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Click here to see the full report and pics

Spring Break is always a good timing to get bumped and gain the DBC. (DBC: Denied
Boarding Compensation). There were several coincidences that I got 3 DBC vouchers
during this trip.

<Before This Trip>
One day before my flight, 2 of my friends needed to take United Airlines to BWI for
solo competition. It was very important for them. When I checked their itinerary, I found
out that there was no seat assignment. In addition, there was no seat available on the web.
Furthermore, the seatcounter.com showed Y0 B0 ……..K0…. I knew that their flight
might be oversold and they might be denied boarding. I called a friend of mine to try to
get seats for them. I also wanted to sponsor them to upgrade to first class. I waked up at
3:30 am and went to the airport with them to ensure that there was no problem for getting
boarding pass and authorizing the upgrade for them. I was glad that they both got the first
class seats. I hoped that will help them relax and be ready for their competition.
Oops……I didn’t have a car to go home. Since I would be at the airport next day, I just
rented a car and returned to the airport tomorrow. Also, I wanted to try my new AVIS
status – Chairman, which I got from other flyer on CC board of the flyertalk.com. I really
liked flyertalk.com and I learned a lot from there. When I made the reservation, I didn’t
enter my Chairman card number. Besides that, I didn’t look like or dressed like a
“Chairman”. The agent didn’t want to look at me and served lazily in the beginning until
she figured out that I was a “Chairman”…. Suddenly, she became very polite and started
smiling. It was really fun to see this change. Since I made the reservation at the airport,
they didn’t have their best car there. But, I still got a pretty good one.
I booked my flight by using the DBC voucher because of the ticket price was too high.
Our professors didn’t let us know when we could leave until 2 weeks before my flight.
When I was able to book a flight, the price went to high and I didn’t want to spend that
amount for this distance. I then use a DBC voucher, which I got from the trip that I took
six puppies, which were rescued by the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan, from Taiwan to
San Francisco last year. I believed that the vouchers were the puppies to pay a debt of
As the time came closer and closer, I found out that the seats were getting fewer and
fewer. Finally, it showed F/P/A/Y/B/M/H/Q/V/W/S/T/L/K/G = 0. Hey…..it was a good
time to VDB (Voluntary Denied Boarding) again. Also, the agent told me that my flight
was overbooked by 5 people…….

<MCI Airport>
When I arrived the airport, I asked the agent to put me on the VDB list immediately.
She told me that I had good chance to be bumped and she also protected me on the other
flight which departed 2 days later. After passing the security, the other agent told me that
everything should be fine and they didn’t need my seat anymore. Oh oh…..no…..so sad.
I was really disappointed and boarded the plane. After I settle down, the agent came in
and said that they made a mistake and asked me was I still willing to offer my seat? Yes
Yes Yes I do….It looked like I was proposed by someone. I believed that all the
passengers on board felt very strange that why I was so happy to be bumped. I smiled and
then left the plane.
While I waited for my vouchers for DBC, hotel and meal, the other guy stood behind
me and asked “is it a trombone”. I said “yes”. He then said “oh, my son plays trombone
too.” What a coincidence!! He also said “my son is in Manhattan now.” I thought he
mentioned about “Manhattan, Kansas” since we were in Kansas, and then, I figured out
his son is at Manhattan School of Music. He must be proud of his son. This passenger
was a Continental Airlines’ elite but without any status with UA. He didn’t get his seat
assignment when he booked. When he check in, the KOISK asked him did he want to
”upgrade” to economy plus and he rejected. So, he didn’t get a seat at check in and finally
he was bumped. Due to IDB ( Involuntarily Denied Boarding ), he not only got hotel and
meal vouchers, but he got 800 USD check as compensation. What a great amout!! He
also got a seat for the flight next day. It was funny that UA wanted to charge people 39
USD for economy plus but finally UA paid for more than 800 USD for bumping people.
We were offered the Four Points hotel and we took the shuttle bus to there together.
The pasta was not bad at the Four Points and we had great conversation that night.
It was fun that you met someone because of been bumped and his son plays the same
instrument as you.

<MCI Airport / 2nd Day>
Next day, I went to the airport again and I met an old lady who traveled alone. Her
family could only stand out side of the security line and watched her. They worried
about this old lady because she couldn’t speak in English. The security asked me to
translate to her and I though that I should try to help her as much as I can. I know
how hard for old people travel alone and can’t understand the language. My father is
80 years old and I hope if he were in the same situation, someone can help him too.
Her final destination was PEK so there was only one connecting point needed to be taken
care of. I then called the 1K desk to make sure there would be wheel chair service at
ORD for her and I got the positive answer.
I was fortunate that I got the 2nd VDB chance. Therefore, I couldn’t take the same
flight with her to ORD. I asked the gate agent, Mr. Mercer, could I boarded with this
old lady and I would come out after I helped her to set up everything. Kris is such a great
gentleman and nice gate agent. He said that he would board with her after everyone had
boarded and he would help her to settle down. He also gave her a better seat for her
convenience and comfort. Kris is one of the United employees should be recognized.
After he had done his job, he asked me “is she your mother?” I laughed and said “no. in
fact, I don’t know her.” Then, I went back to hotel to take a rest and ready for next flight
in the afternoon.
Few hours later, I was at the gate again and I got another chance to VDB again. I met
another young man, who came from the same country as I, was IDB. He was offered
a domestic free ticket. Since he will fly internationally, I asked him to change to $ off
voucher. He got $400 USD voucher and I got my 3rd DBC voucher. I then went back to
the hotel again. I was too tired and slept until 9 pm that day. I went to the restaurant in the
hotel and ordered a steak as my dinner. Oh my god, their service was terrible and the
steak was over cooked. I asked for medium and they gave me well done. It tasted like
fried pork steak…….If the score total were 10 points, the restaurant in the Four Points
really got four points.
<MCI Airport / 3RD Day>
I know a good agent, Ms. L, here and I usually like to bother her because her great
attitude. She is the agent if she doesn’t know some thing, she will check the rules or learn
how to do it right. She always carries a note book with all kinds of rules so she can check
immediately if she doesn’t know. You know, many UA agents like to make up their own
rules and this bothers me a lot. So, I like to bother her because I know she will do
everything right and she will try her best. But, maybe I bother her too much……
Last time, I called the airport and asked to talk to her. The one picked up the phone call
only asked who I was but also asked “what is your relationship......................” This time,
when I check in, I asked who made the pen looked like flower. 2 female agents said
meaningfully “oh, they were made by Ms. L………..” Oh my god, I liked to bother her
just because her positive attitude………
Another great agent, Philip, helped me to check in this time. He also take care of my
seat assignment. Thank you, Philip. When I boarded, the gate agent was Kris. He said “
oh, smart guy.” I felt a little bit guilty that I got 3 vouchers. I was reroute through Denver
and I liked it.

Flight Number: 1245
Departing From: Kansas City Missouri (MCI)
Traveling To: Denver Colorado (DEN)
Date: March
Gate: 10 (Gate information is subject to change)
Estimated Departure Time: 6:07 a.m. on time

Departure Time Detail (12) Scheduled Actual
Published 6:07 AM
Gate 6:07 AM 6:01 AM
Runway 6:10 AM 6:14 AM
Arrival Time Detail (B43) Scheduled Actual
Published 6:59 AM
Gate 6:59 AM 6:36 AM
Runway 6:35 AM 6:35 AM

The FAs on this flight were lazy. After serving one drink, they disappeared. When we
landed the video program was still on and the overhead TV didn’t put in order. The best
thing on this flight was that this flight was the same flight to LGA and we could remain
our carry on in the overhead bin. I spend few minutes in RCC since it was nearby.

Flight Number: 358
Departing From: Denver Colorado (DEN)
Traveling To: La Guardia New York (LGA)
Date: March
Gate: B43 (Gate information is subject to change)
Estimated Departure Time: 8:03 a.m. on time
Departure Time Detail (B43) Scheduled Actual
Published 8:03 AM
Gate 8:03 AM 8:00 AM
Runway 8:10 AM 8:24 AM
Arrival Time Detail (C14) Scheduled Actual
Published 1:45 PM
Gate 1:45 PM 1:47 PM
Runway 1:16 PM 1:41 PM

The FAs were the same but we had new captain. He came out and greeted to everyone on
board. He also invited people to visit cockpit. When we came close to NYC, we had a
NYC tour from down town, midtown to up town. Oh!! I missed NYC a lot. After 3 days
VDB, I finally reached NYC. I was glad that I could grab another 3 DBC vouchers.

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Great report!
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