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Packing wet clothes/toiletries?

How do you handle packing wet things? For example:

Your gym clothes and shoes are still damp after you work out in the morning but since you need to check out of the hotel before you start your work day you need to put these somewhere in your luggage. Ideally I'd like to pack these somehow so they could air dry a little during the day.

Bar soap (yes I carry my own, don't like the hotel stuff), other toiletries that you've used for a morning shower. I've been using individual ziplock baggies but there's gotta be a better way.
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I use liquid soap just for that reason. Dry off the container and poof , rdy to go
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I take what's left of the bar of hotel soap with me and I just tuck it into the foil bag from the last pot of coffee I made and put it in my luggage. Reduce, recycle, re-use.
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I've got a plastic container for my bar soap, so no worries about it being wet when I pack.

As for wet clothes - my Eddie Bauer travel bag has a waterproof zipped section on one end. I'll take wet clothes, toss them in a plastic bag, then zip 'em up in that section. They won't dry out in there, but at least they won't get anything else in my bag (e.g., clean spare clothes for when my flight is cancelled!) wet.
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I use those ubiquitous plastic laundry bags found in the closet to wrap my workout clothes. I use shower gel so no worry about wet soap. I have a shoe bag for my workout shoes. To avoid cross-contamination I also put the wet stuff and the shoes bag inside individual jumbo zip lock bags.
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I try to remember to keep zip lock bags in my suitcase, but I have used the hotel laundry bags, hotel trash bags (after making sure they are clean), the bags from the ice bucket, I've even wrapped my soap in a shower cap.
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Wet clothes being packed leave a stench that sometimes makes me incredibly nauseous. So I avoid it when I can.
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if you have time, use the hairdryer to at least dry them out a little before packing. and to avoid the stench, maybe just leave a few dryer sheets in your suitcase and toss one in the plastic bag with the wet clothes. i've done the hairdryer thing before, dryer sheet thing just occurred to me.
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just throw it out... you won't have a packing problem, and you'll travel lighter!

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tennis ball containers

Reading this thread, just occurred to me that here is a new use for empty plastic tennis ball cans. Just cut off the maker's film label surrounding the can, and you have a clear plastic air tight sealable container that's very light weight. You can stuff all things of things in there -- smelly wet clothes, toiletries that might leak, sharp objects, breakables, etc. seal it shut with the plastic lid, and it's all in a clear viewable and durable plastic case. The 4 ball can actually has quite a large volume. And the can is easily washable.
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Large Ziploc bags (2 Gallon size are available in the US, I haven't found anything quite as large here) for damp items, and AIRSICK BAGS are awesome for smaller, icky things! (I am so sensitive to soap that I pack my own).

I have a couple sizes of Ziplocs in every suitcase I own ~ they have saved the day on a couple occasions (they make a great makeshift ice bucket or cooler) and I take the airsick bag with me when I deplane ~ they usually end up as a bookmark on my flight

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As long as things aren't sopping wet, you can punch many small holes in a Zip-Loc bag and pack your damp clothes inside it. The holes let the air circulate a bit to avoid that rank smell mentioned above while keeping everything else mostly dry. Put it in an outside luggage pocket.
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