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List Countries Here in Which Visitors May Be Eligible to Receive a Rebate

List Countries Here in Which Visitors May Be Eligible to Receive a Rebate

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Most of these posts are for purchases, but this is on your airline ticket itself.

There is about a US$70 equivalent refund if you stay less than 90 days in the country. It is for a tax that is charged when you purchase the ticket and is refunded in Colombian Pesos on the spot.

BUT, we have found sometimes the airline doesn't pay you if you do not know you are entitled to this! They have you get the form from the Customs window, have you sign the form and then they are SUPPOSED TO HAND YOU THE PESOS IN CASH.


You can get a tax rebate when you buy in one place for a minimum of ISK4000 (approx us$ 35-40 )
You can get the money at several location in town + at the Airport.


In Ireland, non EU citizens get the VAT back (sales tax) on purchases that are taken out of Europe.

You also get your VAT back if you are foreign & studying here and you buy anything in the 3 months before you leave, processed under the same system.

You get a card to make it simple.
Here's more info...

There is even an iPhone app to help you claim back your Tax (up to 21%!)


‧Requirements for VAT Refund
1. Foreign travelers holding passports from countries other than the R.O.C., travel documents or R.O.C. passports without personal ID numbers attached.

2. Foreign travelers who make purchases of at least NT$3,000 on the same day from the same Tax Refund Shopping (TRS)-posted store, are eligible for a refund of the 5% VAT paid on those purchased goods. To claim the refund, they must apply at the port of their departure from the R.O.C. within 30 days following the date of purchase, and they must take the purchased goods out of the country with them.



Further details here http://www.tra.go.tz/index.php/refund-to-non-citizens


Thailand has a VAT refund for all merchandise taken out of the country. There is a minimum purchase ( don't remember the number, but it's small on any day, the value of goods purchased at each participating store shall not be less than 2,000 baht, including VAT. The total amount claimed for refund must not be less than 5,000 baht, including VAT.), you get a form from the merchant and you have to show the merchandise at the airport before you check in. After that you get the refund inside the secure area after customs and immigration. For tax refunds of under 30,000 Baht, payment can be made to you in Thai Baht, bankers draft or to your credit card account. For cash payments, a 100 Baht processing fee will be deducted from the money refunded to you. If you are claiming back an amount in excess of 30,000 Baht, payment will be made by bank draft or credit card account. For refunds made by bank draft, the fee is 100 Baht plus the appropriate fees charged by the issuing bank.
Other details:http://www.rd.go.th/vrt/
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Originally Posted by jalia
Thanks for the reply.What happens in America..?
100% of all VAT collected in America is returned to tourists when they leave the country.

This is almost certain to continue -- at least until such point as the US decides to actually have VAT.
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Originally Posted by rove312
I'll have about $240 in Ontario hotel receipts. I understand that these are eligible for a refund of the 7% GST, but not the Ontario tax, so we aren't talking about that big an amount. I'll be checking out in Fort Erie a little past 4 a.m. to get a 6.45 flight out of BUF. It would be nice to get the refund on the spot rather than use the mail. I see that the Peace Bridge duty-free shop is open 24/7, but is it difficult, or awkward, to get the refund there at that hour, especially if I'm not planning to buy anything? If I can get the refund in cash, there's the question of whether to take it in Canadian or U.S. I'll return to Canada within the next year: any forecasts of where the exchange rate will go, and will the shop give USD at a fair exchange rate?
This raises the point that you can get a refund of the Canada GST but not the Ontario GST. However, Quebec is more generous. They will refund both the Canada and Quebec GST to travelers.

Also, note that you can get the cash back directly at some border crossing points. Here in Detroit, where I live, you can apply for the refund at the Detroit Windsor tunnel in the duty free store before leaving Canada. However, the last time I was there, there was no such facility at the Ambassador bridge. It pays to plan your trip to exit Canada at the right crossing point.
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I made the 4 a.m. crossing this Monday, and I'll answer my own question. At Fort Erie, there was a man working currency exchange who needed to call a woman over to do the G.S.T. refund. It went o.k., I got the USD cash at the same desk when I said I wasn't shopping.
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guys i have got both Federal GST and Ontario's PST (provincial state tax) back.


General Application for Refund of Retail Sales Tax
Home / Forms and Publications / All / Retail Sales Tax (RST, PST,... / Forms / General Application for Refund... /

This form is to be completed when claiming a refund of Ontario retail sales tax (RST). Visitors to Ontario should also complete this form to claim a refund of RST paid on goods permanently removed from Ontario within 30 days of purchase.


Refund Information - Temporary RST Exemption on Accommodations and Admissions to Places of Amusement in Ontario, May 2003

ok hope that helps
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Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer
New Zealand

GST on purchases

GST is 12.5% for all goods (except those exported by the supplier). In addition, alcohol and tobacco products have further levies.
This is called "off airport" duty free. It's limited to a number of retailers (see: http://www.auckland-airport.co.nz/Shopping/prtcpte.php) but many have high purchase minimums. One couldn't be bothered sending the goods to the airport in Auckland so she just gave me a 10% discount on my purchase, so it's worth asking!!
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Is the VAT for hotel stays in England eligible for refund? I haven't found a definitive answer for this.
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Originally Posted by trvloftn
Is the VAT for hotel stays in England eligible for refund? I haven't found a definitive answer for this.

How do I claim a VAT refund when I leave the UK?Full information explaining the conditions for being able to claim a Value Added Tax (VAT) refund is available in Notice 704/1 VAT refunds for travellers departing from the European Community. Please read this before you buy any goods as you will not be able to get a refund if you do not follow the correct procedures.

Having consulted the relevant VAT Notice, you will now be familiar with the retail export scheme. Remember, when you see Customs:

you must have all your goods available for inspection, so please see Customs before you check-in your suitcases

you must ensure the tax refund document is fully completed by you and the retailer before you reach Customs

if you do not present your refund document and goods to Customs you will not get a tax refund.

Now I have heard the story about the american tourist who bought London Bridge but so far as I am aware most tourists do not actually export their hotel rooms, so in short the definitive answer is NO
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Thanks! I'll be traveling in Japan for 4 weeks and I'm sure this will save me a few $.
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US: Delaware

Just a note to any travelers going to the US east coast. If you are planning any major purchases, you want to trek down to Delaware where there is no sales tax/VAT/etc. on merchandise purchases.
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US New Hampshire, Alaska

Originally Posted by Mrp Alert
Just a note to any travelers going to the US east coast. If you are planning any major purchases, you want to trek down to Delaware where there is no sales tax/VAT/etc. on merchandise purchases.
New Hampshire and Alaska also have no sales tax, VAT, etc.
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England and France

I've done this in both places by doing the bulk of my shopping for gifts etc. in one large department store like Harrods or Le Printemps and then doing the forms in the store, separately packing the items to show at the airport etc. It has been a while because it was a pain--and annoys my husband. But worth it if you spend enough and can organize it. Of course, the dollar was strong then...
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Originally Posted by graraps
And a general point about refunds that needs to be noted:
The EEA (EU+ Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and probably another country that I can't remember) is considered a single entity for tax rebate purposes. Therefore EEA residents are not eligible for tax rebates for goods/services purchased in another EEA country.
Actually, this is to a certain extent wrong. There are customs borders between EU-countries and non-EU countries within the EEA (and also between tax-free zones and tax-zones within each country: Canary Islands and mainland Spain; Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and mainland Norway). So flying between Norway and the EU allows one to buy tax-free goods at the airport.

EEA-residents who are not EU-residents (i.e. residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) may buy goods in the EU, and get the refund by the process already described. I've done it regularly myself; in France, Germany, Britain, Ireland. the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Spain.

The one exception, probably due to grandfather customs treaties, is that Norwegians (and probably Icelanders as well) cannot get the VAT back from Sweden, Denmark and Finland, without documenting that the Norwegian VAT has been paid; i.e. it can't be imported tax-free. As the duty-/tax-free allowance for Norwegians returning back after at least 24 hours abroad is a reasonably generous NOK 6000/person (~USD 900) this is a PITA....

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When I worked for the Air Force I never shopped without a Value Added Tax Form (VAT). We got them at the VAT office, wouldn't know where a civilian would get them, call the embassies, isn't that why they are there to help out travelers?

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Originally Posted by photog72
New Hampshire and Alaska also have no sales tax, VAT, etc.
In addition to these and Delaware which was mentioned first, are South Dakota and Montana.
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