at the entrance to the terminal) and the handover to the driver was done fast, but there it immediately went downhill. The seatbelts don’t work (they are not needed here Sir), the front seat could not be moved (sorry sir) and the driver was about as friendly as an TSA officer.

On arrival check-in consisted out of being offered a drink and the room key, when asked if they need credit card, they told no, just a copy of the passport.

Once that was done I was escorted to my room being told that I had been upgraded to a top floor. Well not a big upgrade but given that I only have “I prefer” status (which is utterly useless) I did not expect more.

The room is quite small and the promised terrace (advertised as 1/3 of the room) is way small and only has 2 quite uncomfortable chairs on it. While it has a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, there is no radio or the advertised iPod Docking station (I was told, I need to order it, but they were out).

The bathroom is quite good with the ability to see through a glass window out to the sea if you are in it. The shower is good with loads of hot water coming from a dual mounted shower head.

The bed is very comfortable and a pillow menu allows you the choices you would expect.

The room is very clean and in good shape.

But this is where it ends, the soft product (i.e. service) is poor by any standards, most certainly there are some exceptions like some of the service staff in the club restaurant (at least the Monday/Tuesday/Thursday shift).
But otherwise Service is more forced and spotty than anything.

Here the most important points you should know before making a decision to stay here based on my Club experience:

  • Rooms are great for space
  • TV channels are offering a great choice
  • Living Room and Library available to relax beside sitting in the room
  • Some of the staff in the Club Restaurant is great
  • View from the balcony directly onto the sea with some view of the cliff.
  • Only one room next to you (but poor sound proofing means you can hear your loud neighbor).
  • 10 bottles of free mineral water a day (as one should not drink the tap water)
  • Laundry service actually removes the laundry tags from the items (which is very seldom done even in good properties)

  • The rooms offer no sound proofing. You hear the waves crashing the whole time and at points they were so loud that you thought the world comes to an end
  • The private pool might look great but is not the cleanest and the sun loungers at the side are always taken, it’s hard to get a spot at a reasonable time
  • The club exclusive beach is a joke (as a previous poster mentioned), there is no beach.
  • Constant Power Outages, for 2 days now the power is constantly going on and off
  • No pro-active services, I frequent sat in the living room/library for long periods and at no time was I offered a drink or anything else despite the advertised “Complementary soft beverages, tea/coffee”
  • The menu in the Club Restaurant is very limited (the room service menu offers way more) and the food quality is constantly changing ranking from fabulous over average to microwave taste.
  • My flight leave at 1530 and they recommend to go at 1330 but despite “I Preferred” giving you a late check-out feature, they only can manage 1230 because they are full!
  • Housekeeping is taking 1 hour to clean the room and they come at different times despite the “housekeeping light” trying to tell them they should come.

They are trying to sell the club as ultimate experience but in my view, this is neither justified nor actually achievable with their current conditions.

If you are looking at the club experience of the Intercontinental Bali for example, than you have an example what a club experience should be, this is nothing more than an overpriced holiday inn trying to be a 5 star place.

I will not come back here and can only suggest that other who would like to come lower their expectations.

sven60035 Jan 9, 10 6:48 am

Hotel Seven, Bangalore
While in Bangalore I stayed at the Hotel Seven and this is a great place both for service and rooms.

They arrange an airport pickup for me, which worked fine in a comfortable car for a reasonable price.

I booked a club room (the large one) and the room is exactly as advertised on their webpages and the pictures/room layout is exactly as advertised.

The bed is very good and guarantees a good night sleep.

The French bistro is serving good food, the buffet breakfast is what in Europe would go as continental (fruit, juice, pastry, some eggs) but stay away from the coffee unless you get them to make you fresh one. The coffee made my food nails crawl up.

Also avoid getting a room to the back of the hotel, you will be looking at the building site of a dull half-finished block of sandstone.

Service is great overall.

For the price they charge this is a good deal, even if it is as mentioned not near anything in town, however it's near to several IT companies and some major contact center parks.

I'm for sure coming back here.

ThatJohn Jan 9, 10 8:12 am

Nice TR! You clearly took a lot of time putting it together. Thank you!

From a readability standpoint, you might want to consider emboldening or italicising the subheadings you used. My brain got a little confused by the whitespace without subheadings standing out. (That said, I could just be a bear of very little brain ;))

Thanks again!

hserus Jan 9, 10 10:24 am

> CISF staff (armed with what I assume were WWI carabineers)

Not exactly .. its a short magazine lee enfield, rechambered for NATO 7.62 ammo, though that particular firearm (still used by some reserve police in India) has a history that dates back to like the boer war and the snider enfield, lee metford, to the lee enfields in world war I and II.

See for the original british model and for the Indian upgrade / conversion.

Though most of the CISF has already moved to a rather newer - 60s vintage - indian copy of the belgian FN-FAL .. the Lee Enfields are still found here and there.

jbalmuth Jan 9, 10 2:01 pm

Originally Posted by sven60035 (Post 13145407)
Housekeeping is taking 1 hour to clean the room and they come at different times despite the “housekeeping light” trying to tell them they should come.

We had a different problem with Housekeeping ---- each time the electricity went out (over and over and over again), the "Do Not Disturb" light would come on, and Housekeeping would therefore not enter the room. One time this occurred while they were cleaning the room....and very, very bizarrely they left in the middle of their cleaning and never came back (leaving their mops and brooms behind in the room). We also had a problem with the laundry, that they did not do a proper count....and therefore did not return a pair of my wife's socks. In addition, the in-room internet was extremely erratic....and very expensive.

sven60035 Jan 10, 10 5:40 am

Originally Posted by ThatJohn (Post 13145662)
Nice TR! You clearly took a lot of time putting it together. Thank you!

From a readability standpoint, you might want to consider emboldening or italicising the subheadings you used. My brain got a little confused by the whitespace without subheadings standing out. (That said, I could just be a bear of very little brain ;))

Thanks again!

Thank you ThatJohn, I have tried to make the suggested changes.

Originally Posted by hserus (Post 13146239)
> CISF staff (armed with what I assume were WWI carabineers)

Not exactly .. its a short magazine lee enfield, rechambered for NATO 7.62 ammo, though that particular firearm (still used by some reserve police in India) has a history that dates back to like the boer war and the snider enfield, lee metford, to the lee enfields in world war I and II.

See for the original british model and for the Indian upgrade / conversion.

Though most of the CISF has already moved to a rather newer - 60s vintage - indian copy of the belgian FN-FAL .. the Lee Enfields are still found here and there.

THanks hserus, that is very interesting, next time I have a closer look ;-)

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We had a different problem with Housekeeping ---- each time the electricity went out (over and over and over again), the "Do Not Disturb" light would come on, and Housekeeping would therefore not enter the room. One time this occurred while they were cleaning the room....and very, very bizarrely they left in the middle of their cleaning and never came back (leaving their mops and brooms behind in the room). We also had a problem with the laundry, that they did not do a proper count....and therefore did not return a pair of my wife's socks. In addition, the in-room internet was extremely erratic....and very expensive.

Laundry was actualy a good thing because their attention to detail, at least for me.

Looks like Power Outages are more common than I thought.

ninerfan Jan 11, 10 9:39 pm

I enjoyed your report. Thanks!!

EK_Flyer Jan 12, 10 3:48 am

A good read & quite informative !

Any chance you can also add some pictures to complement your TR ? :)

Thanks for sharing ^


cbrendan Jan 12, 10 6:31 am

Wow, really enjoyed reading that and appreciate the effort taken.


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