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Announcements in Forum : TravelBuzz
Apr 10, 16 until May 10, 25
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Guidelines for posting survey requests in the TravelBuzz forum

FlyerTalk is designed as a Community coming together to discuss topics of frequent travel and travel loyalty programs. Therefore, posting of survey requests is an exception to this FlyerTalk purpose, since it is essentially a one-way process: the surveying member seeks FlyerTalk members to put forth significant effort to complete the survey, with no Community benefit that would come from the typical forum discussion of a travel topic.

To ensure that FlyerTalk’s purpose is not impeded unduly by survey threads, the TravelBuzz forum will host only limited survey threads which meet all the criteria below. Even if a member’s survey meets all criteria, the Moderators may exclude the thread to prevent an excess of survey threads active at one time.

1) To be hosted in this forum, a potential survey or its announcing post, must not violate any FlyerTalk Rule, especially Rule 10 barring commercial posts and Rule 6, barring cross-posting. Thus, surveys seeking to aid in designing a product or service for commercial purposes, will not be approved. FlyerTalk Rules may be located via the FlyerTalk Help menu.

2) The post announcing the survey must contain all of the following relevant information:
a) if a survey by an educator or student, the name of the educational institution and the purpose of the survey (e.g., "this is a survey by a senior at University of Vellenne, Switzerland, to fulfill degree requirements in Hospitality Studies").
b) if a survey by a journalist, the name of the journalistic publication or medium and the survey purpose (e.g., "this is a survey by a reporter for Travel Century magazine researching a story on deep-discounted air service in North America").
c) the date on which the survey will be closed. Normally, the TravelBuzz forum will not host surveys open for longer than 30 days from the first posting.
d) the average time the survey will take to complete. Surveys which take an average time of more than ten (10) minutes to complete will not be hosted in this forum.
e) the date by which the member conducting the survey will post the survey results.

3) The survey itself must operate properly, its questions must be in English, FlyerTalk’s official language, must be clearly and capably worded, and the survey must operate to respect FlyerTalk member privacy, including allowing survey takers to decline answering questions concerning personal factors such as ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and economic spend, income, or resources.

4) Not more than one survey from the same source (i.e., the same educational institution, or journalistic outlet) may be posted within any sixty day period.

Surveys threads/posts that do not comply with above rules will be removed by the Moderators. Please contact the Moderator Team should you have any questions - thanks!

(hat-tip to Ocn Vw 1K for drafting this announcement)

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