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SFflyer123 Dec 13, 09 6:04 pm

UA SFO-JFK-SFO P.S. Service: Video Trip Report
This is my video trip report of my latest flight on the P.S. service. I really think that UA is making a conscious effort to make themselves a world class airline. The service was impeccable, everything was on time, the attitude was great, and the food was actually good. I think UA is really making an effort, and it shows.

freeupgrade Dec 13, 09 7:09 pm

Extremely well done trip report - outstanding....:)

Abidjan Dec 13, 09 10:11 pm

Agreed! I'm AA/One World only, so always good to see other airlines, especially the J/F product. Very impressive. Well done, again. (oh, for my OW tastes - always nice to see a Cathay/BA plane ;)).

LongingForORD Dec 13, 09 10:32 pm

I love watching your videos. So much fun.

Do people every look at you funny or ask you why you are video taping?

ig744 Dec 13, 09 10:51 pm

Nice trip report. Without a doubt, you experienced the best domestic premium inflight service!

sobore Dec 14, 09 9:07 am

That was great! Thanks! ^

SFflyer123 Dec 14, 09 11:05 pm


Originally Posted by LongingForORD (Post 12980603)
I love watching your videos. So much fun.

Do people every look at you funny or ask you why you are video taping?

Thank you, and thanks to the others for the nice comments.

Yeah, I try to be discreet about the videotaping. I try to do it when people aren't looking, or I'm in an area where there are not many people. I do not include people's faces into the video (at least I try not to, and if I do, get shots in which they cannot be recognized) because I would not want to be in some random youtube video myself. When you videotape or take a picture of your food in business class, however, most people don't even think twice about that! ^

Abidjan Dec 15, 09 9:36 am

I especially liked the pacing of the video, if that makes sense. And for those of us who aren't UA/Star Alliance flyers, it great to see other products. I hope you'll do more reports.

Billiken Dec 16, 09 12:54 pm

Great report/video
Enjoyed it.

9V-SIA Dec 16, 09 5:31 pm

Enjoyed your YouTube TR very much.

Thanks for posting.

Just had my first UA flight in 40 years and I enjoyed it too.

tomashi Dec 17, 09 10:15 am

very enjoyable report! thank you. loved the video! mmmmh yummy! sundae with hot fudge!

as219 Dec 17, 09 11:12 am

Very nice! And thanks for the video from the JFK RCC... Will be experiencing that for the first time in a few weeks. :D

bitburgr Dec 17, 09 11:28 am

Video was unique (in a good way :)).


check9rip Dec 18, 09 12:53 am

Very good trip report! Watched every minute of the video. Thanks!

chanp Dec 18, 09 1:42 am

First total video report ive seen. Great job. I'm usually only do AA domestic and have not been on any premium class with UA. Good to see the other side :)

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