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Y-Up fares

Apparently, a "travel consultant" had this to say:
Y-Ups are special codes on first-class airfare that indicate that the seat can be assigned to those looking to upgrade from economy. To find one of these fares, go to your preferred airline's Web site. Search the first-class seats on the flight you want to take. If any of those seats are tagged to a code like Q***UP, write down that code. Then, search for an upgradeable coach seat (some airlines don't allow upgrades for super-cheap coach fares), and write down the code for that seat, too. Finally, call the airline--they'll usually waive the telephone service fee for frequent fliers, if you ask--and use both codes to request that your coach seat be upgraded to the first-class seat. For the price of coach, of course.
It's in the 8th paragraph of this article, attributed to some due named Steven Frischling. On United, those are actually first class fares, no? Why in the world would they give them to you "for the price of coach, of course"?
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I've never had my phone fee refunded while doubling down on a Q-UP for a Y fare.
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These fares are usually somewhat less than regular first class fares. They are listed technically as coach fares with a free upgrade. For companies that have specific travel policies that prohibit paying for first class, this sometimes allows travelers to get a first class ticket for what is technically a coach fare.
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It appears that the gingerman is proficient in UA's fare rules re:these fares, while JerryFF isn't.

As the gingerman correctly points out, these ARE discounted first/business fares on UA, not coach, and if a travel dept. bothers to look up the fare, they will know that it is not a coach fare, by the fare's own definition.

On other airlines, they may, or may not be classified as first class, but on UA, they are.
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Originally Posted by fastair View Post
On other airlines, they may, or may not be classified as first class, but on UA, they are.
Try explaining that to the agent when your plane gets swapped out for a Ted aircraft and you get thrown into E- with no compensation. That is what they will attempt to do, and you have to fight to get anything back.

The name you cite is actually a FTer and a pretty good contributor here, but he's not the one that description nor that method is actually attributed to in the article.

And I've booked a few different UA Q-Ups and they are basically coach fares that book into the F cabin; they are often a great deal if they are available for your city pair but they generally are not published for every pair out there so they are certainly not a panacea when looking for a way to get up front for less money.
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As I am quoted by the OP, the information above was provided during an interview with Forbes. It seems that some of the information is not exactly what I had said (including "Korea Air" as there is no Korea Air).

I wish I had spotted this thread earlier, however it is to late for corrections to my quotes to be placed into the story.

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