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Smallest airport you've ever flown into?

Smallest airport you've ever flown into?

Old Aug 7, 19, 7:39 am
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Originally Posted by GetSetJetSet View Post
I think Andover-Aeroflex, K12N. It's a shade under 2,000ft. Someone (apparently unfamiliar with the airport) was diverted there recently due to a TFR and overran the runway and ended up in the lake on one end of the airport. No one was seriously injured Cessna in the Drink
The best part of that article by far is this quote from the end: "The water was removed from the water by the New Jersey State Police and was turned over to the FAA, Danielson said."

Ah, I'm so glad they removed the water from the water. I'm sure the FAA found the bucket of water they received in the mail to be most fascinating
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Old Aug 9, 19, 4:10 am
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Originally Posted by dfw88 View Post
The best part of that article by far is this quote from the end: "The water was removed from the water by the New Jersey State Police and was turned over to the FAA, Danielson said."

Ah, I'm so glad they removed the water from the water. I'm sure the FAA found the bucket of water they received in the mail to be most fascinating
Should be a riveting investigation
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Probably DRO for me, flying commercial. One runway, no tower. Though the runway is a good 9000 feet. I actually like that airport - low stress, easy to get in and out.

Probably JQF and SVH for work, non-commercial. Closer to ~7000ish foot runways I think.
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Old Aug 16, 19, 8:21 pm
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In terms of airlines, MLB used to only be served by Delta. I flew out of MLB a few times when it was only Delta there. US added service to CLT later and AA still serves it.
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I just flew into and out of VQS, Vieques Puerto Rico on a Cape Air Cessna 402. 4300' runway. I don't think there is a tower. No metal detectors. Very laid back vibe.
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ENI (El Nido, Philippines)

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MNM - Menominee MI/Marinette WI

Thirty years ago, Great Lakes Aviation had a Lake Michigan hopscotch flight across Lake Michigan up to Menominee. Took it to be in a friends wedding. No longer has passenger service. One room just wide enough for a desk and a commercial scale for weighing passengers and luggage

I remember I had to call the airport manager at his house (!) on the morning of my scheduled flight back to alert him I was still planning on flying. He then radioed the aircraft to come pick me up at the scheduled time. More like a flying taxi service
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Old Sep 4, 19, 3:34 am
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I mostly go to big airports, but the smallest airport I’ve been to is Tivat International airport. (TIV)
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BQK - Brunswick, GA. It has one gate and the only commercial flights don't even leave the state. When they built the new airport 15 or so years ago, they moved all operations into a double-wide.
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Old Sep 11, 19, 9:22 am
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Sukhothai Airport (THS). Only one airline and route (Bangkok Airways to BKK). It is all open air and I remember a buffet of light apps and lemongrass iced tea for passengers.
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Other than BRW and BRR, Aiyura Airport (AYU) in the Papua New Guinean highlands was mostly just a shed and a bench to sit down on at one end of the runway.
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My contribution to this is Narrabi airport in rural NSW Australia.

I'm sure they're will be some smaller but this one sticks out in my memory. Its runs daily commercial flights to Brisbane and occasionally Sydney I think.

It's one room building, with a two toilets, waiting area and a small table where you check in.

The fire exit is 'gate 1' where you walk to the plane on the tarmac

The airport in its entirety, you will notice the little plane in the background, which anyone can walk too as the pavement/sideway is arrivals

The check in, waiting room and toilets, you will notice the car hire next door, because it has a vending machine I'm calling this a full service airport!
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This doesn't qualify as the smallest, but at the time I flew there in the late 80s/early 90s, LFT was a small airport that had virtually no remaining service--I believe there was only one CO flight from IAH daily. I flew in on a Cessna from New Orleans, my only adult experience needing to wear headphones on an airplane so that I could hear what my fellow passenger and the pilot were saying.

The downturn in the oil business at that time completely explained the lack of flights. Things are different now, obviously, and there are about fifteen flights per day among UA, DL, and AA. A new terminal is also apparently in the books.

The smallest airport for me would have been the landing strip at the base of the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. For a couple of years in the late 80s/early 90s, a small airline, Outer Banks Airways, operated from that strip. Six-passenger plane with the luggage tossed in the back like a station wagon or SUV. I flew it only because on a trip to the Outer Banks, my car broke down, and I needed to get back to ORF to take a flight for work. As the pilot was loading the luggage in the back of the plane, I heard him whistling a familiar tune although it took me a few seconds to remember what it was--the main theme to "Raiders of the Lost Ark"! I wasn't really sure I wanted to be on a plane where the pilot felt that there might be some element of danger to the trip!
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The smallest terminal building I've ever seen was ELY (easy airport code, Ely, NV). The Scenic Airways flight went EKO-ELY-VGT (Elko, NV to Ely, NV to North Las Vegas, NV). In ELY (where I didn't leave the plane), I happened to be seated on the side of the plane where you can see the terminal, and I could see through it. One door on the airside and the other door on the landside and not much in between.
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For me it was the airport in St. Marteen. Flying above the Maho beach almost touching sand and sea was crazy.
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