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Smallest airport you've ever flown into?

Smallest airport you've ever flown into?

Old Mar 20, 07, 12:10 pm
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There are small airports in the US with a terminal and no jetways. Nome, AK comes to mind. Monroe, LA has one jetway originally built for since discontinued Delta mainline service.

How about the airport 99LA in Louisiana? No scheduled service, short runway, grass growing in the cracks of the taxiway, and just a few hangers? I flew into that.

I've flown into Alderney, Channel Islands near the UK on Aurigney Airways. The airport has a runway but no separate taxiway. It has a gate area but no jetway. The terminal is small but it could be smaller.

Gibraltar Airport also has no separate jetway, just a runway, but it's a huge airport in comparison to Alderney.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:14 pm
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For me, RUT - Rutland State Airport. US used to have a BOS-LEB that stopped in RUT (dropped a while back)....the RUT-LEB segment running about 10 min max.

The setup at RUT is pretty funny - they have a house there instead of a terminal bld. Having national guard troops outside after 9/11 was quite a sight.

Nowadays only CO operates out of RUT, it seems.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:15 pm
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SGS - St. Paul International. At the time it was basically two rooms, an Xray and a snack counter. You could literally walk around the "terminal" and get on your plane. Mostly turbo prop and business jets.

Now I think it's been expanded to three rooms + a fence!
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:19 pm
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I had a sales call about 6-7 years ago in Sarnia, ON (YZR). This was before 9/11 and security was very, very thorough with all 3 passengers.

Today, 3 Beechcraft 1900 flights in and out per day (AC Jazz). So daily commercial capacity (in and out) is 114.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:23 pm
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BIM (Bimini)

As I recall, there was a small building next to the seaplane ramp.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:26 pm
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Mine is GON and it's service is now gone!
Groton/New London, CT

US flew a B1600 there and my walk from the aircraft, through the tarmac, through the terminal and to my parents' car was shorter than some of my walks to my car at Safeway.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:28 pm
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ALE (Alpine, TX) no longer has scheduled commercial flights but used to have two or three flights a week to Dallas. The pilot would make a low pass around the field before landing to make sure there weren't any deer on the runway.
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aracaju, brazil

and the airport nearest to florida state university
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:46 pm
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GRJ, George, South Africa
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Old Mar 20, 07, 12:57 pm
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CLM - Port Angeles, WA

QX has now pulled out, but its terminal there was part of an ordinary steel-walled hangar, with one row of plastic seats, one counter, and one sign. ~4x day DH8's to SEA. Parking was $0.25.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 1:02 pm
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Smallest airport I've been through in the US would be BTM, which is probably a little bigger than some others mentioned already.

Internationally, I've taken charter flights out of game park airstrips in Botswana that were pretty tiny (the type of place where you do a flyover first to make sure there are no animals on the runway), but I guess they don't count. I did have the pleasantly surreal experience of making an international arrival in a 5-seater Cessna. My wife and I were the only passengers, which didn't seem to faze the Botswanan immigration official (I'm sure it's a common occurrence, given the amount of small plane charter traffic in the region).

The smallest "airport" that I've flown into on a regularly scheduled flight would be in the Solomon Islands, either FRE (Fera Island, Santa Isabel Province) or EGM (Seghe, Western Province). I think the runway is a bit shorter at EGM (it was originally built as an emergency landing strip for fighter planes in WW2), but it at least has a terminal building, unlike FRE.

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Not really an airport...

I flew out of Lake Hood, AK a few years ago. We flew out of Lake Hood on a fly-in fishing trip to the Kenai River. I guess Lake Hood could be a small airport, or one with a really large landing area, depending on how you look at it.

As far as a commercial airport, I'd have to say TBU - Tongapatu airport in Tonga. We landed in an Air Pacific 737 and took the entire length of the runway! There was no taxiway, we ended up making a U-turn to get to the terminal. There's are no jetways, or push back tractors, so we ended up parking parallel to the terminal like at a bus station.

I think the one Air Pacific flight is the only regularly scheduled commercial jet flight into TBU.

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Old Mar 20, 07, 1:20 pm
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Tununak, Alaska. The runway is gravel and there's daily service from Bethel. Transportation from the airport to Tununak and back is in the back of a pick-up truck.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 1:59 pm
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PKR -- Pokhara, Nepal. Arrived on domestic flight from KTM.

LNS -- Lancaster, PA Small terminal similar to others described here. Go through security, into a holding pen, then walk out onto ramp, climb into plane. US serves 3x daily from PIT.

ANI -- Aniak, Alaska.
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Old Mar 20, 07, 2:02 pm
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CNY in the US. I flew a four-seater in and out a decade or so ago. It was just a single small room at the time with a huge old antique scale, the kind you usually stand on to weigh yourself.

LUK in Nepal, again, a number of years ago. Just a shack and a tiny little 'driveway'. When you landed, you were flying straight into the mountainside. If the pilot judged it wrong (which unfortunately wasn't an uncommon occurrence when the weather was bad), they went straight into the mountainside. On takeoff, the same strip was slightly downhill, so the pilots sort of rolled off the end, flooring it just before we went off the edge.

Wasn't just the size (or lack of) that made Lukhla so memorable, it was also being perched a few thousand feet up a mountainside.
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